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Thread: Encyclopaedia for S2R+ v2.96.3 (unofficial)

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    Default Encyclopaedia for S2R+ v2.96.3 (unofficial)

    Attached is the latest, complete, and should be the final version of the encyclopaedia patch for S2R+ version 2.96.3. It now covers everything that is needed for seamless integration between the mod and the encyclopaedia, including: all the land/naval units, unit classes, buildings, techs, and clans pages.

    Example screenshot of a clan page with the list of its accessible units:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	clan-specific-units.PNG 
Views:	610 
Size:	554.3 KB 
ID:	3222

    Example screenshot of an S2R+ custom unit:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	s2twdoc_shot1.PNG 
Views:	741 
Size:	491.0 KB 
ID:	3223

    Again besides the obvious benefits of having the encyclopaedia usable in-game, this will allow us to understand s2r+ faster and perhaps help spot potential oversight, if any, in relevant part of S2R+ easily without having to play all the factions directly. The use of automated script for generating this also implies that some types of inconsistencies/typos will be detected during the process (I'll post my findings seperately to the bug report thread).


    • Backup or rename the following encyclopaedia sub-folders: units, buildings, unit_classes, clans, tech
    • Extract content of the attached zip file to the encyclopaedia folder.

    Notes on v1.1
    • Updated the building requirement section of the unit pages to make it better in presenting S2R+ complex recruitment system. For example, now it is obvious from the encyclopaedia that Chugen - Yari | Inaka requires EITHER terrace farming OR one of the encampment strings, not both; and Ashigaru - Yari | Han requires land consolidation AND either Barracks OR Armoury, not all three of them.
    • Added back the previous and next navigation link at the bottom of unit/tech/building pages which are present in the original encyclopaedia.

    Notes on v1.0
    • All broken link issues (should) have been addressed. I use another script to verify this on all of the output pages so it is 100% valid in my test environment. Exception to this are the links to the minor clans from the unit pages, as the minor clan pages don't exist in the original encyclopaedia.
    • The issue with conflicting faction unit's permission between vanilla and s2r+ files has been addressed. If there's conflicting assignment, I simply assume now that the one from original game files (vanilla/patches) are superseded by the entries in S2R+ files.
    • All effects for buildings and techs are now covered properly.
    • Some unit images will still be different than the one in the in-game unit cards, but this is because I don't have the file for it and not because of error in the scripting process.
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