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Thread: From Satrapy to Empire - Baktrian AAR

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    Default From Satrapy to Empire - Baktrian AAR

    Hello, here is the first segment of an AAR on the Baktrian kingdom, starting in the Year 270BC.


    Theodotos sat alone in the royal chamber, his hand supporting his tired head, his mind furiously working over the day’s events. Feasting was obviously a welcome change to the constant and dull reading of all scrolls sent by Seleucid ambassadors. None the less, Theodotos felt troubled. He was no king. He had no real lands of his own, a mere satrapy on the edge of a vast empire. His ‘royal’ chamber had no right to that title. His land was a buffer to the barbarians in the east. Sweat dripped from his head. He took a gulp of wine in an attempt to slake his thirst. For years Theodotos had planned his freedom. To forge a new kingdom, worthy of Alexandros himself. Take armies across the Indus valley, do what no kind has ever done before. Set back after set back had delayed him.

    Theodotos sighed loudly. 'He will be king', he thought. He had worked too hard, prepared to much to allow his lands to become another petty satrapy. Rising from the chair, Theodotos walked down the marble steps to the balcony. Outside, Theodotos could see soldiers beginning night watch, the lights being put out, people sleeping for a new day’s work, the Sun setting across the mountains. His beautiful lands would not fall to some pompous, self-important Greeks who knew nothing of this lands toil. Theodotos leaned out, looking down at the gardens. He himself was Greek, Theodotos reflected, but unlike others, he understood this land, the people who lived under his rule. They were hardy. Strong willed. They had every right to be free from these Seleucids. Below Theodotos, his first born son, Diodotos was busying himself. Preparing all the clerks and retinue. He would soon go on a campaign. North. Naturally the Seleucids were to thinly stretched to defend themselves, yet again they called for assistance. Carrying an army of over a thousand, it was no minor incursion. Barbarians from the steppes again threatened the fragile peace in Margiane. The feast was to wish luck on Diodotos and bring victory that, God’s willing, will be given to this force. Despite the relative peace, Theodotos knew that the Seleucids could not be trusted. They have the mind of a snake and a strike to match. No army in the East could field a larger force than the Seleucids. However this great snake has weaknesses.
    Weaknesses that Theodotos would soon take advantage of.

    NOTE: While it's not much, I hope that you will stay with me for the first chapter that will be on soon.
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    yes, do it. I like the writing. Been thinking bout getin back into a campaign myself.


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