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Thread: Europa Barbarorum Gameplay Guides

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    Default Europa Barbarorum Gameplay Guides

    Europa Barbarorum Gameplay Guides


    v0.7x Gameplay Guides

    "EB vs RTW: What is different? A Guide!!" by Krusader

    Romani Gameplay Guide by Malrubius

    Karthadast Gameplay Guide by Malrubius

    Casse Gameplay Guide by QwertyMIDX

    Koinon Hellenon Gameplay Guide by Teleklos Archelaou

    Baktria Gameplay Guide by Teleklos Archelaou

    Sweboz Gameplay Guide by Epistolary Richard

    Recruitment Guide by khelvan

    v0.8x Gameplay Guides

    Makedonia Gameplay Guide by Teleklos Archelaou

    v1.0x Gameplay Guides

    Roman Unit Guide by konny

    Karthadastism Strategy Guide by Raphia

    v1.1x Gameplay Guides

    Guide to Temples by Ludens

    Guide to Conduct Becoming of a True Roman by Quintus Sertorius

    Qarthadast Early Survival Guide by chairman

    A Quick Guide to Using Cavalry by Ibrahim

    Lusotannan Gameplay Guide by Korlon

    Saka Rauka Gameplay Guide by Korlon

    v1.2x Gameplay Guides

    Casse Gameplay Guide by penguinking

    Pahlava Reform Guide by johnhughthom

    Arche Seleukeia - A Guide by/with Hax by Hax


    Writing an AAR - A Guide by Vasiliyi

    How to use move_character in EB by XSamatan


    Many of these guides are out of date (see version number). Not all of these guides are made by the EB team. If you make a guide and it is halfway decent, we'll add it to the list even if there is already one there for the same faction on the same version.
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