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    I have a problem with my model. I took the body of an scottish noble pikeman and gave him a helmet of the english retinue longbowman and instead of the pike a longbow --> everything merged in ms3d. Now i want to have the body textured like the noble pikeman but the helmet has to be textured like the one of the longbowmen but how can I get the texture of the longbowman in the right place that the longbowmen helmet replaces the noble pikeman helmet? Please Help me because the model looks really great and It would be a pity if I can not finish it.
    Thank you ElessarII

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    Question Re: Texture- model problem

    Is nobody out there who could answer my question? I need Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Well I'm not sure I got your problem, but I think you should simply copy the texture of the english helmet and paste it into the scottish texture. You'll then reposition your model on the texture by selecting the appropriate group and using the texture-coordinator (Ctrl+T in MilkShape) to place the wireframe right onto the texture you want it to appear with.

    Hope this helps...

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    Thank you for your reply, i`ll try it.

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    It worked! Thanks a lot.
    mfg ElessarII


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