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    Before I begin, I just wanted to know if anyone was going to read this. The problem is, I'm very busy right now, but I've already written the first part. Please show your support for this AAR and I assure you it will begin.

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    Wealth. That was the one thing that the Qarthadastim had over her enemies. The coffers of Karth-Hadast were full to the brim. But now, these coffers were being used for something else besides constant construction. The Qarthadastim empire stretched from the far away settlement of Lepki, to the medium sized city of Gader in Iberia. This would be the beginning of a new age, one in which only one group could dominate. The only enemy of Karth-Hadast at the moment are the Epeirotes of Pyrrhos. the fool had attempted to attack Syracuse, forcing Karth-Hadast to declare war on the Epeirotes. However, the "Sons of Mars" would turn on the Empire whenever they felt fit. A few months ago, a unit of elephants had arrived in Lilibeo. the citizens delight turned to shock and resentment as they realized how much the elephants ate.

    Hamalcar was pacing in his chamber. Lilibeo was a beautiful city. Originally born in this city, he had been born to a Syrakousan refuge and a Phoenician lord. Soon, that lord had become the Sophet, and had chosen Hamalcar as his protege. At this moment, Hamalcar was considered the best military strategist of Karth-Hadast. Not because of his military prowess, but because of his soldiers confidence in him. He was an influential man who could sway the opinions of most people. And now he was finally getting ready to command the greatest army Carthage had ever seen. 1188 Men formed the first grand army, with Hamalcar at the lead. 39 elite Sacred band guards for Hamalcar were arranged. In time, that number may rise. And now, the full might of Karth-Hadast, the ancient city of prosperity, would fall upon the might of the Res Publica, as for the first time, a Qarthadastim army was marching into the territory around Messene. A direct violation of the earlier treaty with Rome. Hamalcar however, felt no fear. Only pride, to know that he was marching to glory, not only for his Country, but for himself as well. With the march on Messene, the two superpowers would engage in a bitter struggle.

    However, what Hamalcar knew was already outdated. Secretly, the roman senate had already met. the reason, Messene. the Mammertines in the city had requested the help of Rome. the armies of the Qarthadastim had marched to the outskirts of the city. With Italy still unsecure, the possibility of a Carthaginian invasion terrified the senate. the Consul at the moment was Cnaeus Cornelius Blasio. "Men of Rome! We have recently defeated the great Pyrrhos. He has marched back to Epirus, where we hope he shall stay till the end of his days. However, our allies, the Karthadastim, have begun to take menacing steps towards us. they have marched on the Mammertines of Messene. What will stop them if they break through? Italy will be open. We will be at their mercy. We must secure the Southern pass into Sicily. Let us crush those rebels in Rhegion and keep Karthadastim out of Sicily. My son, Lucius Cornelius Scipio will lead the army."

    there was a huge roar of approval from the Hundred. the great Sophet Magos had just declared a set of laws. We will tolerate all Roman aggression in Italy. Hamalcar has strict orders not to engage any Roman armies unless provoked, or if he feels that his own life was in risk. After the incorporation of Sicily, Hamalcar will travel back to Kart-Hadast. After the mustering of better troops for him, he will go by boat to Iberia. to cope for our undermanned ships, he will disembark along the African coast, and then re embark after one season.
    -Unknown Carthaginian Scribe

    Forces in Iberia had grown thin. the two colonies there were in danger. the Lusotannan people in the North-West of Iberia have declared themselves the rulers of the land. With Pyrrhos the Eagle gone, nothing will stop us from incorporating Sicily and then Iberia. Our forces in Sicily are vast in number, but very poorly trained. We need a stronger army to take and hold Iberia, probably one supplemented by Iberians. Gaul is luckily divided between two tribes. the rich and powerful Arverni and the popular Aedui. We recieve trade from the Aedui, but we would prefer if they continue to fight. Our men are probably the greatest in the world. While the tribes rely on great warriors, and the Romans rely on discipline and numbers, we rely on great, courageous men. Unfortunately, at this period in time, where our enemies grow strong, and our allies threaten us, our men are only brave out of desperation. Still, we have an ancient tradition of fine cavalry and elite infantry, who have kept Kart-Hadast safe since long before the founding of Rome.

    Magos, Sophet of Kart-Hadast looked out of his window. He had just declared that Karthadastim would not directly declare war on Rome. Even with the huge coffers of Karthadastim, the Romans had superior infantry. the power of Kart-Hadast was in her navy, not her army. However, his son was a great tactician, as well as a talented leader. He could only pray that Sicily would fall. If it didn't, then additional men and additional resources would have to be devoted to holding the city of Lilibeo. the army that Hamalcar had was weak, even though it had plenty of men. there were many Libyans, Liby-Phoenicians, and Iberians. Only the 40 men in the royal bodyguard of Hamalcar, him included, were from Kart-Hadast. But these men could change the outcome of the battle themselves. the elite sacred band guard, capable of destroying many a foe on horseback. He had heard that Hamalcar was very close to Messene. He also knew that they had requested Rome for help. the Greeks in Syracuse were being very Passive, refusing to march to Messenes aid. the large army of Hamalcar was camped almost outside Messene. It was almost already a seige.

    In the Balearic Isles, war couldn't have been farther. At the same time, all the people in the city were ready for war. the reason? these were the Balearic people, who had supplied Kart-Hadast with men for generations. their slingers and light infantry were top class. Rumor had gone around that Hamalcar would be arriving to recruit men in a few years. In the small Karth-Hadast colony, the people grew eager. Everyone began to train, knowing that they might be chosen for the Karthadastim army. those who didn't get chosen may not get chosen ever. It was rare that a Karthadastim general landed in the Balearic isles, especially a Sophets Protege.
    In Karali, war was definetely far away. People were peaceful. the small Kart-Hadast garrison did little to affect the daily lives in the settlements of Karali and Alalia.

    Outside Hamalcars camp, the alarm sounded. Hamalcar stirred in his bed. His trusted friend and advisor, Hasdrubal, woke him up. "An attack Sire! An attack from the Mammertines!" Usually the Cavalry slept near the inside of the camp, so they didn't die in a raid. A horse was of no use without a rider. However, at one point, the Sacred band had been forced to push two units of Caetrati to the edge of the camp to accommodate themselves. Now the Caetrati were under attack. Horns were sounding around the camp. Mammertines were rushing over the hill that bordered one edge of the camp. Hamalcar sounded the Royal horn, and the Sacred band guard assembled outside their tents. Hamalcar took a moment to speak to his men. "Our own men have fallen under attack! Obviously, the Mammertines expected you to be guarding the edges and not the Caetratii. Let us correct them! Run men! Run and fight for our friends!" the Sacred band took off, some without proper armor on, others with only nightclothes on. One carried the Xyston, the huge spear the Sacred band used, while others pulled out their Falcate swords. Hamalcar cried out, "For Carthage! For the Sophet! For Baal!" And then charged down to the battle, Hasdrubal not far behind. the battle turned bloody. the Caetratii had lost close to a hundred men. the remaining men from the two units numbered no more than 20. they pulled out daggers and charged the Mammertine infantry. One man threw a javelin to deadly effect, puncturing a soldiers armor. Hamalcar had been slowed down by a unit of Hoplites, and the Mammertines closed in on the last 20. they then retreated, having slain them all.

