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    Default Tips For Bribing

    Here is a big article about bribing in modern times: Funny enough, Europa Barbarorum is mentioned on the first page of the essay. Who would've thought.

    Why would I write about on this subject? I've experimented quite a lot with bribery in the game -example(, as I find this role-playing part of the game really really entertaining. *Thanks EB team!*


    1. "add_money 40000" is your best friend. It's the fastest way to get the money and you don't have to keep and stack up money and get all those bad traits for generals that come with having a big treasury. 1.500.000 mnai should be the magic sum that would get you any general. Also, do note that if you have a smaller empire, it is cheaper to bribe them.

    2. Force diplomacy mod is your second best friend in this. After you bribe, do give the surplus money back to whatever faction you have close by an diplomat in exchange of attacking another faction. It always works.

    3. If, like me, are fond of a particular faction, make so that they have more towns than generals. Do this by give region. Also your second best friend would come in handy in here. If their towns are much more than their generals, young generals will just spawn in their regions each turn (legit!) - works easier for small factions that you can see all their regions with a couple of spies.

    4. Bribing Eleutheroi generals is always the cheapest. Why? Because the sum is based on their attributes + retinue. But they miss the ethnicity trait that you might be able to add and I am not able to add as I don't know how. Some Ethnicities are more expensive than others. A Hellen or Gens Octavia would always be more expansive that the Stonehenge builder ethnicity ( the only good thing of that ethnicity is that they built Stonehenge, but they can't built more Stonehenges).

    aa... what should I add? yes 5. Be on the watch-out with spies near the enemy cities. Usually they either get a 16 years old general(without the loyality/selfisness/optimisticity^_^ trait, fact that makes them less expensive) or they leave only him in the city, which would make the city easy to bribe (not much roleplaying with city bribing thou')

    6.If you are lucky you will find an army with more than one general in it. Here it get's blurry but interesting. If you bribe that army only the main general will appear in your family tree and will count in the city/generals ratio) the second, third, etc. will have wives, kids, but they will in turn don't appear in the family tree.

    7.Some Eleutheroi FM like the one is Syracuse or on the southern tip of Italy can be bribed but they will die next turn. It might be because they have the Biography trait, or it might be all of the starting Eleutheroi die. Those do for certain, anyways.

    If I've missed anything that you might like to add, or something comes into my mind later let's just add here.
    Enjoy this really nice part of EB, the bribes
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