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Thread: Unit count?

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    Default Unit count?

    Has there been any info on unit diversity, or unit count?

    Any hope that we will see a roster similar to Rome: Total Realism?

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    Default Re: Unit count?

    Well, easy.

    Cav, melee, archer. Now look at all the other TW version and think about 6-10 factions with different units.
    You end up with about 30-40 different units, where many are similar, which give you about 12-15 real different units in the end.

    If you play SP, it wont matter anyway.

    If you play MP, the whole thing will be decided by a few aspects:

    1. CA skip the stupid bonuses and abilities
    2. Moralcircles are still there
    3. routingpoints are too high
    4. killspeed, if flanked, reared badly

    The units wont be a surprise, as mentioned above. CA failed badly with their "focus on MP". The only question will be, do they once again
    makes such horrible mistakes concerning MP? If they come up another time with the avatar-tree, than good night!


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