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    In M2TW, can you change your faction heir like in Rome? I want it to go so that my king's eldest son becomes king, not the king's brother. I've gone on to the family tree scroll and can't find anything. It would be helpful if someone could answer before old king Rufus dies!

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    technically you can, ever heard of sending your heir to fight a 900 strong army?

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    He has another Brother and besides you came too late :( Rufus is dead and his brother Henry has ascended to the throne. Since you could change heirs in Rome, why not in Medieval? And isn't this system historically inaccurate? Wouldn't it be the son and not the brother? And also, I can't find a ' veiw settlement' button. Is that another feature that was lost between Rome and Medieval? If it is I swear I will play Europa Barbarorum on easy difficulty and ensure that the Medieval era never happens. Everyone will continue to worship the Olympian gods and the Dark Ages can be filled with the light of Civilisation... Screw chivalry and raise the Eagle!

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    Sorry Nerdymidgetkid, sadly the option to view settlement and change faction heir is not there in vanilla M2TW :( :( We all miss that option, from RTW :( Pretty bad on the developers part to, leave that out :(
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    That's it! Quintus, have your leigon make ready to march at dawn. Maximus, pray to the gods and ask them to set the difficulty level to easy. Tomorrow, when the sun rises, we march to the Creative Assembly, and WAR!!!

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    Unless... Does anyone know if there is a mod which only ads in those 2 features?

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    You can't in vanilla, because they added princesses. However there is something i've heard of - the Next Heir mod. Not sure if it is it's own thing or if it's a submod for Stainless Steel though. Might be the latter. Google is your friend.
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