    Hamalcar sat with his head in his hands. 100 Caetrati had been lost. Exactly 100. the Sacred band had easily overwhelmed the hoplites. But the Mammertines had retreated. No man wanted to march out and chase them, and there were wounded to care for. the Carthaginian infantry had barely mobilized. "they must have thought they were slaughtering us, the Sacred band. In the dark, it would have seemed like that. If we hadn't changed the arrangement, then maybe they would have killed us. then you wouldn't have any guards." Hasdrubal reasoned. "true. I can't wait to see their faces when we arrive on the battlefield."

    Inside Messene, Ennychos, the Greek who ruled Messene, was shocked to see the Sacred band of Carthage standing outside the city. "You fool!" He screamed at Arios, the man who had attacked the Kart-Hadast camp the last night. "You said you killed them! Every one of them!" "I-I did sire! they must have been reborn!" Arios feebly protested. "Shut up Imbecile!" Ennychos roared at the cowering man. He turned to see the Men that Kart-Hadast had produced. Hg had to admit that they were a magnificent sight. His own Hippeis had almost always been the best cavalry on the Island, but these men were truly special. their Black, Iberian horses were juxtaposed by the shining armor that dressed them. the men themselves were a spectacle. Dressed in sturdy armor that no missile could hope to penetrate, and holding a huge lance with their shield strung on the side.

    Hamalcar knew that he needed more cavalry. His 40 strong sacred band were strong enough to dominate the cavalry battles in Sicily, but in Iberia, other cavalry would contest him, and he would have to be cautious. About 10 years ago, he had seen the might of the Romans. It had been a national parade, the first in 100 years. to forge an alliance, the Romans had sent their best men to parade as well, while a man called Manius Dentatus talked to Magos. He had been only 12 at that time, and had quickly gotten bored of the continous line of Hastati and Principes, all dressed in white linen. But then, he stood up and looked at the next wave of Romans marching proudly. Even Magos stopped talking and looked at them. triarii. Wearing bronze cuirasses and sporting shields with the terrible face of Medusa, they showed that Rome was not one to be messed with. the alliance was sealed on that day.

    Magos now stood looking at the great temple complex of Baal. Inside the triple walls of Karth-Hadast, he couldn't have been farther from the action taking place in Sicily. However, he could make sure his son had a better chance. He knew that his son had recruited a unit of experienced Samnite Mercenaries, but he still had very little melee cavalry. So he did something no Sophet had done in a long time. He raised a unit of citizen cavalry. While these men were hard to get, and not cheap, he knew it was necessary. they would give Hamalcar a good chance. they had a strong charge, and fine horses. He also raised a unit of Liby-Phoenician cavalry. these men were also strong, stronger than the Citizen cavalry for sure. these two units would give Hamalcar a good chance. Meanwhile, a client ruler was established in the Balearic isles, so that there would be plenty of troops to flock to the man.

    However, the situation had gotten worse in Sicily. While Hamalcar had not directly been attacked, something almost as bad had happened. Roman help for Messene had arrived. "Damn it!" Hamalcar screamed. "We were so close!" "Your right sir, we cannot stand and fight this army. However, Messene will fall within the season." Hasdrubal consoled Hamalcar. "Are you sure? I hope so." Hamalcar replied, skeptical. "We have been seiging them for a year sir." Hamalcar looked away. Now there were only two options. Stay in Messene, or outside Messene, ready to defend if the army turned West. Right now, only one person could stop the two superpowers from war. Pyrrhos of Epeiros.

    Pyrrhos still had some power in Italy. He had managed to keep the city of taras in the south of Italy under his control. If he caused a distraction, then Lucius Cornelius Scipio would be forced to turn back, and Hamalcar could subdue Syracuse as well.

    Magos called for an assembly. "Rome has marched the First Legion to the city of Rhegion, under the command of tribune Lucius Cornelius Scipio. While this city is still in their boundary, it is also extremely close to Messene, where Hamalcar is located. Rome's legion cannot be ignored, and even though this is most likely just the Romans dealing with traitors, we cannot afford to be caught off guard. If provoked, if the Roman legion crosses the boundary between Sicily and Italy, then we will officially declare war against the Senate and People of Rome. And may the gods be with us." the Hundred sat in tense silence for a moment, then began to clap. then one of the senators spoke out.
    "War with Rome? this will ruin us! How will we stop their legions? How will we hold Iberia? How will we expand and hold? Answer me!"
    Another senator called out, "From where could we attack? the South of Italy is heavily guarded, especially with the First legion down there."
    Magos called for order. "Whether this will ruin us, or whether an attack on Sicily when Hamalcar is in Iberia will ruin us, I shall let you decide. I trust Hasdrubal in Iberia to hold out long enough for Hamalcar to arrive. If not, we could levy an army in Iberia itself to expand. As to the other question, we have two choices. First, we could march our army straight into Italy from Sicily without provocation. that would allow the Syracusans to grow stronger, and we would have to face the first legion. Even if Megas Alexandros himself fought for us, we would not win that battle, not without heavy losses. So our army would be devastated. Rome can raise legions in the matter of weeks. It would take years for us to bring another army from this great city. However, all is not lost. the reason I wanted Hamalcar in Iberia is not because I wanted to secure the area. It is because I wanted to open a new front against Rome, if needed. If Rome marches on us, we will hold them in Sicily, while Hamalcar and Hasdrubal will march upon North Italy through the Alps. I am confident of success. Like I said, the strategies are in place. All we need is the gods favor."

    A party was organized in Messene. Even though there was very little food, a feast was organized. the reckless move was made by Ennychos, who was jubilant at the arrival of the Romans. He had been ready to march out himself and face them, until the Romans had arrived. true they had not already helped them, but surely it would be soon, "Ah, Arios! Reinforcements! Let's see how those overly polished "Sacred band" stand up against the Romans!" Arios only nodded, smiling. "He was smart, and knew that the Romans wouldn't arrive in time. He had already prepared to join Kart-Hadast after the death of Ennychos. the Kart-Hadast would be coming into the city at any time, and he would be there to welcome them.

    the first legion left as quickly as it had arrived, breaking the seige of Rhegion. they moved East to encompass taras first. Ennychos, now frightened at the idea of facing the Karthadastim army, marched out, to death or glory.

    Magos had arrived for a brief visit, to make sure all was well and give Hamalcar some advice. However, when Ennychos sallied forth, all the men requested him to command the army. He heeded their advice, and marched against Ennychos. Mago commanded 1099 men, while Ennychos had 600.

    the battle began as the hoplites of Ennychos charged out of the gates, as well as the Lucanian Light Infantry. Magos charged around, blowing his horn, signaling the troops to their positions. He put the Liby-Phoenicians in the center, the Iberians on the left, and the Libyan spearmen on the right. He himself lined up his cavalry on the left side. the first unit of light infantry hit the Liby-Phoenicians to the right of the line. One unit of Libyan spearmen threw some javelins as another unit of Libyans charged them in their left flank. More units joined the battle, with two units of Hoplites facing the Liby-Phoenicians who were not fighting. the Caetrati came in to play now, flanking the Hoplites with ease. the Equites Caetrati began to shower Ennychos' Hippeis, and he pursued them. the other unit of Caetrati dragged the tarentine Elite Cavalry away from the battle. Now, as even more men poured out of the gates, Magos charged into the enemy rear. One by one the Carthagian cavalry charged the Hoplites. their charges were beginning to make an impact, when Magos and Hamalcar charged in. the enemy broke, but fought to the death. that gave the Skirmishers enough time to try and hold the gates from the wave of Liby-Phoenicians that charged in. However, the men broke through, and all resistance was swept away. At this moment, the two exhausted Equites Caetrati units were routed, and the Hippeis of Ennychos as well as the tarentines began to charge towards the center.

