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Thread: The Spirit of Achilles and Alexander [Epeiros AAR]

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    I know, I know. Another AAR? But what can I do? Its hard to keep writing without support. I could just be talking to myself right now, being the only active member on this site. This one may of may not go on. I'm not sure.

    Summer, 272 BC
    King Pyrrhos of Epirus did not feel like a King. He didn't feel like a father. He didn't feel like a general. His world had been falling apart. Ever since Alexandros Molossos settled in Epirus, Greek power had remained unwavering. Now, the successors fought like demons to control all of Alexander's territory, instead of grouping together and facing a new threat. Pyrrhus had seen this threat. Pyrrhus knew their power. The Romanoi, a new threat of the west. These people were resourceful, cunning and most of all, deadly. He had fought many battles against them. Winning some and losing some. But now is a new age. The power of the Epeirotes, of Makedonian and Molossan blood would show the arrogant fools who was the true master. However, he required some help. Who would help him? The Ptolemaioi and the Seleukeids hate each other so much that they might even ally with the Romans to protect themselves. The Greek polis that had recently broken away from the Empire would not be able to fight the Romans with the Makedonians threatening them. And allying with them would not by a good way to get the Makedonians to help Epirus. So Pyrrhos of Epirus went to the Makedonian Basileus, Antigonus Argeades.

    "But you must listen to me! Please! The Basileus must listen!" Pyrrhos cried outside the gates of the Royal palace of Pella. The guard watched, not budging. Pyrrhos' Hypaspistai moved forward, swords in hand when a commanding voice called out. "Pelenos! Let the man come in." The Guard quickly left, and was replaced by the man called Pelenos. He was a battle scarred veteran, and opened the gate to let King Pyrrhos in. The man who had ordered Pelenos to let Pyrrhus in was the great Basileus himself, Antigonos. "You're lucky I was walking by, or your guards may have slain poor Dektros." Pyrrhos took a moment to compose himself, then spoke, "Or maybe they would have cut me down." Antigonos gave out a hearty laugh, then suddenly stopped. Hg looked Pyrrhos in the eye. "What do you want my friend?" Suddenly one of Pyrrhos' Hypaspists moved. Antigonos imediately put his hand on the pommel of his sword, but the Hypaspist did not pull out his own weapon. He say down next to Pyrrhos, and pulled off his helmet, revealing cold and calculating eyes, that could only belong to Ptolemaios Akaides. "Relax, wise king. Are we not friends?" Now it was Antigonos who was composing himself. "Yes, yes we are. So what do you want, Friend of Greece?" Pyrrhos spoke proudly, "I simply want what my Uncle, Megas Alexandros wanted. I want a united Empire, one of many religions and cultures." Antigonos gave out a hearty laugh. "You? The ruler of such a small kingdom want so much? Who will give you the power?" Pyrrhos recoiled from his harsh words, then replied. "Well, I was expecting you help, King." He said coldly, making King sound like an insult. The last of the smile left Antigonos face. His handsome yet scarred face curled into a sneer. "Listen, Pyrrhos. I don't care what one little upstart kingdom wants, ok? I have to deal with the Koinon Hellenon in the south. You and your little group of bandits can go fight the Romans yourself. Yes, I know what you want, don't look so shocked." Pyrrhos leaned back in the chair. When someone broke he silence, it was not Pyrrhos or Antigonos, but Ptolemaios who spoke. "Listen King. If you don't help us now, all will be lost. The Romans will not fear Greek might anymore. They will wander out of Italy. The Karthadastim will not be able to stop them. They will come upon us like a storm. You have just given up your last chance to save the Hellenic world. But don't worry. We Epeirotes will stop the Romanoi and their armies. Even if we need to do it from atop your skulls." Pyrrhos and his son left. His guard followed him. Antigonos called after them, "If you leave now, we will be at a state of war." Pyrrhos turned around and looked into the eyes of Antigonos. "Very well then."

    Immediately, Epirus went into high alert. Pyrrhos called on the men of Epirus to stand for Alexander. However, there were few professional soldiers in the area. Pyrrhos would have to settle for some levy phalangites, a few units of auxiliary spearmen, and a unit of Pezhetairoi, the only ones in the region. He marched straight for Pella, disbanding his Illyrian horses, his Elephants and his Tarentine elite cavalry. Epirus would soon go into debt, borrowing from the few allies they had. King Pyrrhos of Epirus and his son, Ptolemaios besieged Pella. It was scarcely 2 months before they were attacked. Alkonyeus Argeades was the general in charge of the defense of Pella, put the re by his father, Antigonos. Another general and rallied to help out the young man, and combined, their forces equalled Pyrrhus's. Pyrrhus would have to fight a tough battle here.

    We will either find a way, or make one.
    -Hannibal Barca

    It is the part of the fool to say, I should not have thought.
    -Scipio Africanus

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    Any pictures?

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    As a new player of E.B.R:TW who quite possibly intends to start a Epirote League campaign, I was wondering what happens next. Was an interesting read thanks.



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