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Thread: Modding tools

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    Question Modding tools

    So far, this seems to be the best (only?) tool for unpacking the .pack archive files:

    One of the nice features is the export to text file, which I've used to begin collecting the data I've posted at (feel free to add your own detective work results)

    Some questions:
    1. Does anyone have any other .pack file tools?
    2. What other tools do you use?
    3. Shouldn't a list of tools be a sticky at the top of this forum?
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    Default Re: Modding tools

    That and the ModManger are the best tools out there untill the official tools are released. There is also a Landunitseditor, but given that the PFM lets view the same information, the usefulness of the Landunitseditor is dimished.

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    Default Re: Modding tools

    Yeah that and modmanager are pretty much it. I've got something else in my mod folder at home, but Im not sure what it is right now.

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