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Thread: Custom Trait/Ancillary Attributes + Hidden Attribute

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    Default Custom Trait/Ancillary Attributes + Hidden Attribute

    First I'll thank Gigantus for having me look at this phenomenon more closely since I'd thought of investigating it but for various reasons it was put aside to do other more pressing concerns. Anyway, someone made note of a bug in ATVTW (for M2TW) in which the Attribute Combat_V_Faction_Ireland was being recorded as incorrect. Gigantus reminded me that in the exe for M2TW/Kingdoms didn't specifically list the faction and religions for the Combat_V_Faction_XXX and the Comabat_V_Religion_YYY attributes. I already knew this was the case for the Combat_V_ZZZ attributes in Rome.

    So I did an experiment, I create a trait with a custom attribute:

    Trait TestCombatTrait
        Characters all
        Level Immobile
            Description Immobile_desc
            EffectsDescription Immobile_effects_desc
            Threshold 1
            Effect Combat_V_adfjeil 1
    And a trigger to test the attribute:

    Trigger TestCombatTrigger
        WhenToTest CharacterTurnStart
        Condition Attribute Combat_V_adfjeil = 1
        Affects BattleScarred  1  Chance 100
    I gave the trait to a starting character in descr_strat, and checked his traits and stuff in game, and he had the first level of the BattleScarred trait. I did a second test by adding the effect to an ancillary (and leaving the trigger in EDCT), removing the trait and adding the ancillary in descr_strat, and again I started the game and he again had the first level of BattleScarred.

    This is very significant as it allows 100% accuracy in seeing if a character has a particular ancillary, and unlike current methods this can be used for all ancillaries by giving them a unique Combat_V_ZZZ attribute.

    This has left me with an interesting and answered question. How does the engine determine if the Combat_V_ attribute corresponds to an actual culture to give a command bonus?

    There's also a hidden attribute that is recognized by the exe: FootInTheDoor, you can assign it as an effect to traits/ancillaries but I haven't figure out what it does.

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    Default Re: Custom Trait/Ancillary Attributes + Hidden Attribute

    Hey, that discovery is going to be very useful in our mod, where I used to give different "popular standing" values for each ancillary.
    This means no limit to make unique ancillaries and to know easely who is carring them.

    Good job!

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    Default Re: Custom Trait/Ancillary Attributes + Hidden Attribute

    After reading this thread I tested this with an architect and a chirugeon ancillary in RTW vanilla version 1.5. I added a new effect for each, "Effect Combat_V_architect" and "Effect Combat_V_chirugeon" and then made trait triggers.

    One would give the character 10 points in the IanR trait going all the way to "Narcissist" when Attribute Combat_V_architect = 1 while the other would give 10 points in the Feck trait when Attribute Combat_V_chirugeon = 1 making the character "Irredeemably Foul-mouthed". I picked these because they are really rare. After I made the architect IanR trigger it seemed to partially work although some characters that didn't have an architect in their retinue also got "Narcissist". However when I made the chirugeon Feck trigger I ended up with all of the characters who had either architects or chirugeons, and not necessarily both, being "blessed" with both IanR and Feck so I concluded it didn't really work properly.

    Has anyone been able to use this in making ancillaries generate traits so far? I'm clearly not the only one who would love to have a complex mentoring system that would allow me to control and develop my generals up to a point instead of just praying they don't gradually grow into perverted retards...


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