    At the same time, the Liby-Phoenicians had broken into the town square, and the Caetrati Infantry flanked the defenders. the battle seemed to be over, but Ennychos charged in with his Hippeis. If there was a rout here, Magos was sure it would spread. So he rallied his guard, and ran to block of the tarentines and flank Ennychos. the tarentines offered no match to the Sacred band, and they soon retreated, to help Ennychos. Before Magos could charge in, Ennychos was killed. Magos surrounded the remaining men, and killed them all. Not a single one of Magos' guard had fallen. the tally of dead was very much in Karthadastims favor. 600 Greeks slaughtered, at the loss of 189 Men. the population was expelled, and the remainder was allowed to live in peace, under an Italian Client Ruler. this left Hamalcar free to march on Syrakousai.

    At this time, a huge seige occurred. Hamalcar did not wish to tempt fate and attack the Syracusans, because of the huge walls surrounding the city. So he waited. He waited for two years, and finally, when it seemed the men would starve to death, the Syracusans surrendered. the population was enslaved, and was made a new colony. the first legion at this time has ejected Epirus from its holdings in taras, and has begun to gather near Arpi. After 3 years of Campaigning, Hamalcar finally went back to Kart-Hadast, a celebrated hero. there he walked into his fathers open arms. there was a huge feast and celebration, in which Magos discussed the plans of a new army, to conquer Iberia. Hamalcars old army was left in Sicily to defend against any Romani attacks, if they chose to betray Magos. this new army would have a unit of stone projectors to break down any walls that stood in the way. It would have two units of Balearic light infantry, as well as two units of Balearic slingers, recruited from Bocchoris. It would have 4 units of elite Liby-Phoenicians, and two more cavalry units. One citizen cavalry unit, the guards of Hamalcar and Hasdrubal, and two Iberian Curisii. 4 units of Liby-Phoenicians would add to that number.

    this army was formed, and transported in a unique way. the Balearic Infantry and slingers were attacked by pirates. thankfully, Admiral thero, a great seaman, save them, and they arrived on schedule and safely. to march all the way till Iberia would take forever with the Stone projectors. So, they were transported by ship till the end of the season, when they disembarked and joined the main army marching by land. this way they grouped together near the end of the Carthaginian border, where the territory grew wild and dangerous armies were everywhere. Here, the Admiral took the entire army across to Iberia. they landed near the city of Mastia. In this time, Iberia had grown rich, and the two cities, Gader and Mastia, had grown wealthy through mines. While Gader was currently governed by Hasdrubal, Mastia was ruled by a lesser Celtic King.

    the allies of Carthage, the Lusotannan tribe, had grown into a huge threat. Without them, Iberia would be completely taken. they had gathered their armies around the city of Sucum-Murgi. there would be an epic battle soon, between the great Karthadastim Empire, and the resourceful tribe of Lusotannan.

    Here, I have chosen to include the journal of an Liby-Phoenician who embarked in this voyage. It is a testament to how simple yet how complicated a common mans life can be. Here it is.

    today is the day we begin our journey from Kart-Hadast. Our destination is Sicilia. Our general, wise and noble, has informed us that it will only take a season to get there by boat. I do not care. My grandfather had served for 30 years onboard a Phoenician ship. His blood flows through me, and I am almost completely impervious to sea-sick, that many a soldier encounters.

    I am a soldier in a unit of Liby-Phoenicians, who are being sent from Africa to aid Hamalcar in Sicily. We number around 160, divided into two units of 80 men. Soon we shall leave our barracks in Kart-Hadast, which are larger than most barracks, or so I have heard. While in the city, I have many times come in contact with the Sophet, Magos. While I was not in direct contact, I observed that he was not a man of battle. Soon we shall be leaving, I must stop now.

    We have recently arrived in the city of Lilibeo. the residents had not been expecting 200 plus men, but they struggled to make accommodations. the first season we spent in the ships. When I was wandering around the city, I happened to see Hamalcar. He was walking like a nobleman, along with his Sacred band. I didn't say anything, just watched. Soon, we were assigned Barracks. However, we were forced to wait two more seasons until some more cavalry arrived. We marched out by Spring of 271 BC. More than a thousand strong, we marched proud and strong. We reached Messene within the Year, and began the long seige. It has been going on for 1 year now. there is tension among the soldiers. Magos has recently arrived here, which is extremely rare. the Sophet almost never left Kart-Hadast. Many men said that the Mammertines would give up without a fight. Many more said Ennychos would give one last fight. Magos will leave within the summer, if the seas are calm.

    today was a glorious day. Magos was delayed by the Mammertines sallying forth. We had been in charge of one of the battering rams. We had been in our camps, not on duty. We had rushed to change into our proper armor. While Magos was readying himself, Hamakcar barked orders. "Make a line! Liby-Phoenicians! Center! Libyans to the left! Iberians to the Right!" I turned to see that we were indeed organized by race. Since we were more capable than the other men, we would hold the center. the others would flank the defenders. I cried out, "For the Sophet! For Karthadastim!" and ran to where our banner was flying. I was one of the first there. "Sir! Your helmet!" Our captain just smiled. "No need for that soldier. Just point me towards the enemy." I saw the hoplites coming out of the gates. By then, most of our unit had arrived. By the time the Hoplites came close, we were fully arranged. "Spears up!" Yelled our commander. We held our spears overhand above our shields. then the clash. I had never realized how quiet it would be. At first, the din of 80 men rushing towards you, yelling like madmen is deafening. then, they stop screaming for the last yard. Everyone draws a breath, and the enemy clashes. their charge was immensely powerful. I was in the third row in a unit of unengaged Liby-Phoenicians, and I felt the shock. Hamalcar roared above the din of the battle. "Unit! Charge!" We obeyed without question, charging the backs of the hoplites, ready to help our comrades. I was sure that at any second, a unit of Hoplites would charge us from behind. A charge from the front was terrible, a charge from the back would be devastating. I realized the hoplites weren it engaging. I saw Magos desperately trying to hold off the Hoplites. I witnessed the Iberian cavalry lead Ennychos and his horses away. Hamalcar tried to stay out of the battle and order us. Suddenly, a unit of hoplites was about to engage our flank. I couldn't turn around, pressed in by the other men. I could only brace for impact. Suddenly, a voice called out over the battle. "Charge! Charge for Ba'al and the crescent moon!" Hamalcar had ordered the Liby-Phoenicians at our left to charge the enemy. they managed to hold them, and Hamalcar delivered a crushing charge. Magos mopped put he remaining Greeks, and we advanced into the city.

    In the city, we led the attack with Magos behind us. Slowly we marched, until we were face to face with the enemy. the bulk of the army had stayed back so that they wouldn't crowd the streets. We were trusted with holding the vanguard. We attacked the defenders in the center. Magos continued to encourage us, and we were winning. I didn't even hear the hooves, busy making my 7th kill. Ennychos himself had charged forth with his Hippeis. From nowehere he had appeared. At the same time, Magos dissappeared form behind us. I concentrated on the horsemen, until Magos' guard charged Ennychos. I saw one of the Sacred band kill Ennychos, and it was all over.

    We spent 6 months in Messene, and then we marched straight to Syrakousai. Syracuse had huge walls. While these walls were dwarfed by those at Kart-Hadast, they were too big to knock down with simple battering rams. Hamalcar had finally decided that we would wait out the defenders. Finally, now, after two years, we entered the city. the starved people were shown no mercy. Hamalcar was furious at having to stall his Iberian campaign. the people of Syracuse were enslaved. Almost 8000 people were taken away as slaves.

