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Thread: Speed up construction?

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    Default Speed up construction?

    Ok ive beat the campaign so now im wondering if theres any cheats or anything to speed up the construction of buildings? dont worry its not for geishas i just wanna build all my dojos and stuff around the armoury spots as soon as.
    i only thought about doin it when i reached near the end how i missed it i dont know lol.

    oh i should mention i came across one .booyakasha. that doesnt work or unless im doing it wrong but the .matteosartori. works fine for the map.

    oh and this is for SHOGUN warlord edition.

    thanks for any help
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    Default Re: Speed up construction?

    There is no way to speed up construction, AFAIK. The Hojo get reduced costs for buildings, but that's about it.


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