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    10 Minutes of footage released this morning.

    I must say, I'm cautiously optimistic. I do hope they get some LotR license in the future because thats all I was thinking about as I watched.
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    It does look rather good, and I really like the new infantry collisions now as they remind me of Rome 1's collisions. Though the cavalry still looks like it needs work. Everything else looks really cool though!
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    Am I only one who almost had a heart attack!!!

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    doesn't look like they are done flinging this kind of silliness out the door:

    CA has so gone off a rail imho it's not even funny, i for one won't miss them, they made some great games, i'll continue to enjoy them long after they've managed to destroy their brand, but i get it, how many times can you make the same game, haha, better to go out in a blaze of craptastic glory

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    Infantry now have weight to them, I don't know if this makes sense. Even the cavalry charge you can feel the impact. I really like the physics of the game.


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