    Once Syrakousai was taken, we were sent to serve in Messene. It was about a year later that we were disbanded. Our unit was sent back to Kart-Hadast. there, we were re enlisted as veteran soldiers, Elite Liby-Phoenician infantry. I was given an ax, along with everyone in the unit. Everyone decorated theirs, but I kept mine plain. My ax would be a steady companion, not an over decorated meat cutter. Soon we were shipped to Iberia, after a long march of 2 years in the desert.

    Here ends the Liby-Phoenicians record. He is still alive now, in Iberia, but this is as far as he has gone with his journal.

    Hamalcar strode around his men. the news was good everywhere in Karthadastim territory, and he expected the soldiers to be in good spirits. Hasdrubal was discussing tactics with Hasdrubal, friend of Hamalcar. It was an amusing coincidence. However, all of a sudden, Hamalcar was broken out of his good mood. A Karthadastim spy had just arrived. "My lord! Great Hamalcar the Wise and glorious! Conqueror of Syra-". "Just tell me the news." Hamalcar interrupted. the disgruntled spy spoke. "Sire, the armies we have been tracking have dissappeared!" "Dissapeared? What do you mean? Men do not vanish into air!" "Yes sire, but they have not Dissapeared into air. they have vanished into the trees. the forest around Sucum-Murgi are surely infested with them." "Surely? What do you mean surely? What are you not telling me?" Hamalcar demanded, getting more and more anxious. "Sire, I have recieved word of a trap. Once we crossed the first bridge between Gader and Sucum-Murgi, Lusottanan units began to dissappear intot he forest. Now the entire army has hidden. they may be waiting near the mouth of the second bridge." Hamalcar pondered over this news. He thanked the spy, then marched back towards the camp where the two Hasdrubals were talking. "Hasdrubal! Brother! there is news..."

    Magos had been overseeing the construction of the greatest Military building he had ever seen. there, in front of him, finally finished, was the Miltary Barracks of Kart-Hadast. It was not just a barracks. It had a Storage facility, stable and armory. this was the pinnacle of Karthadastim military technology. Almost an Acre of ground in the city! He had never expected to see it finished. However, in this triumph of Carthage, there was also bad news. Nearly 2000 men in Iberia had vanished. Dissapeared. And while these men were petty pushovers in the open, in the forte they were kings. Lusottanan. Skirmishers, ambushes, slingers, all led by a petty war chief were trying to stop Magos' two children.

    Lucius Cornelius Scipio stepped out of the tent, a sad look on his face. Manius Curius Dentatus was dead. "the first legion will stay in Italy. these are the last wishes of Dentatus." Inside he wept. Not only for his deceased father, but also for his crushed dreams. Karthadastim would be safe. they had mocked Rome by withdrawing their army, almost taunting Rome, as if to say, "You are not a threat. We can crush you anytime we want." But Rome would not watch. Oh no. While they gloated and grew fat, Rome would strike where it would hurt the most.

    Hasdrubal in Iberia was left at a crossroads. He could march on Baikor or Sucum Murgi. After a long discussion, he chose to assault Sucum-Murgi, breaking the long standing alliance between the Lusottan and the Karthadastim. Hasdrubal immediately assaulted the city, using his stone projectors to break down the walls. the gates were already opened by a spy. He rushed his Elite Liby-Phoenicians to the gates, and his Balearic light infantry to a wall opening. the Elites charged into the Velites with their axes at the ready. they charged into them and began to hack a path through them. the Balearic infantry timed their charge perfectly, when the Captains unit charged into the fray, they flanked them easily. However, the Velites refused to fight them, but instead peppered them with javelins, killing many. the cavalry came rushing into the city, and held a position behind the two sides of the battle. Suddenly, they charged with fury, destroying the enemy captains unit and killing him. they defeated the entire enemy army. the Liby-Phoenicians arrived in the city, and lined up behind the Elites. the Balearic light infantry held a position near the entrance. the elites hacked through the last unit of Velites, and the city was taken. Hasdrubal showed no mercy. He expelled as many as he could, and the rest were forced to submit. He marched quickly to Baikor. Now that Karthadastim had made an assault and had openly declared war, the tribes of Iberia would once again rejoin to hold them off.

    Hasdrubal was force to stay outside the gates of Baikor. He had lost many more men than he should have, and now he was reluctant to fight the Iberians in the city. A spy made sure no enemy armies gathered near by unnoticed, while Hasdrubal waited. He waited for 6 months, untill he knew he couldn't delay. However, suddenly, out of nowhere, an army attacked him. It was not large, but it was scary that they had escaped the notice of the spy. the battle commenced imediately. Ambon Lusotanakum sallied forth from Baikor to help.

    Hasdrubal turned to the first army. Hasdrubal chuckled as he saw the lightly armored Lusottans. "Fire!" He ordered his Balearic slingers. they released their volley of stones. Hasdrubals smile faded as he saw that only three had fallen. "Fire!" He yelled again. this time, only one fell. He realized what was happening. the winds had turned, so that the slingers bullets were ineffective. Iberias wind was not as bad as wind in the land of Sicily, but the lose formations of the Iberians made the few bullets that made it that far ineffective. He realized he would need arrows. But with no time for that, he ordered his men to charge. the cavalry charged to the other side of the battle while the two infantry sides clashed. the Lusottans fought like heros. they knew that their families were in Baikor, and that they had to protect them with their lives. the Liby-Phoenicians panicked. the Sicilians had fought in neat, organized rows, and if one man fell, another came into the gap. Here, 5 or 6 were coming into the gap. they were being overwhelmed. Suddenly, the Elite Liby-Phoenicians stepped in. they calmly pulled out their axes and began to hold off, and even gain ground on the Iberians. the Balearic infantry attacked the rearguard of skirmishers. Suddenly, the cavalry charged into the right flank, and the Lusottanan army routed. their captain was cut down by a sacred band. Hamalcar ordered the army to turn around, taking over command in that crucial moment. He then chased the remaining Lusottans down.

    Hasdrubal faced the other army. He ordered his men not to move an inch, until he said so. His Liby Phoenicians held the line, with the elites behind them. He ordered his Balearic infantry to follow the cavalry. When the Lussotans came close enough, the Ambakaro Epones that guarded Ambon broke off to the left. the Karthadastim Cavalry imediately went into action.

    In that moment, Hasdrubals plan became clear. the cavalry attacked Ambon, making sure he didn't move. the Lusottan army charged heedlessly into the Liby-Phoenicians. the Balearic infantry attacked the skirmishers holding the rear. the cavalry soon managed to cut down Ambon and his guard. However, they took hard losses. 6 sacred band and many Iberian cavalrymen were lost. the Sacred band immediately turned around and charged the Caetratii at the right flank of the Lusottans. they broke, and the rest of the cavalry crushed the Lusottanan army in a vice. the Liby-Phoenician cavalry sent the rest of the Lusottans to their ancestors. 896 Iberians and 90 Carthaginians lay on the field.

    Baikor was taken with little resistance. However, bad news reached Hasdrubals and Hamalcars ears. the two next targets of Karthadast were extremely well defended. ArsÚ, from where the army that attacked Hasdrubal had come from, was completely filled with troops. Although many of them were skirmishers, it would be hard to take. However, the capital of the Lusottans, Oxtraca, was guarded by the Ambakaro. these men were the foot soldiers who could rival the Elite Liby- Phoenicians. While there were much fewer troops in Oxtraca, Hasdrubal marched to ArsÚ. the next few years turned out to be the most difficult.

