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Thread: So, yeah... circa 3 years later

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    Default So, yeah... circa 3 years later

    I gave up. I did. Too much to do, so little help. I got discouraged and just plain gave up. It's sad because I was making decent progress too!

    Anyways, since playing Empire: Total War with Darth Mod Ultimate Commander, I've gotten back into the Total War scene, and I'm thinking I'm going to go ahead and do this. I no longer have the pressure of the impending Empire release to worry about, and honestly, I figure if I do it because I want to play it and not because I want to release something, then it'll go better. I can take my time and enjoy it.

    So there it is, I'm gonna give it another shot. I'm not promising anything, only sayin' because if anyone wants to make a contribution, a bit of help, I'm absolutely open too it.

    Anyways, doing some map editing tonight. Off to work!

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    Default Re: So, yeah... circa 3 years later

    dude u RULEEEE!! i mean it is a vast projhect u have in mind but is inmensly wonderful!!! i am a realnoob, canot render map or what ever, but im a quite good drawer and a really good internet surfer so if u need any help like for making the troops esquetches, their names, weapons and stuff like that i can lend ahand, i also can help u texting stuff!! dude u are awesome!!


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