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Thread: Daimyo loses Honour - Bug?

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    Question Daimyo loses Honour - Bug?

    Apologies for the murky title.

    I noticed this in my most recent campaign and was wondering if anyone could shed light upon what is happening.

    One turn I see an enemy Daimyo and all is normal...

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    However on the next turn, after he invades an empty ronin province, he loses all his skill as a commander...

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    Any ideas on what is going on?

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    Default Re: Daimyo loses Honour - Bug?

    I'll admit I find it mystifying as well. It's of course possible for a Daimyo to lose honor from losing a battle (and/or a series of battles), but I don't think I've ever heard of one losing 3 honor at once. Very odd.

    I suppose it might be theoretically possible for his personal unit of bodyguards to lose that much honor if a highly-experienced member of his unit were to die in combat (still highly doubtful, but not completely impossible). However, I'm quite certain the Honor listed on a daimyo's parchment sheet refers only to his command rating -- and not his unit's experience level -- so I still don't see that as being the explanation.
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    Default Re: Daimyo loses Honour - Bug?

    Seems like a bug.
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    Default Re: Daimyo loses Honour - Bug?

    It is a bug. I've seen it happened many times. I never complained about it, since it never happens to player's Daimyo


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