Poll: Should the Thespian Hoplites Carry a sword or spear?

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Thread: Spear or sword?

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    I'm having some difficulty deciding how to arm the Thespian Hoplites. Should they have swords? or should they be the standard hoplite with a 7-foot spear?

    here are two images to aid your decision:

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    I say spear.
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    thinking about it, the best option is a combo between spear and sword...but not that too long spear!!!it would be better one a little bit short

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    hm, i guess a combo would be cool, although that is the accurate length gor the dora.

    Also, do you think they should be mercenaries or not?

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    well, it depends if you are going to include the city of Thespia or not...;)

    PD:why I can┤t vote on this post? :(

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    well thespia is going in, and i dunno why not...

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    ok so I suggest the combo, one quest: did you take these thespians from kla┤s skin pack? cause I remember from his first pack that the spears were like this.

    I recommend you to reduce their sizes

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    Well i'veshortened th spear (from an old rtw model) and reworked the shield and cloak:

    By foozlethegreat at 2009-11-24

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    Voted sword, probably ahistorical but looks cooler somehow.

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    Old_King_Coal congrats. this version is better than the other one but...put the overhand spear animation.


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