    A scout ran into Hasdrubals chambers. He began to look around, when he felt a blade at his neck. "Speak quickly if you want to live." Said Hamalcar. Hasdrubal came out of his chamber. "Sire! We have walked into a trap! Cheiftain Belsu Illiturgocoi has gathered a large army of Levies. they outnumber us by a 150 men! Maybe more!" Hasdrubal glanced at his brother, then ran outside. Hamalcar put on his armor and brought our Hasdrubals.

    Belsu Illiturgocoi had set out from Numantia with his men. He had wanted to bolster the defenses of ArsÚ. However, his scouts had reported the war between Karthadastim and Lusottana, and he had jumped in. Remnants of an army destroyed by Hasdrubal had brought grim news. "the Grand army has been lost! We are being picked apart!" One man had said. "What about Ambon?" the soldiers eyes were empty. "He has been killed." Belsu now stood with his men, facing the Karthadastim. His soldiers were fearless, levies, yet fearless. All of Iberia would have to rise to defeat these invaders, including the people of Numantia. He yelled out to his men. "Rabo!" the cry was picked up by the Iberians and they marched slowly, then quickly towards their enemy.

    Hasdrubal waited till the enemy was close enough, then ordered his artillery to fire. they did little damage, and the slingers fared better. the charge was sounded, and the Lusottans charged into their foes, fearless and brave. One unit of Elite Liby Phoenicians charged first to stop a flanking attack. the Lussotan line was larger than the Karthadastim one. the Liby-Phoenicians took the brunt of the attack. Amazingly, the Lusottans were pushing through them. the Elites charged in to fill the gap, and the line stabilized. the Cavalry had been hidden in the forest fall this time, but now they came thundering out, like a steppe horde they swarmed the left flank of the Lusottans. the Iberian militia that were holding the Lusottan line had never seen horsemen as strong as the sacred band. With one charge, half the Lusotann army was gone. Soon, a major rout occurred. Belsu watched as his army disitegrated. In tears, he turned around, and retreated. 62 Carthaginians had died. 62 men for 1237. Iberia was lost, Belsu thought.

    But the Roman senate was unhappy. Karthadastim was spreading like a plague into Iberia. No one seemed to be able to stop them. However, Kart-Hadast itself was close enough for attack. With the dreaded Hamalcar and his brother in Iberia, nothing could stop the Romans from ending Karthadastim in Sicily and Africa. the Senate sent out orders to their fleet. the war had begun.

    All over the Mare Nostrum, roman fleets blockaded Karthadastim ports. With the navy currently weak, Mago had no choie but to allow them to stop trade. the first Legion turned around, looking more formidable than ever. However, tabnit Appolonia, the governor of Messene, took it upon himself to defend Kartadastim. He marched with the garrison of Messene to Rhegion, and got ready to take the city. Half of the first legion, led by Captain Cnaeus helped Lucius Cornelius Scipio in defending the city. While this second half of the legion was made up mostly of allied troops, two Socii of Pedites Extraordinarii and two units of battle hardened triarii were in there as well. this reserve force was backed up by 50 men in the form of Lucius' bodyguard.

    the battle began fairly simply. the Karthadastim line was attacked by Roarii on the left flank. the Samnite Mercenaries over there held superbly, giving a good account of themselves. However, while the Karthadastim had superior archers, the Romans had many skirmishers. these men proved to be a pain to tabnit. they were in loose formation, so arrows were nearly inneffective on them. His own cavalry was not strong enough to take them all down. thankfully, the javelin ears ran out of missiles soon, and the Romans led a full up charge. the roman infantry immediately proved to be a force to be reckoned with. the Pedites and triarii cut deep, slashing and stabbing with no regard for their own safety. Hoplites fell left and right, unable to stop the onslaught. However, tabnit had one advantage. He had a unit of Makedonian phalangites. While they were not a formidable force on their own, the Romans had never encountered them in battle. they were as alien as elephants to them. the phalanx began to move. 122 men in perfect formation came in from the right flank. Many of the other roman soldiers just stood and stared at the behemoth coming towards them. Only the elites kept their cool. While the phalanx was strong, it was not strong enough to defeat the Pedites Extroardinarii, who were the main threat on the right flank. Suddenly, a new threat appeared. the Camillian cavalry of Captain Cnaeus bore down on huge Cretan archers. While tabnit ran in to intercept, the Cavalry hit home. Nearly 10 men flew into the air, and soon panic spread. the Cretans kept their cool though, and along with tabnit, they pushed back the captain. the brunt of the force that had followed Captain Cnaeus was being held by the Samnites. Cnaeus Cornelius Scipio charged into two units of hoplites. One unit took the charge, and another surrounded his guard. Cnaeus was trapped! the bitter battle was at its peak at this moment. Captain Cnaeus was losing ground and men to tabnit and the Cretans. the Pedites were pushing deep into the hoplites, who were confused and were running around like fools. the triarii had pushed in so deep, that their front, left and right were blocked by Hoplites.

    Suddenly the phalanx appeared. the triarii had forgotten this monstrosity, until it was in front of them. While it seemed the triarii were winning, the Phalanx was flattening anything within its reach. With its flanks secure, it was unstoppable. One unit of triarii was left fighting on the right flank. the other units was fighting with the Pedites. tabnit went around them and threw javelins in their backs. Not one faltered. However, tabnit pulled back and charged into their rears, and this time they faltered. they were looking for an exit, but there was none! Cavalry behind them, they had dug too far into Karthadastim Lines. the unit of triarii fell between the phalanx and the cavalry.

    the second unit was holding out well, having lost only ten men. tabnit turned for another charge, but was blocked by some infantry. He slowed his horse, and a unit of Hoplites came running to help him. two units of Hoplites had already routed. the last few were holding off this group of men. During this time, one unit of Hoplites had Lucius trapped. His guard gone, he ordered some hoplite levies to save his hide. However, another unit of Hoplites arrived, and the levies were cut down.

    In the center, tabnit delivered a crushing charge, that finally surrounded the Romans. A unit of hoplites charged into the center, when tabnit retreated. the last few units were dealt with easily. 689 Romans had died at the cost of 388 Karthadastim. the bloodiest battle Karthasdastim had ever seen, and the closest one too. this halted tabnits progress, although Rhegion was taken. But there was a dark twist to this close victory. tabnit considered himself a hero, and began to take up various titles that he was not fit to hold. He was deemed an impostor. A general was needed to replace him. But who? the answer was given almost imediately. Hamalcar the Second had just grown of age. He had no duties in Africa, and the aging Mago sent him to Italy, along with something no general had ever had before. He called upon the Sacred band, a unit of dedicated Infantry that were capable of destroying almost anything they saw. With this blessing, Hamalcar set out to Italy, for conquest or failure......

