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Thread: The Hall of Fame

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    Default The Hall of Fame

    Following is a list of all those people who contributed to this mod in some way or another.
    If you feel you should be mentioned (and can justify your claim), please pm me.
    The ordering of names is random; however, members of the original team are given preference.

    Original Team:
    Grandmaster Hoggy - the most beautiful models a RTW mod has ever seen and general modding
    Sykotyk Rampage - Yomi 2D art
    Dromikaites - porting to 1.5, coding, bug-fixing
    Blindfaithnogod - campaign map, 2D art
    DJ - unknown task
    Moros - bugfixing, beta-testing
    Myrdraal - helps, tips, advice
    Pixelgenie - Karazai modeling
    Vercingetorix - the guy who wrote all those unpacking and modification programs
    without which we would still be limited to the export_descr_unit.txt
    Waitcu - unknown task
    Epostolary Richard - helps, tips, advice
    Big_feef - beta-testing
    Lefteyenine - beta-testing
    Dragoon XXVI - beta-testing
    Bar Kochvba - beta-testing
    Zanderpants -beta-testing
    GMM - unknown task
    Turin - some help with coding, unluckily we can't remember what it was ;)
    Justemeandthedog - unknown task

    First Remake:
    Moros - Mod leader, ZOR (zone of recruitment) system, unit stats, PR
    FamilyGuy/Ghangis Kahn: Yomi reintegration
    Nikolai - Yomibug fix
    Malrufius - Choson (Korean) ship 2D art (which disappeared, though...)
    oscar_reeve - 2D art
    Ikon - some coding, unit descriptions, PR
    Big_feef - beta testing, descriptions
    Dromikaites - bug-fixing
    OpetGoh666 - unit descriptions

    Current Version:
    Ticu - custom battlemaps, new music and a remake of the title screen, and also some new animations
    Kitagata - new gunnery and animal sounds, new animations and new eyes for mongol units. Also the unit concept of the Gaki.
    The guys from RTR and BoA - the animations we had no permission to use
    A guy calling himself "Horsearcher" - the truly awesome environment, skydome and night battle torches he made

    ...and a tiny bit of the work I actually did by myself...
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