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Thread: Interesting/annoying trouble with the pope

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    Default Interesting/annoying trouble with the pope

    Having read some posts about the pope i decided that my problem is slightly different, so here is a new one:

    I'm playing 1.3 version H/H as the HRE.

    I was excommed around turn 30 while fighting aginst the Milanese. That didn't sound too bad, neither a crusade was sent after me, nor my neighbours attacked me for a while, so I hoped, that I can get un-excommed in some time. Now it's about turn 50 and all of my neighours (Poland, Hungary, Venice, Sicily and France) are in war at me. Still not a big issue, as I can repell them quite easily. Still no crusade. But I can't get un-ecxommed, and now I'm even at war with the Papal States (Got attacked at Ajaccio, but won the battle). I've tried different things; got my Emperor killed, still no forgiveness from the Pope. I tried to get a german Pope elected, so I assasinated the Pope, but even if I had 8 Cardinals, so 8 votes on my german Preferati, the Sicilian candidate became the Pope, and he still hated me. Assassinated again, voted for the english Preferati, got an english Pope, who was in good terms with me - 9/10 on the pop-o-meter, but still keeps attacking me at Florence.

    Summary: Excommed, got Emperor killed=not un-excommed, Pope asssassinated=not un-excommed, attacked by Papal states, Pope assassinated again=couldn't get my Preferati elected, altough had 8 votes, english Pope=9/10 on pop-o-meter still not un-excommed no ceasefire gat attacked again

    Now what to do? Any tips? I could easily smash the attacking papal force, and take Rome, the only province of the Pope, but I'd rather find a peaceful solution. Thanks for the help!

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    Default Re: Interesting/annoying trouble with the pope

    Since everyone is at war with you i bet your overall rep is probably untrustworthy or something to that level meaning a faction can be down to their last settlement but they won't surrender. At this point its probably too late to get your rep up. Next time u start a new game you have to play the reputation game, if not you will end up at war with everyone.

    In my tip thread I share a offering land tip to keep rep at outstanding or above for the whole game with every faction, this allows you to expand without too much random acts of war.
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    Default Re: Interesting/annoying trouble with the pope

    Go and take Rome and keep killing the Pope (assassins or just by mauling him in the field) until you get reconciled. If push comes to shove, take Rome and then offer it back for reconciliation. Or stop making priests all together and kill every Catholic faction but yourself. No more pope.
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