    Hasdrubal began to wait outside the gates of ArsÚ, in a long siege. During that time, the twin towns of Baikro and Sucum-Murgi were successfully defended, and reinforcements from Mastia and Gader stabilized the region. However, the Seige of ArsÚ was about to turn into the bloodiest conflict in the Iberian Campaign.

    the Iberians at first looked like they were ready to sally. However, they took a long time organizing themselves, so Hasdrubal ordered his Projectors at the walls. He took down the walls and towers, but made no move to enter, hoping that the Lusottans would hurry up. However, they considered this a serious threat, and moved their entire army near the breach. Hasdrubal quickly decided that he would have to break through the defenders before the entire army arrived. Belsu had arrived once more, ready to defend ArsÚ with his life. the Liby- Phoenicians charged in. One unit held the left side, until a unit of elite Liby-Pheonicians joined the fight and held the right side. the elite men pushed into the skirmishers, even as more and more Karthadastei poured in. these men that came in fought on the other side, pushing at the right side of the breach. the Elites were confident in victory, until Belsu ordered more and more light infantry towards them. Now the Elites were losing ground. the Balearic Light Infantry charged forward to hold off the tide of Lusottans. the men on the other side ides continued to push, and suddenly they broke through. Seeing this, Belsu ordered more and more men at them. He himself charged the Elites, and began to hack through them.

    Hasdrubal was shocked. Never had the Elites been pushed back. No one had that much strength. Yet now, with sheer numbers the Lusottans were overwhelming the best of Kart-Hadast. He ordered his Balearic infantry at them, but they simply turned and routed. the first unit to do so. He ordered his Scutarii mercenaries into the gap to stop a rout from happening. Luckily the rout was not contagious and the Liby-Phoenicians on the right flank broke through once again. this time there were no more men to send forward. A unit of Elites stayed to help the other elite unit, while the rest of the elites, along with the Liby-Phoenician hoplites, flanked the remaining men. Suddenly a massive rout ensued. the reason? Belsu Illiturgocoi had fallen. the Karthadastim cavalry suddenly charged into the city, chasing the routers. Hundreds fell while routing. Until they reached the town square. Until they turned around and fought like heros. Until Hasdrubal and Hamalcar were forced to leave the fight for their own safety. Until the Infantry came pouring in. Until then, the Lusottans held. But after an hour more of fighting, the last one fell. 4 surrendered. ArsÚ was taken! 1099 Lusottans at the cost of 372 Carthaginians. too many had fallen. the army was vulnerable for the first time. As with the other towns, the people in the city were expelled.

    Nearly at the same time, Hamalcars friend, Hasdrubal, was almost killed in an ambush. He barely managed to make it back to Baikor. In Italy, the Legion was furious. Not only had it lost the elite part of its men, it had also not been informed of the senate decision of war. Now they had no choice but to turn around and fight, leaving their fields unattended. the demoralized men came to the battlefield while marching slowly. Publius Cornelius Blasio, son of Cnaeus Cornelius Blasio, was with the second part of the army. the first army was no threat to Hamalcar. He simply turned his archers to face them, used his sacred band to fight and hold as many as he could, and gave them a pummeling with his own cavalry. the second army though, might pose a challenge. two units of triarii, straight from their homes were bearing down on the Karthadastim. Luckily, Hamalcar used his archers to deadly effect, and many Principes and Roarii fell. the triarii however, just kept coming. they attacked a unit of Hoplites, who were backed up by the Sacred band. the other unit of triarii was fighting the bulk of the hoplites along with whatever men the Leguon still had. Hamalcar used his cavalry to deadly effect, and one unit of triarii was finished. Now he dealt with the other, and the remaining men lost heart. 539 Romans had fallen, at the cost of 180 Karthadastim. Hamalcar marched straight to Capua, after he gathered some mercenaries. 12 Sacred band infantry had fallen.

    Here is a list of famous infantry and their roles so far.
    Liby-Phoenicians- there are three types of Liby-Phoenicians, but these are the most common. they are the standard men who fight in a hoplite formation. they fought well on many occasions, since they are used so widely. they were first used by Hamalcar during the Invasion of Sicily. they gave a good account of themselves during the Battle of Messene. they also fought well in Iberia, under Hasdrubal.
    Liby-Phoenician Cavalry- While it is easy to forget these Liby-Phoenicians, it would be foolish not to mention them. these men always played a passive cavalry role. Never really shining above others. Usually because they were used in groups, they had no individual role to play. they fought as one unit in Sicily. Later, that unit was disbanded, and formed into two units, along with chosen Liby-Phoenicians.

    Elite Liby-Phoenician Infantry- these are probably the most famous of the Liby-Phoenicians. they were used to great effect by Hadrusbal in Iberia, especially in the Battles of ArsÚ, Baikor, and Sucum-Murgi. these men carry axes for close combat and fight in standard hoplites formation.

    Balearic infantry and slingers- Hamalcar had not expected there to be so many Balearic slingers in Iberia, so he imported some from Bocchoris, along with some Light infantry. the light infantry fought very well, however, many times they found themselves outmatched in numbers, and in impossible positions. they fought mainly in Sucum-Murgi, after which, one unit stayed back to guard the ci, and the other moved ahead. One unit was not the same as two, even with the Scutarii Hasdrubal brought to help them out. In the Battle of Cowards, (Belsu) they were able to slip through a gap to flank the enemy. the first unit was eventually destroyed in battle trying to defend Sucum-Murgi. the second unit was lost during the battle of ArsÚ.

    Carthaginian Citizen Cavalry- these men played a minor role in a major area. they formed a steady melee cavalry that was not good on the charge, but added bulk to the cavalry force. they were present in Sicily, and the same unit was destroyed in the Battle of ArsÚ.

    Sacred Band- While the Sacred band infantry are relatively new on the field, the Cavalry has been there for the longest time. they have guarded Hamalcar, Hamalcar the second, Hasdrubal and all other generals and governors. they have been in almost every major battle, fighting smartly and well. they were severely depleted in the Battle of ArsÚ.

    Hasdrubal paced in front of Hamalcar. "You want to stop? Stay here? Negotiate a truce and turn to Italy?" Hamalcar sighed. "Listen brother. Our fighting had led to one thing. Economic salvation. We cannot throw that out of the window by fighting in two places at once." "But we're so close! Oxtraca must be their last stronghold." "Where will you get troops from? Our army had been depleted to 1/2 its size. Reinforcements from Kart-Hadast will come in one season. If we're lucky." Hasdrubal was silent. Suddenly he spoke out. "Iberia. We live in the home of strong infantry. We could recruit troops in Mastia and send them over to Baikor. Iberian cavalry! Iberian Scutarii! Our army would be half Iberian and Half Carthaginian." Hamalcar sighed once more. "You win brother. But after, and if we conquer Iberia, we will march on Rome." Hasdrubal shook his head. "Gaul is ripe for conquest. Especially with the two tribes fighting each other." Hamalcar got up. He leaned close to Hasdrubal. "My son is there, risking his life at the age of 17. I haven't seen him since he was born! I do not want to go back and find his body, you understand. After Iberia, Rome is next." Hasdrubal nodded. "then let's go."

    Word had reached the Karthadastim camp that Baikor was under attack. "A small army, no worries." Hasdrubal said smiling. It was amazing how confident he was. His army had been shattered. the Carthaginian Citizen cavalry was gone, the two units of Scurisii gone. His Balearic light infantry gone, one unit of elites and one unit of regular Liby-Phoenicians gone.

    In Italy, Hamalcar the second was facing a battle that he might lose. Caius Aurelius Cotta, along with 240 elite infantry were trying to hold off Hamalcars vicious push into the Italian Heartlands. the roman senate had been mad to declare war. A whole army was waiting in Sicily, while Italy was protected by an undermanned legion that had been divided into more than 5 parts.
    Mago slammed his fist onto the table in front of him. "Ha! Now those Romans are in trouble. Our mutual trust has Been broken. After we send reinforcements to Iberia, we can focus on destroying these Romans." "Sire!" A messenger cried out, running into the palace. "Speak man! Have something to drink." Mago ordered, his smile disappearing. Karthadastim messengers were told that getting to the palace was more important than how fast they came. Unless it was an emergency. "Sire!" the man began after a sip of wine. "the Ptolemaoi have declared our alliance finished. they have allied with the Lusottans!" Mago got up at once. He tossed a few coins and ordered the messenger to leave. "If the Ptolemaoi attack, we will be stretched too thin. Even our cities cannot afford for three armies. I must cancel the construction of Roads in Lepki! Let them wander in the desert for a few years. We will be informed of their movements." He left the room. He had not been speaking to anyone.

