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Thread: Charging uphill & winning

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    Default Charging uphill & winning

    Something i really think is ridicolous here

    Even when someone has 4 way superior infantry units (lvl 9 katanas), shouldn't win againgst a yari spearwall consistent of 6 Yari Ashigaru (lvl3) with defence and moral improvements when charging uphill on a very, VERY steep slope.

    Is it just me, or is the "spear wall" formation ineffective with the new patch (havn't read all the details)

    I think theese factors should be improved. In reality, charging uphill should mean almost certain defeat, or at least infantry should suffer from more fatigue when charging uphill.

    In a particular battle, i charged downhill with my vanilla No-Dachi into vetted katanes. My no-dachi lost the charge and suffered greatly, inflicting minimum damage on the enemy katanas. Now thats just not possible.
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