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Thread: List of Tactical Advice

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    Default List of Tactical Advice

    I suggested to Ludens that the Forum needs a section with threads containing tactical advice and discussions.

    He cannot make such, but we agreed that a list of threads with tactical advice will be very helpful.

    Discussion of tactics belong in the various threads though- not here! this will merely be a list of threads containing advice on battlefield tactics.

    1. My (blowing my own trumpet) Archery Guide and the debate it sparked, some of the follow-up posts are really helpful.

    2. Advice on infantry bodyguards' tactics.

    3. How to fight phalanxes with other infantry.

    4. Assaulting cities with Horse Archers.

    5. Romans Vs Steppe and CataTigerTanks.

    6. Effective Use of Chariots, Javelin Skirmishers and Skirmisher cavalry.

    7. Baktria Vs Saka, useful tips for fighting HA with infantry armies.

    8. And strangely enough, the other way round; how to beat foot archers with HA.

    9. Effective use of Skirmishers, probably tie in with 6.

    10. Hay Tactical Advice.

    11. Melee Cavalry.

    12. Tactics as Casse. Contains more advice on Chariots.

    13. Phalanx Tactics.

    14. Sweboz Tactics.

    15. Guide to Cavalry Tactics, thanks to V.T. Marvin for pointing it out, I had forgotten about that one till I saw it again.

    16. Geticus post of Anti-Sweboz tactics for Gauls. Thanks for the effort geticus, we really need some Gallic fans to propagate them.

    17. How to beat a Noob Box.

    Feel free to add more as usual.
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