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Thread: Anybody still play STW???

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    Default Anybody still play STW???

    I just now got the game downloaded to my computer after about 8 years of not playing. Looking to see if anybody still plays and how I can get some games going over the internet if possible. Let me know!

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    Default Re: Anybody still play STW???

    I don't play any MP so my comment might be irrelevant, but the game being as old as it is, I don't think many people do. There is a fakeserver thread in this forum that you might like to read and try your luck there. I don't know how active it is however.
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    Default Re: Anybody still play STW???

    The turn of the year I had a fit of insanity and threw away my old copy of STW, the original redbox. Seriously, I should have cut out the front and framed it instead...

    Honestly though, I haven't been able to get it or MTW to run for a couple years, and didn't want to keep an old box around just for it. Sorry, I wish I could help you.

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    Default Re: Anybody still play STW???

    Hey I'm new to STW but I would be more than happy to play a quick multiplayer game with you! Just tell me when and how...

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    Default Re: Anybody still play STW???

    Greetings all,

    Been a long time, but I, too, have recently reinstalled this old gem. It's still unbelievably immersive, and I fell back in love with it in no time. If MP were to be made available, I would certainly be happy to dust off my old battle gear and jump in!

    My best to all,

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    Default Re: Anybody still play STW???

    Hi there everybody,

    me, too, as strict SinglePlayer, have only to contribute: Love that game for an occasional afternoon, and keep it installed (STW:MI-Version); prefer Shimazu as a slow starter, or Mori for a quickie - but having fun anyway.

    Hope you find enough people for your MP-desires!

    greetings daigaku


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