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    Ok so I was enjoying EB to the max. I built up a massive Cartahginian empire with role playing, it was highly organized and it's armies and commanders amazing. Suddenly I come up Jirysy's Mega mod pack on the forums. I get it, start a new historical role playing Romani campaign. I play till about the end of the second punic war and it crashes.

    I delete the mod. Then go to play normal EB. I try to load game, game crashes. Start a new campaign, same thing. I have un installed and installed EB completely two times now and it keeps doing the same thing.

    I haven't played EB in two months and have been trying to play M2TW mods(which I got for EB 2 btw). Its not the same and I miss EB

    Please some body help me.
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    Judging by your post, a complete re-installation of RTW and EB could solve the problem. Bear in mind that EB requires a 100% clean RTW1.5 build, unmodified by any other mods.

    Follow [ul=]this guide on how to install EB[/url].

    Also, no support from the team if you use unofficial minimods, ask the creator for help.

    This thread covers most of the technical problems you can get in EB and RTW.


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