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    Here we will list all of the work being done on HRTW. Everytime something is implemented into the main mod, I will post it here. To keep up to date with the mod check here regularly for updates.

    Log: 1/15/12
    Was able to combine Neutralised Senate with the Mundus Magnus 4.0 map. Download it here
    There are errors with the resources though. It says fish, salt, and horses cannot be found. Can somebody see if they can possibly figure it out?
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    updated OP

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    You need to open the descr_sm_resources.txt file (located in the DATA folder) and search for the resources "furs", "dogs" and "pigs". Look at the path that says data/blah/blah. For those 3 you need to add the name of your mod-folder (let's say is HRTW) then it should look like this "HRTW/DATA/...../...."

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    weird.. fish, salt, and horses are not even in the file

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    Not, i said look for furs, dogs and pigs, since those are the "original" names of the resources, what MM 2 did was to substitute those 3 resources with the salt, horses and fish models (name too, but not the internal name, that's why you won't find them in there like horse, etc). And that feature was ported to MM4.0, that's how i know how to change it (suffered a little with that too myself :P)

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    Thanks! It has been fixed. Now that Ave Oz is here I will hold off on the map and when we start researching he can implement his map in

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    What is the hold up ?...Are we dead ?

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    My Laptop is dead. My PC does not handle 3ds max. So... no units from me for now.

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    The units aren't a problem now.I think that we stoped at scripting for the romans.We have done the units and Oz has done the map for them,but there are other things to do and I do not know witch.

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    We need to implement the polybian reforms and get the recruitment system set up.

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    at least we're still alive

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    We need to implement the polybian reforms and get the recruitment system set up.
    And who is in charge for that ?

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    how can you start doing a reform when you haven't implemented the units? I'm no expert on that field but i think implementing is a must to get them right (and being able to test them)

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    Oops. Then we need to get the units implemented, then reforms.

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    Hey ahowl11 good work there!
    It was fun to read all of these after the release of the finished product.
    Ok can I have a balloon? :) I'll give you one too

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    This turned into VVVTW.

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    The mod that disapperead ?
    Yay I have a balloon!

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    Default Re: HRTW Progress

    We have been situated over a TWCenter for the last year and a half. You can view our public thread here.


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