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Thread: Rinsui's updates.

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    Default Current and old Versions

    For Screenshots, please see the "Faction Features" thread.

    Below is the current work-in-progress version of BLTW developers are using.
    Please note that this is not a public release and mainly intended for use
    among ourselves; neither the campaign game nor unit stats are final at the
    moment. The base version will be updated every month, and small
    weekly updates will ensure download time stays within reasonable boundaries.
    If available, they have to be applied to the base version in order to arrive at the
    current version we are working on.

    Here it is: (2009/05/30)

    And the "undead special": (2009/06/01)

    Have fun,
    don't forget
    real life is beautiful,
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    Default Complete list of changes

    List of changes before 2008/05/13:
    Far too many to list. Right now the patch is over 80 MB.

    List of changes after 2008/05/13:
    Stratmap and Battlemap interface overhauled. No more grey messages, no
    more Roman marble.
    Integrated Kamikaze, Samurai Archers and Jouba Archers units.
    Integrated Samurai Marksmen, Yari Cavalry and Musha Cavalry units.
    Integrated Heavy Samurai Cavalry, Siege Crossbows and Siege Catapults units.
    Integrated Sohei Monks and the first Ancestral Hero Unit: Tomoe Gozen. Damn, this was some load of work. Who said you can't have single-person units? ^^/ Very special thanks to Bardo for this one!
    Integrated Ancestral Hero: Miyamoto Musashi, Akagi Duelists, Kisan Workers, Buckler Militia, Tulwar Swordsmen, Barac Guardsmen, Hatamoto Cavalry, Shinzoku Bodyguards
    Integrated Golden Warriors, Chakram Throwers and Golden Archers
    Integrated Dalit Scouts, Barac Lancers and Arjuna Chariots
    Integrated Working Elephants, War Elephants, Holy Gor-haw. This was an awesome load of work. Whew >.<! The good news: no more twitching riders, no more broken legs ^^
    Integrated Gor-haw Trumpets, Guards of the White Palace and the Incarnation of Kali. New sounds for cannons included. Shaka-shaka boom.
    Integrated Nomads, Settler Militia and Green leaves. Integrated Ticu's (very good!) custom Battlemaps.
    Integrated Tribal Spearmen, Vassal Infantry and Khanate Archers.
    Integrated Thunderbombers, Karazai Horsearchers and Khanate Heavy Cavalry. Cleared out 230 MB of unused files. Now the complete mod (including music) is back to about 1.07 GB.
    Integrated Kitagata's new Animations. Thanks for those files to the peeps of RTR, NTW and BoA!
    Integrated Stormriders, Monk Cavalry, Warlord Bodyguards and The Iron Wolf and his Pack. Re-uploaded a corrected base version. Changed a few animations. Also integrated Boar Spearmen, Bear Berserkers and Eagle Archers.
    Integrated Nongmin Spearmen, Outcasts and the Shi Militia. Started work on multiplayer stats.
    Integrated Ye-do Swordsmen and the terrible heavy Hwacha.
    Integrated Kappa Militia, Captive Catapults and the Roaring Thunderdragon. New projectiles for most siege units. Corrected Dalit Scout animations. Corrected Skinning errors of Yari samurai and Yari Cavalry (both low_LOD meshes). Am totaly tired and sorry for the delay. ^^/
    Integrated Singijeon and Dragonfire Troopers. Integrated Kitagata's new sounds for siege units.
    Integrated Son Goku, Shishi Riders and Snow Monkey Infantry.
    Integrated Beast Riders, Basket Thralls and one of my personal favourites: the Headless Horses ^^/
    Working on new factional color versions for Akagi and Zensen.
    Finished new factional color versions in battle and UI for Akagi and Zensen.
    Integrated new sounds for Shishi Riders, and some for gunnery.
    After 2 days of battle, I finally was able to circumvent the problem with the Choson and Yomi flags next to the town centers. Ah. And Leopard Handlers are back in, too.
    Integrated The Iron Wall, Qiang Recruits and Princess Sundok.
    Set the Kamikaze on steroids (overhauled their model) and uploaded new base version.
    Integrated the Chu-ko-nu, Sunogung and the sneaky Shadow Warriors.
    Integrated Dao Regulars, Mugongchui Rebels and Changmao Infantry.
    Splitted the Zhuanshi+Yuwan Changmao Infantry into the Zhongmao Infantry for the Zhuanshi and the Mao Infantry for the Yuwan, as this will better fit both factions playstyles. Also integrated Imperial Guards, Masterless Blades.
    Integrated Gongshujia Archers, Zhiji Ambushers and the Magistrate Cavalry.
    Integrated Yingsu Chariots, Renegade Cavalry and the Hooker Cavalry - and yes, the name of the last one is no mistake ^^/
    Integrated Turncoat Nobles, Emerald Guards, The Incarnation of the Jade Emperor, Shaolin Monks, finished the Yuwan and Zhuanshi factions, started work on the Blue Lotus Sect, added new colour schemes for many factions. This was a busy day indeed!
    Finished the Dragon Warriors, bane of the Yomi.
    Integrated Novice Militia, Lotus Masters, Grandmaster Fu and the terrible, frightening and extra-cute Gaki. Damn, Kitagata, thanks for this great idea!
