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    England Tips…. Opening moves Diplomacy

    Decline any French diplomacy act on the first few turns. Your princess should be able to make her way to the French potential marriage suitor sitting in “Angers” by turn 3. Don’t use the marriage option it’s only a 33% chance. You want to instead open up the diplomacy screen with the princess, get trade rights first, now offer her in marriage and the French will accept all in the same turn.

    Also send diplomats to alliance with the Danish and Pope before going to war with Scotland. You don’t need any more alliances unless you send a ship to Russia. Getting more alliance with the rest will just result in reputation hit once war is declared by two of your allies.

    Now you have secured alliances with your 2 biggest threats, French, Danes, and you have the backing of the pope.

    Scotland Isles conquest

    Turn one send a ship to block off the Dublin passage preventing Scotland from taking the land. Decline any Scotland trade right offers etc. Also, send a few troops into Scotland territory; this usually prevents Scotland from going after the rebel settlement in the very back of the isles “Inverness”. Your goal is to keep them to one settlement.

    Take York on the first turn with your king; make sure your get the two spear units from the Mercenaries before attacking. Only occupy the settlement, don’t sack. Keep one unit in York and send one unit into Scotland just to sit usually preventing them from going after “Inverness”

    The rest along with the king should combine with the family member in London to take Caenarvon. I don’t assault. While being under seized I’m securing my alliances with the Danes and pope. When the rebels sally out defeat them and occupy, don’t sack. “keeping rep up”
    ” Important, “ Que a Ballistic maker in Nottingham while Caenarvon is being seized
    Important “Only after securing an Alliance with France, Danes and Pope, do you set your eyes on Scotland.

    With my strategy Scotland has only one Settlement and you have no agreement with them, also your rep should be quietly going up because of not sacking. Keep one unit in Nottingham and send everyone into Scotland Territory.

    Many times Scotland will only have one family member in the castle, one big unit next to the Dublin passage but they can’t pass because your ship and 1 more army hiding somewhere. Assault with the Ballistic in your army and take them out on one turn. If you general has night attack, even their nearby units can't help during the battle if you attack at night.

    Now you can take over Inverness , Dublin and the rebels left over by Scotland in your own time frame….

    Congrats u have the British Isles
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