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Thread: Popularis and Marian Reforms, Help!

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    Default Popularis and Marian Reforms, Help!

    I need help with the Marian reforms please.
    It's 153BC Rome has 60+ provinces 500+ victories and Latifunda in all Italian cities.
    My understanding is that I need a character who is Sharp, Charismatic, Vigorous and a Consul or ex-consul, also has to have a least 2 command stars, management and influence and has to be over 50 years and the important thing is a plebian popularis.
    I have two brothers who fit the bill, believe it or not they are Biturges as well sons of some lame Gaul I bribed in the distant past!

    Here's the rub. Tiberius the older brother is sitting in Rome he's 49 and I'm waiting to get the reforms, click end turn no reforms when he turns 50 and he losses the popularis trait, damn.
    OK re-load a couple of years back and same thing happens.

    Am I right in assuming I am meeting the criteria or have I missed something. Is it still a random thing.
    Do I wait for the younger brother Aulus whose 45 to trigger the reforms.

    Please help I've been playing for 2 years now and I've never got to this stage and I want to play Rome right through.

    Verision is 1.0 with BI.exe and difficulty is M/M
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    Default Re: Popularis and Marian Reforms, Help!

    If leaving him in Rome makes him lose the trait, try something else. Send him on a trip in the countryside, to another city (I seem to remember something about worshipping Ceres helping, so if you have a nearby city with that temple it might help) or fight some nearby rebels.

    This is just general advice that usually helps in these situation, not specific for your problem. It may make no difference at all.


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