    Integrated Jangchang Infantry, Nangsun Villagers and the Moon Blade Warriors. Corrected some minor bug - but already forgot what is was.
    Integrated Okubo Militia, Gukgung Bowmen and the Hwarang.
    Integrated Ashigaru Bowmen and Ashigaru Crossbowmen. Uploading new base version.
    Integrated Jangchang Cavalry, Borderland Scouts and the G... something. The Choson heavy cavalry I always forget the name of. ^.^/
    Integrated Three Princes Cavalry, Aka-Oni and the Rokurokubi
    Integrated the Kappa Archers, Noh Demons and Wang Liang. Rejoyce. According to my calculations only 20 units to go!
    Integrated Tengu Camel Archers, Kappa War Elephants and Restless Skullthrowers.
    Integrated the Onibaba, Ghost Geisha and Zombie Peasants.
    Integrated Zombie Monks and Zombie Samurai. Corrected a CTD with the Jade Emperor (hopefully...)
    Fimished my masterpiece, King Enma and the Netherworld Bodyguards. Yomi are finished, only a few rebels to go now... Uploaded a new patch.
    Integrated Kaizoku, White Mountain Rangers, Yama-bushi and Ronin.
    Integrated Gaur Hunters, Hillmen Mercenaries, Bandit Mercenaries and Duneriders.
    2008/03/18, some 6 hours later
    Integrated Panther Assassins, Fishmen, Leopard Lancers and the Koujin. Added new officer models for white mountain rangers, snowmonkey infantry and fishmen... Believe it or not: unit models are completely finished now.
    At a special request, integrated the Brothers of Lei Gong for the Yuwan.
    The fact that I didn't update this thread regularly doesn't mean I was lazy. it just means I was too busy working on BLTW to do it. Currently, the Akagi and Zensen faction's units are finished (complete with stats). I am uploading a new base version atm, that will also contain several changes to the Master Monks, Night Battles, Lightings, some effects, some of the sound files, the credits, the Intro screen etc. etc. Have fun. And please let me know if you think the stats I implemented are not good.
    Time for some updates. During the last month, several units got a reskinning (Kitagata's work), the choson got a new siege unit, the yuwan a new general, me a lot of headaches, and you guys a lot of patience ^.-/
    Uploaded weekly update. This file contains some unit appearance changes by Kitagata, a new Choson siege unit, a new Yuwan General, and the *supposedly* *final* stats for all the Japanese units. As a special token I also included the Excel Spreadsheet used for unit stat calculations, so you can take a look at what I've been working on all that time.
    Merry Christmas. The Yuwan and Zhuanshi are finished (including a new unit, the "Scorpion`s Sting"), the Monk Models were overhauled. All that is left to balance now are the Yomi and the Rebels.
    Finally. After years (!) of modding, I am finally, *finally* able to fully mod animations. This enabled me to do something I always wanted to: editing reload times of missile weapons. Be prepared for a completely new feel for repeating crossbows, thunderbombers and firelances! Yaaaay!!!
    Added new animations for the Iron Wall, Singijeon, Sunogung, Chu-ko-nu, Ashigaru Crossbowmen. Happy hunting.
    Got rid of a few unused files, bringing the mod back to 550 MB. Changed lots of lots of lots of animations. Check out hiding with the "Kaonashi", throw poisonous bombs with the "Shadow Warriors" or watch sommersaulting "Gaki" Madmen. Smirk and smile, and throw me a laugh!
    Uploaded the undead special. Corrected the animations of Ghost Geisha, Zombie Peasants and Zombie Samurai. Added a new unit "Black Lotus Masters". Finished Kaonage, Onibaba, Ghost Geisha, Zombie Peasants, Zombie Samurai and Black Lotus Masters. Have fun getting rid of this literally undying lot ^.^/
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    Default Re: Units according to faction

    **************This is a copy of Ticu's original post*********

    Alright, I have been given the task to create new maps. Here's what I have so far. The following pics are the ones used for the menu in game.

    City of the Monks

    Zensen Town

    West Krishnapur Hills

    Frontier Town

    Ominous Valley

    Arid Farmlands

    Yuwan Border Town

    Old Basin

    The Foothills

    Japanese Coast

    Japanese River

    Monk Island Countryside

    Monk Hills

    Krishnapur Forest

    Krishnapur Plains

    Woods of the Far East

    Imperial Countryside

    The Gobi

    The Demon Realm

    Himalayan Pass

    Taiwanese Coast

    Korean Fields


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    Default Re: Units according to faction

    Well, I guess I just finished my masterpiece. This is a good opportunity to show you guys what takes me so long. Every odd picture will show the original BLTW unit, ane every even one will show what I made of it. Try to note the *slight* difference. ^^

    P.S.: And if you think the original is better... just keep your mouth shut please, haha!
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    Default Re: Current and old Versions

    Uploaded the "undead special". Have fun. (2009/06/01).


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