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Thread: RTR back in Development!

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    Default RTR back in Development!

    Hello friends from the org! Today I uploaded a BETA that signifies the finish of Phase 1 development! It includes all BI and ALX features along with the vanilla RTW game on probably the most historical map out there for RTW, the RTH map. I'd like to regenerate the lost but once great and flourishing RTR community, so I am reaching out to you org members to ask will you join us in beta testing? If so you'll need to head over to TWC, make an account if you do not have one, and add me (ahowl11) as a friend. If you have been registered long enough or have enough posts you should be able to join the private forum where we develop the mod. If you cannot, we can communicate through email or here until you have enough posts to join the forum.



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    Default Re: RTR back in Development!

    What is the status of this mod?

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    Lightbulb Re: RTR back in Development!

    Quote Originally Posted by Skott View Post
    What is the status of this mod?
    They just released a second beta here. Unfortunately, if you want to follow this mod, you're better off at the TWC fora.


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