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Thread: gallic salaries?

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    Default gallic salaries?

    did gallic soldiers get payments for their military service, like the romans and greeks did? im not talking about gold and such they got from looting.
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    Default Re: gallic salaries?

    IMHO the professional gallic soldiers did. That's why they were called professional
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    Default Re: gallic salaries?

    Im not certain-as no pay records exist-but it is more than likely that professional warriors of this sort were maintained by their warlord as part of his household. They would have been high status individuals who were well trained and martially superior compared to the tribal levy. Payment most likely consisted of weapons and armour, horses, land and herds for prolonged service to their lord. They would also have had preferential rights to booty obtained in raids and war, taking the pick of the spoils prior to the hoi poloi getting their grubby little mits on it. As I say this is all conjectural, but to me this seems more likely than professional soldiering in the manner of the Roman legions or citizen service akin to Greek city states.
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    Default Re: gallic salaries?


    no real standing armed force, just temporary armies. Otherwise a military cadre of...

    Feudal obligated nobility and their retainers; a general levy of the land holding class in rural areas; contracted civic tuffs; nobel body guard (hostages) for district and regional leaders; and mercenaries paid in food, drink, and land...

    also bans of social warriors...

    term of employment: whatever and a day.

    This just the tip of the iceberg.
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    Default Re: gallic salaries?

    I guess the game mechanic is the "cost" to your economy of keeping a standing army rather than literally giving that naked fella some silver coins.

    The Gauls had a developed society so I guess you'd have needed to pay them along the lines of what Gurkhan said.
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