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    So, I'm playing along in my Getai campaign. . . having a wonderful time slicing and dicing all those silly spear-carrying geeks south of me . . . and then, suddenly, they're all gone!

    No more Maks, Epies, KH . . . I've run out of Greeks to squash (for now).

    So here's the question(s):
    Do I go west and smack the Romans, who I've been carefully nurturing in the hopes they'll get big enough to provide a challenge (gave the silly beoches 3 towns in southern Italy)? OR
    Do I go east and whomp on the yellow death for a while? (they're squashing grey death ATM)


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    An interesting dilema. Well sounds like one opinion is as good as another, personally I'd probably wait to see who attacks me. I like a slower style campaign though, so if the AI is giving me any breather from the onslaught, then I take it to try to run down the time a bit more.
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    Both. Attack the Romans, and send an expeditionary force to help the Seleucids to keep some sort of balance.

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    Interesting . . . I like the idea of an "expeditionary force" . . . pillaging its way down (or up) the eastern med seaboard . . . lots of greeks to squash there!

    I'm also in a pretty good spot, border-wise . . I just acquired a border with Pontus when they took Nicea last turn . . . and with Hay when I took Olbia (also last turn). The rest of my borders are eleutheroi, so it's unlikely any of the major powers are going to attack me. The Romans have been throwing small (4-6) stacks at Segestica for the last decade or so . . . I expect when they finally take it, the resulting border will lead them to attack me.


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