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Seems this thread has become a bit quiet, any news yet about the place of the Belgae in EB II?
Or any interesting discoveries made? ^^
In response to your first question: Nothing. A leeked section of the EBII map shows the Sweboz, Aedui and Arverni are much more removed from Belgica thus creating greater breathing room for a Belgic faction, but that is the limit of it.

I haven't really been focusing on the news from Belgium lately, been focusing my efforts on the British side of things although I did buy an out of print book I had been looking for on the North East of Gaul lately (expensive investment too). Didn't prove very helpful with respect to what I was looking for (silver coinage, burial practices) but some great stuff on the Belgic sanctuaries and Remi-Suessiones and cisrhenian burial practices. Currently reading through the Gallic Wars for possibly the 50th time in my life. Also seeking out an article by the noted German archaeologist R. Hachmann which discusses the difficulty of identifying a "Belgic" culture.... of course this was prior to the excavation of Gournay-sur-Aronde and other such sanctuaries.

To be honest since EBII was announced no member of the team has mentioned the Belgae unless yours truly asked them about it in which case the response was always the same "We can neither confirm nor deny". Almost any mention of the Belgae has come from non-team members.