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    Chalcis was the strongest polis in Euboea and has remained so until this day. In it's time it dominated the entire island of Euboea (in red on the map). It became s powerful that it attempted to take on Athens.

    Chalcis is first mentioned in the Illiad, it is described as one of the chief states in Euboea, it's only substantial rival being Eretria. Excavations have shown that it was a place rich in mineral deposits, in addition it's metal-work, pottery and purple dye let it become quite wealthy, trading with places like Corinth and Samos.

    It made allies of these places and went on to challenge it's rival Eretria in 710 BCE. The war that ensues was one of the longest wars in Greek history lasting an astounding 60 years. It had a rebounding effect all across Greece, in the words of Thucydides:

    "The war between Chalcis and Eretria was the one in which most cities belonging to the rest of Greece were divided up into alliances with one side or the other."
    -Thucydides (I 15, 3)

    The War ended in Chalcis' favor and it's victory allowed it to dominate Euboea and the small surrounding islands.

    It's prosperity was soon broken however when in the 6th century BCE war with Athens breaks out and the city is effectively conquered andbecomes a part of the Delian League.

    In later times Chalcis would be an importnt base for Macedonians as they attempt to conquer Greece.

    In the game you will be given the oppertunity to turn the small state of Chalcis and the Euboean League into a dominant state and perhaps gain Hegemony as the Strategos!

    The units

    Chalcis Hoplitai

    Carrying an 6-foot spear, a 3-foot shield and a heavy complement of armor the Chalcidean hoplites are not to be underestimated!

    They wear the symbol of the bull as Euboea was known for it's cattle.

    Eretria Hoplitai

    The old rival of Chalcis, these men are now an important part in the army of Chalcis. Armed much like the Chalcidian Hoplitai they are quite potent and devastating in phalanx formation.

    Carystos Hoplitai

    From one of the stronger polis in Euboea, the people of Carysos add their own hoplites to the swelling ranks of the armies of the Euboian League,

    Epilektoi Hoplitai

    The elite of both society and the military Epilektoi are men who can afford the better armor and weapons. They are some of the strongest hoplites in your army so use them well!

    Agema Hoplitai

    The elite of the elite, these chosen hoplites are mostly of royal descent and are the relatives of the king. Fittingly these men guard the strategos on the field and are your best hoplites!


    Although Greeks don't have much of an equestrian culture they will, nevertheless, field cavalry of some kind. Theyr cavalry are light, rather unarmored and altoghether uneffective as shock troops. Rather they are used to chase enemies as they flee and cut them down.


    Chalcis makes use of some Psiloi, some archers, slingers and javelineers although they are not often particulairly effective on the field.

    We hope you've enjoyed this preview! The Strategos team.

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    some pics of the units in action

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    Credit goes to King Louise Ashurbannipal for his hoplite mod v.2 models


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