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    contact tux or some of the other team members with your work if it´s good enough i´m sure they´ll be more then happy to receive your help at least thats what i´ve been hearing for the past 3 years (alongside the unspoken you´re just not good enough to be part of the team even tough i still believe i´m a mean coffee maker )

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    Quote Originally Posted by anant View Post
    Awesome preview! looking forward to EB2 more than RTW2!

    PS: i've been working on some of the mercenaries that might make it to EB2...also things like rebel banners etc. Do you think you might be interested or would i just be wasting your time?
    @JMRC will help you.

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    i cant believe the amount of historical research EB team is doing, its colossal ...i dont expect less from them after realizing the quality of their work.
    to this thank you
    i suppose there will be camel units
    cant wait to see previews

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