    Hamalcar the Second faced Publius Cornelius Blasio. He prayed to Baal. "Oh all-seeing one! Please assure me that only one of us will come out alive in this battle. Me or him." At the same time, Publius was praying too. "Lord Jupiter! Grant me your blessings so I can crush your and my enemies!" the sky rumbled. "See men! the gods favor us!" He yelled at the assorted men there. The battle began as the Romans advanced. The Samnites and Sacred band held the left flank, and the phalanx was on the right. The men marched against the Pedites Extraordinarii. However, a unit of cavalry, where the captain was located, calmly marched against them. The Sacred Band stopped. What was happening? Surely these cavalry men didn't expect to do what the Triarii of the first legion had failed? Surely they didn't want to defeat the Sacred Band? The Sacred Band captain, Bomilkar, requested Hamalcar to fire on the cavalry. Still the horses came, taking the stones in the face, but getting back up. Bomilkar turned to his men. "Charge!" He yelled. The sacred band, followed by 240 Samnite Milites clashed with the cavalry. The battle would be a quick one. The cavalry was massacred, and with the death of their captain, they fled. Bomilkar turned his men towards the unit of Pedites Extraordinarii. They charged them head on. 1 of them fell right there, the rest kept fighting. The elite of Karthadast matched with the elite of Italy. But Hamalcar had not forgotten his men. He went behind the Pedites and delivered a shattering charge. The rout was quick. Caius Aurelius Cotta came marching forward next. With him, the Triarii. The hoplites of Hamalcar charged Caius, who was marching forward slowly. They surrounded him, and began to cut down his guard. The Triarii fought the Samnites on one side, while the hoplites began to slaughter the horsemen of Cotta. Caius was killed, and the Triarii fled. The last remnant of the First legion was gone. Now the Roarii came forth. They were nowhere near as good as the other men, and they soon fell upon a hundred spears.

    With that battle, Hamalcar now had defeated the First Legion. An army of Levies rushed from Taras attacked him. He lost many men in the battle, but managed to gain control of Capua. Across the world, in Iberia, Hasdrubals army was almost caught in an ambush. Luckily, a Karthadastim scout warned Hamalcar, who steered the army clear. A large battle was fought near Sucum-Murgi. Hasdrubal marched to Oxtraca, taking it easily. However, controlling it was another thing.

    Hasdrubal stood at the balcony of what passed as a palace in this city. Hamalcar was seated behind him. "Look at these people! We have been in their city for a year now. With 1000 men who could slay them all at will. And still they keep up their spirit. Their loyalty. This didn't happen in the other cities." "This is their capital, brother." Hamalcar said lazily. He was sprawled on a mattress, writing his journal. Suddenly an eruption of noise was heard. Both the brothers jumped. Hamalcar, being the older one, pulled out his sword and advanced. However, Hasdrubal had always been the better swordsman. He followed. They waited near the door. Suddenly someone began to speak. "These are the Royal chambers! Nnnnoooone is allowed to pass!" He stuttered. A second later, a muffled thump was heard. The people outside began to hammer on the door. "The Lusitanians! They are fighting back!" Hasdrubal cried. "Where are our forces?" Hamalcar replied, in the same state of panic. In his hurry, he ran to the window, pulled out the Horn of the Crescent moon, and sent out the signal for help. Suddenly the Sacred Band came running out of where they had been staying, many with only swords. But the brothers' time was up. The doors buckled, then collapsed. A mob charged inside. Hasdrubal pushed Hamalcar aside and adopted a traditional Iberian battle stance. "Leave now and I'll spare you." He said, with absolute confidence. One of the men laughed. Soon everyone laughed. But abruptly they stopped. The man who had laughed came forward. "We did not come here because we valued our lives, Carthaginian." He said, and spat at Hasdrubal. All this had been in Lusitanian. Hasdrubal looked at the man. I have lived my whole life in Iberia. I have fought, lived and eaten as one of you. I have come here for a reason. While we may seem brutal to you, the Romans are worse. My friend, Hamalcar, had seen this with his own eyes. Do you know what they did to the people of Rhegion? Do you know?" Hasdrubal said, a fire in his eyes. He had made sure not to mention that Hamalcar was his brother. The man stepped forward. "We came here to kill two Carthaginians. We were mistaken. One of them is an Iberian. A man who has lived like us! We cannot touch a man born from Lusitania. However, that one is not from here." He said, pointing to Hamalcar. Hasdrubal turned and looked at him. Truly, Hamalcars skin was darker than his own, having spent more time in Africa than Hasdrubal. "You'll have to kill me to get to my brother." A steely glint had come into his eyes. Suddenly cries came out from people in the back. The Sacred band had arrived. The man stepped forward. "Please reconsider. We would rather have a Lusitanian than no one as our leader. He is not worth it. He is not one of us." Hasdrubal turned slowly, and looked at Hamalcar. He was terrified, but gave him a brave smile. Hasdrubal turned. "Fight me then." The man charged. The Lusitanians charged. They clashed with a loud roar from the Lusottans and a smaller yet ferocious cry from Hasdrubal. The battle was fantastic! Hasdrubal was ducking, dodging, parrying, slashing and stabbing the Lusitanians. Suddenly he was almost face to face with the Sacred Band. The man who had seemed to be the leader got up behind Hasdrubal. Hamalcar watched as time slowed down. He saw the man thrust the sword through Hasdrubals ribs. He saw Hasdrubal fall to his knees. Suddenly he was enraged. The man prepared for a killing blow. He charged at him, but the man fell, dead. Hasdrubal, Captain Hasdrubal had managed to kill him. "Leave us." He ordered to the Sacred Band. They shuffled out. The Captain knelt next to Hasdrubal, as Hamalcar wept bitterly. He wasn't even ashamed. Hasdrubal spoke weakly. "Conquer the rest of Iberia. Show them that a foreign ruler can do the same as a Lusitanian King. Do it. And please bury me in Beautiful Mastia." And with those words, the great Hasdrubal drew his last breath.

    Like a true brother, Hamalcar followed Hasdrubals procession. Tears failed to come to him. He had cried his heart out in Oxtraca. The ceremonial burning of Hasdrubals body still brought a fresh wave of tears. Hamalcar returned to Oxtraca, to set out on the task given to him by his younger brother. His great brother..... Magos was thunderstruck when he heard the news. Hasdrubal, Dead? He ordered the Punic fleet to take him to Mastia. However, symbolically, the year Hasdrubal died, the Punic "fleet" was sunk. Admiral Thero went down with his ship. Magos ordered a new ship built, but he was too late. The funeral was over. He chose to use the ship to transport the Sacred Band along with Xanthippos. Now I will go back and explain who this man is.

    The man from Sparta walked in with an air of dignity. He began to explain his tactics to Magos. Apparently he sympathized with the Karthadastim, and he had advice, in exchange for a position leading her armies. Magos ignored his tactics, for they were already in use by Hasdrubal in Iberia. "....and you must stick to the open ground...." Ha! Magos laughed in his head. There is nothing but forest in Lusitania. But he liked this man, and gave him control of 120 Sacred Band.

