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Thread: Noob question - location of m2tw:K saves

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    Default Noob question - location of m2tw:K saves

    Hello all,

    It's a pleasure to be on this forum.

    Hopefully, someone here will be able to answer a quick question I have. It is in regards to the save locations of the m2tw:kingdoms campaign files. I have recently felt it necessary to wipe my harddrive to remove instability issues with my computer and need to find my old m2tw:kingdom's saves to save to disk and allow me to return to my campaigns once I've sorted this out. My original saves for m2tw are directly in the Sega/Medieval II Total War folder/saves location, however, not for the 4 sub-campaigns in kingdoms. If someone knows the precise location of these saves that would be greatly appreciated.


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    Default Re: Noob question - location of m2tw:K saves

    Medieval II Total War/mods/americas/saves or whichever campaign you want


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