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    Hello there, now it hit me too.

    - Romani campaign, 206-4 BC, Version 1.0
    - CTD on either Lusotannian, Epeiros, or Eleutheroi turns (the last three)
    - It only crashes with the script activated.
    - I have the force_diplomacy script file, but never used it in game so far.
    - I have modded myself earlier marian reforms, but have put in my backup EB script file after the crash. The crashing started two or three turns after the reforms went through.
    - I noticed the MIC's were "doubled" in cities in Italy after the reforms, one was "redded out" (damaged) and one was normal, even before I built another higher tier one. I could recruit marian units before building the higher tier.

    - Before it started crashing, I had activated the script at all times.
    - The crash is persistent
    - I can't see the AI doing anything special, they are just moving around.

    What I did to solve the problem:

    - Tried all the fixes, permanent and temporary.
    - Looked for rebellions (none found in Luso, Epeiros and Eleu lands. I don't have any either).
    - Tried to "sit it out" for a couple of turns with unactivated script, that's why the save is 204 BC, it started 206 BC. Reactivated the script after each turn to see it something changed.
    - Canceled all building and recruiting orders (in the save I have stared building again after realizing this isn't it)
    - I destroyed all MIC's in Italy and elsewhere and have started building new ones.

    I remember I had a bad crash in 0.81 before, and went around it by killing some Rebel stacks in Britain. But here I don't know what to kill or what to do in the first place.

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    You need to check all the settlements for rebellions, not just those of the three factions (although the eleutheroi aren't necessary, as they will never revolt). Thank you for your report.
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    Then I must have misunderstood something.

    Anyway, I went back to the save where the original crash occurred, and was able to resolve the issue by force diplomacy'ing myself two rebelling settlements somewhere in Asia and the micromanaging of taxes, plus, to be sure, got their populations down below 1000.

    Thank you, my campaign is saved for the time being.

    Btw., does the cheat for moving characters apply to agents (diplomats) too? Is the format still

    move_character Cnaeusdubius Cato x,y

    with the two first names (or rather first and gens names) combined?


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