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Thread: I can't save

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    Default I can't save

    I've got EB 1.1 and i've been playing for about 2 weeks and nothing went wrong except a couple of CTD's every now and then. Then all of a sudden I go to load my campaign, try to save, and it won't let me save.

    I get a message that says " Save failed - couldn't create save file on disk ".

    Does anybody know why i'm getting this message?

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    Default Re: I can't save

    In what folder is EB installed to? Try to run it with administrator-rights if you are using Vista/Win7.
    Start a complete new campaign, do you receive the same problem?

    Nevertheless, I strongly advise to upgrade to EB1.2+fixes, you won't have that much CTD's as in 1.1, look here:
    It is NOT savegame-compatible to 1.1, you'll have to start new.


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