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Thread: Historical Rome Total War Plan

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    What i would like to see? No more "that's not vanilla" discussion and only 1 version for the mod. Any other stuff that makes it in to the mod is welcomed by me.

    I have no discussion regarding factions or anything else, i would like to just point out my toughts about what should be kept from vanilla:

    - Low polygon count for units (low edge pc's friendly).
    - Faction colors. Maybe not the whole clothing, since that looks bad, my suggestion for the modellers and texturers is to do is reduce the faction color "area" of the clothes, to maybe some strips here and there, so that we have not a cartoonish style unit (as i said, a suggestion).

    Things to improve (think bigger, and think real)
    - Help the AI trough some scripts (the basic ones are population control system and money helpers)
    - Not going so deep regarding the realism of this mod (realism simulator??), i liked the post of a fellow mapper (Philadelphos is his name?) saying that time is relative here; so not just restrain ourselves to the events and factions happening exactly at 280 BC.
    - The one above goes with this: Keep the game feeling, after all that's what this is after all.
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    If he sent the message by e-mail you should be able to retrieve it on your mail server (unless you canceled it). At least worth trying.

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