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    I have a couple minor editing questions;

    1. I'm in the export_descr_unit file and I'm trying to bump the basic unit size of some roman units from 40 to 50, et cetera, BUT after I save and load the game I'm still seeing basic unit sizes of 40.

    2. What file do I edit to add FM names, ie Appius Claudius Crispulus.

    Any help I would most appreciative of!

    I ran a couple of searches but nothing turned up for me.

    Thanks again!

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    Default Re: Editing questions

    Hello Crispulus, welcome to the .Org and to EB .

    1) EB has two EDU (export_descr_unit.txt) files: one for SP and one for custom/MP battles. These can be found in the "SP/MP game EDU" folders. The EDU in the data folder will be overwritten by these when you start the game through the trivial script.

    2) If I recall correctly, the Roman triple names have been created via character traits.
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