    And so Xanthippos arrived in Lusitania. At the same time, a new power rose once again in Italy. Since the struggle between Hamalcar and the First Legion, Rome and Carthage had been the two powers. Rome had superior cities, but Karthadastim had more forces. Suddenly Hamalcar turned around. He marched back to Rhegion, abandoning Capua. First, however, he razed almost all important buildings in the city. He allowed the Greek temples to stand proud, for a temple should never be desecrated. Then he left. The reason was clear soon.

    "Sir! Capua has been razed and abandoned!" A messenger said, running into the senate meeting. He was completely exhausted. Cnaeus Cornelius Blasio dismissed him. The Senate was silent, then they began to laugh.
    "The fools!"
    "The gods have given us a miracle!"
    Suddenly, another messenger came in. He was extremely tired, even more tired than the other one. "Sirs! King Ptolemaios of Epirus, son of Pyrrhos the Eagle has landed in the west. He has already subdued the city of Taras." The senate went into uproar.

    However, all was not against Rome. A levied legion under Captain Quintus had helped another army beseige Rhegion. At the same time, a Karthasdastim fleet was sunk. Mago ordered the construction of a larger fleet, strong enough to hold its own against pirates and brigands, as well as Romans. An alliance was formed between the Carthaginians and the Seleukid Empire, provoking an attack from the Ptolemies.

    254 BC
    Hamalcar set out to begin the bloodiest campaign ever. He would finish the Lusottanans. Oxtraca had been their last stronghold. Now they cowered in the weakly defended city of Tyde. Hamalcar had a strong cavalry force with him, as well as heavy Iberian troops. He was attacked by an enemy army. As this battle was not too important, I have chosen not to record it. However, two years later, the most remarkable battle of Lusitania was about to happen. The Sally of Tyde.

    Hamalcar rushed to organize his men as the Lusitanians sounded their horns. About an hour earlier, scouts had reported the men of the last Lusotannan army had assembled in the town square. A long speech had just begun. "And men! We are finally ready to face our enemies! So many of us have fallen to these Carthaginians. Those Libyan axes have bit into many a Lusitanian. But now we strike back! Now we show them how we fight! Fight for your land! Fight for your families!"

    The men of Carthage lined up in disciplined lines. They were far enough from the rams to not be impeded by them, but close enough that they would distract and slow down the enemy. The first troops were the Callaeci Medium Infantry. They charged in a wave at the center of the line. Hamalcar had made sure that part of the line would be the weakest, instigating the Lusitanians to attack there. Once they hit the Medium spearmen holding the center, he used his swordsmen to form a "U" shape. They had the enemy surrounded. However, more and more Lusottans kept pouring into the center. The Liby-Phoenicians on the left flank charged the Right flank of the desperate defenders. These common men, so far from home delivered a crippling blow. The Right flank began to crumple. On the Carthaginian right flank, the Scortavamera fought against the Mercenary Scortavamera. Lusitanian versus Lusitanian. Some more mercenary swordsmen joined in the fight and the tide turned. These 20 medium spearmen were holding off 120 Karthadastim mercenaries. However, the cavalry was not simply watching. The Iberian Lancearii charged with a might that was almost unparalleled. They smashed into the spearmen, and pulled back immediately. They had lost only one man. The Medium spearmen kept fighting, so Hamalcar brought his own bodyguard into the fray. He was charging when suddenly he was intercepted! One of the three Iberian generals had caught him. However, he kept cool and continued his charge. If he didn't break the spearmen this time, then he would be stuck between them and the cavalry. Luckily they broke, and the men who had been fighting them engaged the bodyguards. There was a fierce battle. Hamalcar turned around to help. Suddenly, a cheer broke out from the Iberians. The Iberian King was charging into battle, in front of 50 horsemen. Hamalcar watched as the men joined the fray, pushing back his guard and his mercenaries. The two generals were defeating Hamalcar and his mercenaries. Luckily, the Lusitanian line unpredictably broke, and the Elite Liby-Phoenicians came running to Hamalcars aid. They engaged in deadly combat.

    Now the battle had broken into two separate parts. In one part, the Liby-Phoenicians and assorted Iberian mercenaries and Xanthippos' Spartans were fighting off the remaining Lusitanians in their line. On the other side, the Cavalry, more Iberian mercenaries and the Elite Liby-Phoenicians fought the two units of Lusitanian generals, the 8 Ambakaro in the city, and whoever had not routed yet. Hamalcar cried for Xanthippos, desperate. But Xanthippos was busy. However, the 120 Sacred band were not. They charged into battle, fearless and courageous. One unit hit the Ambakaro in he he ask, and they dueled. The great thing about the sacred band is that they are extremely compact. Whoever comes in front of them is crushed. They are a juggernaut on the field. They turned the tide, and the King and his Son fell. The last general retreated to the woods.

    Hamalcar advanced onto the city, and that general somehow managed to find his way back inside. There the fighting was quick and brutal, until the Karthadastim reigned supreme. 509 Lusitanians had died, having killed 169 Karthadastim.

    With Tyde gone, the Lusotana were eradicated. An entire culture wiped out. But Hamalcar was not done. Until Lusitania fell completely, and until the tribes accepted Mago as their ruler, he would not stop. He sent a messenger to call for Captain Hasdrubal. The time for the final push had arrived.

    Hamalcar stood in his tent, surrounded by officers of various statuses. Xanthippos was the highest ranking man there besides the to be Shophet. Captain Hasdrubal was the only other person there with any power. A mercenary captain was there as well. And then there were various representatives. The Lancearii commander, the Elite Liby-Phoenician commander, and the representatives of various mercenary units. Hamalcar spoke first. He gestured to the map in front of him while speaking. "Here we have Oxtraca. To the North is the city of Tyde, where we defeated the last of the Lusotana tribe. To their East, there are two tribes they could not subdue. One resides in Pallantia, and the other is in Vellika. Our plan is to move straight for Pallantia. Vellika might be a bigger challenge because of their large numbers. However, our spy has revealed an even greater challenge. The City of Numantia. After the fall of Lusotan, they broke away to form their own defenses. The city is a fortress. It is a worse situation than ArsÚ." The Liby-Phoenician commander jerked in surprise. ArsÚ had been one of the few battles were every individual Carthaginian had been forced to show his might. There was almost no tactics or strategy, just brute force. "However, if Numantia falls, almost all of Iberia will indeed be in our hands. With the funds we recieve from defeating these Tribes, we can form another army, one that can face Rome with no difficulty." Xanthippos spoke suddenly, "How do you expect to march on Rome from here? The Gauls have been fighting for a long time now, almost 20 years. One of them may have gained supremacy, and may defeat our army" Hamalcar began to reply, but was cut off by Hasdrubal. "A good assumption general, but let me elaborate. The army we will send will not be any pushover army that the Gauls can blow away. I have seen this army since it landed in Iberia. It has managed defeat the Lusitanians in every battle fought. This new army will be more prepared than them." "How?" Xanthippos demanded. Hamalcar smiled. "Through tactics, even Lusitanian skirmishers can become deadly weapons." No more was said between them. After answering a string of questions, Hamalcar dismissed the group. He sent Hasdrubal in search of Akbar, Hamalcars son.

    We will either find a way, or make one.
    -Hannibal Barca

    It is the part of the fool to say, I should not have thought.
    -Scipio Africanus


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