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Thread: Creating a makeshift Numidian faction

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    Default Creating a makeshift Numidian faction

    Hi all,

    I'm in a M/M Romani campaign and all is well at 230 BC. I noticed however, that Carthage had basically gobbled up the entire African continent. Now I know that Historically, the Numidians were on the continent as well, and serves as somewhat of a check to Carthaginian power.

    I decided (using forced-diplomacy) to give the Saban a vast majority of Africa; thus, making them a make-shift "Numidia" of sorts. The Saban are by no means capable of toppling Carthage, but it is nice to see some "action on the continent and not just see Carthage get fat and rich off the entire area. Moreover, they seem more occupied in the campaign than they normally do.

    The problem is that Saban are just not cutting it at all, and seem to get booted off the continent almost at the will of Carthage. So I was thinking of putting another, slightly stronger faction there instead who preferrably got bonuses from desert warfare and had chariots (like pontus maybe).

    what do you guys think

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    Default Re: Creating a makeshift Numidian faction

    There aren't many regional units in Numidia, so even if you put something like Pontus in charge of the joint, there wouldn't be any chariots there. You should check the recruitment viewer to see which factions has the best recruitment options.


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