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Thread: Eyebird view, is it possible?

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    Default Eyebird view, is it possible?

    Hi all.

    I am new at EB. However, I have played almost all the total war games. Since Empire onwards, it was easy to unlock and get a free "eyebird" camera, able to fly as high as you like (and sunk under the floor aswell ). Just need to edit the scrip file.

    I have seen in EB, that the historical battles has the eyebird view, but when you play MP or campaign battles it is not. So I guess if is it possible to get for all battles, and how to do it.

    Thanks in advance, and salute to all the EB players.

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    Hi HG. Welcome to the forum!

    The most you can really get is by using the "scroll" button on your mouse to zoom in or out as far as I know. I am not sure you can get a "birds eye view" as you are asking.
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    Default Re: Eyebird view, is it possible?



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    Default Re: Eyebird view, is it possible?

    Hello (HG)Iliturgitano, welcome to the .Org .

    There is a trick to allow you a free camera during replays, but IIRC this doesn't apply to normal battles. By the way: this is just the MP forum. The EB fora are over here.
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    thanks all


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