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    First of all, I'd like to thank everyone for the heaps of useful information which can be found here; they motivated me to make an account after lurking and reading for a while. I'm into RTW (my favorite factions are seleucids, greek cities, cataphract nations in general and romans) and might give EB a shot - the only thing keeping me from doing it is the fact that I have some ongoing RTW campaigns and I want to finish them before modding the game.

    I'd play the more modern games (especially M2TW; I'm a huge byzantine fan) but my old computer wouldn't let me. Maybe someday :c
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    Welcome.Clockworker I too had a soft spot for the Selucids.
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    Welcome Clockworker
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    Welcome Clockworker!

    Just so you know, you can still play normal RTW if you have EB installed. I'm sure you'll like the seleucids and greek factions, as they have a very varied unit roster.
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