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Thread: Bandicam, good or not?

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    Default Bandicam, good or not?

    Hi there, i was wondering, does anybody know if bandicam(unregisterd) is a good replacement for fraps? I'm not going to pay 40$ for a game-recording program, but i do want to use something to record some shogun 2 battle-replays. I know about the 10 minute limit, but my battles aren't that long anyways. Can you tell me if bandicam is actually useful for this?
    Thanks in advance.
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    Default Re: Bandicam, good or not?

    I have no experience with the software -actualy this is the first time I've heard of its existence however there are a few I want to point out.

    First of all, the author himself says that the free version and the registered version have no differences or whatsoever in the quality of the output. So you can go ahead and see if Bandicam is satisfactory or not for yourself.

    Meanwhile, Fraps costs 37$ whereas Bandicam 1-PC license is slapped a 39$ price tag. So price can not be a decisive factor when it comes to picking either of them if 2$ are not gonna save the world.

    Also there is that CamStudio however I'm not sure if it has the ability to capture in-game (DirectX/OpenGL support). HyperCam is another option I had personal experience with 6-7 years ago -I remember having captured in-game video from Pro Evolution Soccer with that one. Version 2 is distributed for free via their website. They, in addition to that, speak of a v3 of their software being continuously developed by some other company here (Trial available - 30€ registration fee).

    Hope that helps.


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