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Thread: Ran no Jidai Version 1.0 Release

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    Default Ran no Jidai Version 1.0 Release

    Some news ...

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    Default Re: Ran no Jidai Version 1.0 Release

    Prerequisite - Rome:Total War BI 1.6

    Primary - Ran no Jidai Ver. 1.0

    Alternate 1 - Ran no Jidai Ver. 1.0

    Alternate 2 - Ran no Jidai Ver. 1.0

    Installation Instructions:

    Directory - C:\Program Files (x86)\Activision\Rome - Total War

    1. The directory pathway name from the installer will appear, as above. Adjustments to the drive letter, program file pathway name, and file pathway name, ie. Activision or The Creative Assembly, may be required.

    Target - "C:\Program Files (x86)\Activision\Rome - Total War\RomeTW-BI.exe" -mod:bi\shogun2 -show_err -nm -ne -enable_editor

    Start - "C:\Program Files\Activision\Rome - Total War"

    2. The target and start lines from the shortcut will appear, as above. Adjustments to the drive letter, program file pathway name, and file pathway name, ie. Activision or The Creative Assembly, may be required.

    3. Preferences, screen resolution etc., have been placed at minimal settings and adjustments will have to be made accordingly.

    Ran no Jidai - Update, Features:

    - Access to unfinished Ran no Jidai Campaign

    - Campaign Modifications

    added agents and "rebel" units

    changed faction Tokugawa to Matsudiara

    fixed map heights

    fixed names.txt CTD

    removed ninja bomber and sniper units

    - Combat and Strategy User-Interfaces

    - Custom Locations

    - Daimyo Models

    - Horse Textures

    - Minor fixes and tweaks

    - Ram Model

    - Removed blood splatter

    - Revamped Intro

    - Unit Descriptions

    A few notes on the update release ...

    1. In many ways, the Ran no Jidai community have become official mod members serving as testers for the project. Your feedback and support will directly influence the future of the modifcation. For example, the progress bar and the four turns per year script, were two objectives that remained incomplete due to the lack of technical experience. The progress bar, a katana, was produced but the "team" lacked the technical chops to mod pack the progress bar so it functioned solely within the mod folder. As for the four turns per year script, it functioned without error as a gameplay element within the modificiation, but rendered an unresolved error message upon exiting the game. So the community directly controls the destiny of the project, if members with the required talents emerge to resolve these issues and others, then a patch can be produced to enhance gameplay.

    The only known issue resulting in a "crash to desktop", is one involving a faction's elimination. The remedy, for which, maybe as simple as resolving the "lose" condition video not displaying upon a faction's elimination. However, due to the "teams" lack of technical experience, the problem remains unresolved.

    2. A few words concerning Ran no Jidai members decision to release an unfinished campaign. While the internal debate and subsequent vote were almost unanimous, one clear reason eventually emerged, one of self-preservation. Unless more members could be procured from the ranks of the community to resolve technical issues and complete other objectives, the project would eventually falter. In releasing the unfinished Ran no Jidai campaign, that the release itself would prove to be instrumental in establishing the projects continued longevity. The community now has a clear perception of what's been accomplished thus far, and what elements require further attention, the projects fate rest with the community.

    3. A few words concerning the state of Ran no Jidai, as of the update release, I'll be stepping down as interim mod-leader due to "real life" issues. Unless an individual from the ranks of the community emerges with the prerequisite talents required to lead the remaining members, the future of the project remains questionable.

    [CONTENTBOX="Campaign Progress Report"]

    2-D Artwork

    - Building Cards

    70% - Large done

    10% - Small done

    - Faction Leader pictures

    - Historic Event pictures

    - Portraits - Woodblock

    - Resources - Models, Pips, Textures

    - Unit Cards

    remove blood splatter effect - Completed

    3x - ships - Funa - Atakebune - Oatakebune

    2x - ronin yumi

    2x - ikko-ikki yumi


    heavy cavalry

    - A unified/uniform strategy and combat user-interface - Completed

    3-D Artwork

    - Daimyo models - Completed

    - Horse Textures - Completed

    - Landmark models

    - Missing building models - building tree

    - Ram model - Completed

    - Religious building models

    - Resource models

    - Saddle and San-gake textures

    - Ship models - Funa - Atakebune - Oatakebune

    - Vegetation - Cherry Tree

    - fixes

    map heights - Completed

    black spots issue

    vanilla walls issue


    - Building descriptions

    - Faction descriptions

    - Historic Events

    - Region descriptions

    - Religions

    - Resources

    - Unit descriptions - Completed


    - Implement four turns per year script, 1545 - 1615

    - Installer - Completed

    - Intro

    splash - Completed

    loading screens - Completed

    backdrop - Completed

    progress bar

    - Update - Completed


    [CONTENTBOX="Ran no Jidai Members & Contributors, Past and Present - listed alphabetically."]

    Ran no Jidai, Modification Creator:


    Ran no Jidai, Modification Leaders:

    - Juntao

    - Kagemusha

    - Shogun144

    - Vermicious Knid

    - Wundai


    - Alcibiades of Athens

    - Argent Usher

    - BDH

    - Cedric37

    - Earl Grey

    - Katsumoto

    - Marbod

    - Maxmus

    - Obi Wan Asterix

    - Ozy


    - Satori

    - Seijitai

    - Taneda Santoka

    - Tomte of Doom

    - Uranos

    - Wlesmana

    - Wundai


    - Radboud

    - Sean Cappone

    - Xter


    - AngusH

    - Itdomer98

    - Juggernaut

    - Kagemusha

    - Obi Wan Asterix

    - Shos

    - Tomte of Doom

    - Wild Bill Kelso


    - Courso

    - Dark Ragnar

    - Garve

    - Juntao

    - Raz

    - Seijitai

    - Wundai


    - Iceman002, a.k.a Jose002 and Turtules Brutus Maximus


    - Atterdag

    - Byzantine Knight

    - Darth Vader

    - Gaddis

    - Juggernaut

    - Kagemusha

    - Lionskin

    - Max_Minimod

    - Obi Wan Asterix

    - Oscarreeve

    - Satori

    - Stuie

    - Vermicious Knid


    - Fenian

    - Havok

    - Kurogane

    Ran no Jidai - Update, Members and Contributors:

    - Aethelstan

    - Cedric37

    - Juggernaut

    - Juntao

    - Iceman002 a.k.a Jose002 and Turtules Brutus Maximus

    - Ichimonji Hidetora

    - Katsumoto

    - Maxmus

    - Ozy

    - Radboud

    - Satori

    - Shogun144

    - Skeleton of the West

    - Vermicious Knid

    - Wundai


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    Default Re: Ran no Jidai Version 1.0 Release

    Sorry for the format of the release thread, it didn't display as intended and I'm not familiar enough with these forums to figuire out how to edit the post.


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