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Thread: I'll be hosting a big huge game on another site

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    Default I'll be hosting a big huge game on another site

    A Mish-Mash, with shots.... In Space!!!!

    Hello fellow Orgahs

    I'd host it here if we had that kind of player base. :)

    Here is the link to the big game's sign-up sheet.

    • 64+ players
    • 36 hour Day Phases (most likely, there's a poll)
    • 12 hour Night Phases (most likely, there's a poll)
    • Large numbers of deaths per Day and Night Phase
    • Mid-Day events which allow players to earn prizes (1x vig, 1x cop scan, 1x bulletproof, things like that)
    • Mid-Day events called In-Thread-Attacks (ITA) lasting 30 mins to 1 hour, which allow players to take shots at one another with a small chance of death (The main source of fun for a lot of people, the game is designed around this event pretty much)
    • Theme of the game is StarFox.
    • Hosted by Askthepizzaguy primarily.
    • Hosted on Mafia Universe
    • In approximately 5 days from now.

    What you'd want to know about the game before signing up (this is important)

    1) Activity levels will be probably literally too high for anyone to keep up with in terms of trying to read every single post. In very large mish-mashes, ~everyone abandons the premise of reading every single post in the game even one time. This includes players like me who will spend 8 hours reading a game. Don't bother trying that. There are a couple of strategies to cope with that:

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    A) Placing dead villagers who are revealed to have no additional information (such as potentially breadcrumbed cop results) on ignore mode, as each one dies. Then, much later, when the game has fewer players, and like 60-70% of the game is dead, then go back and re-read the game. It's possible to gain useful info that way when each page has almost no posts in it.

    B) Waiting until guilty persons die, then doing a read of just their posts to try to glean info from it.

    C) Not caring at all about re-reads, just noting who is absent from the discussion and who in the discussion seems townie or scummy, and playing based on gut for a long while.

    D) Relying on trusted / scanned / mason'ed / town PR claimants to keep you informed as to who is "outed" as scum when you log into the game, that way you can be of help even if you've read ~nothing.

    2) This is a category of mafia game which is very fast paced, and even though there are 64+ players in the game, it's expected that multiple people will die almost every day and night phase. This ensures the game is over in a matter of a couple of weeks, max, despite the huge player numbers. Some from things called "day vigilantes", some from things called "In-Thread-Attacks" (ITA). There is also the possibility of "slank vig" and "character/role vig" for mafia or town. More explanation about this:

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Day vigilantes cannot shoot during the first X number of hours in a Day Phase. Once that mark has been passed, they can fire at any time and remove someone from play mid-day-phase. So it's possible you don't make it through an entire day phase.

    In-thread attacks are sessions about 30 minutes to one hour long, where literally everyone in the game who wishes to may take a "shot" at another player publicly. These shots typically have a 15% chance of hitting the target and killing them. However, some players may have boosted shots, which have a higher chance of hitting than 15%. It's also possible for shots to be protected against. Because the mafia team in a game like this is typically 1/4 to 1/3 of the total number of players, In-Thread-Attacks are the primary means of removing scum, rather than the day's lynch, although the day's lynch is still important. Sometimes multiple mafiosi die during a single ITA session, which provides some information for the next ITA session, to hunt their teammates down.

    Slank vigs are a means of removing players from the game who are not meeting the minimum level of activity. They can be townies, mafia, or third parties, but it's their job to shoot at folks who have the lowest post count in the game. Their shots do not work on players who are posting more than the minimum amount. This is typically pro-town, so town doesn't waste its lynch power or ITA shots on townies who can't cope, forcing the scums to adopt a more-than-the-minimum or risk-death approach.

    Character claim vigs are typically pro-mafia roles which look for anyone who has claimed a particular character name, for example, if Fox McCloud in this game (if he is a villager) claims to be Fox McCloud, and that's accurate, not a lie, then the Character claim vig can choose to shoot him in the face and kill him. The Character claim vig must submit a kill and say "Kill [Player name], who is [character name]". If the player and the character are a correct match, the player dies. This is meant to discourage mass character claiming.

    Role vigs are typically pro-mafia roles which look for someone who has claimed a specific mafia-game role, such as Cop, Doctor, commuter, Day vigilante, etc, in the public thread. If they find one they want to shoot, they can submit a kill and say "Kill [Player name], who is [Exact role]. The role must be exact, they cannot simply say "a cop of some kind" or "A vig of some kind". Example, Alignment Cop, Role Cop, Day Vigilante, Odd Night Vigilante, etc. If the player and the role are a correct match, the player dies. This is meant to discourage mass role claiming.

    However, character and role claims are both legal. Quoting from Role PMs is not.

    3) Due to the fair possibility that you might have died mid-day phase, it's important to check to see if you're still alive before you start posting stuff, if you don't know for certain that you haven't died yet. Because all deaths will be posted under my main account, easiest way to check is to find my most recent posts. I will maintain a list of dead players. Also, I will use Mention tags (which send a notification to the top of your screen) which links directly to the post where you have died. Once you are dead, you are required to stop posting. If you post while dead and it reveals more information, violating the game integrity, your team (whichever it is) will incur a penalty of some kind. You really really want to avoid doing this so always check. Sometimes people will lie about whether or not you're still alive, as a joke or an attempt to gain information from you unwittingly, so don't believe them. Refer to the mod's posts.

    4) Try not to take the game too seriously. You can die pretty much at any time, lots of people die relatively rapidly, and it's typically disorganized chaos. So what's the appeal?

    5) The challenge for the townies is to have fun and to try to shoot at some mafia (even if the shot misses, you'll feel good about yourself later on), and figure out how to self-organize their own team into a viable scum-hunting force, rather than to trip over one another. The challenge is that some folks will have no idea what's going on, or who to trust. How do you lead a team like that? How do you participate in a team like that? Why should they trust you, anyway? If you hate organized leaderships, you can always just show up and shoot whoever you want. If they shoot you for it, who cares? Townies should decide how best they can help, because no one townie can do everything, even in an organized leadership type role.

    6) If you manage to survive multiple day phases, that means you'll have personally had the opportunity as an individual townie to take shots at several mafioso with a chance of killing them each time. It's been the case that some townies have killed several mafia personally. Even if the shot doesn't kill them, it's fun to note how many shots you've taken at mafia by the end of the game, and see if you can personally rack up multiple scumbags dead by your hands. It's basically the ultimate game for a vanilla townie, because even they can wreck mafia without having to persuade people to lynch them.

    7) The mafia team is very large and full of skilled players (usually) and powerful roles. Teams usually communicate via skype 24 hours a day, and have a quicktopic or private thread in case they don't use skype. Working with such a group of players is usually very fun. And the mafia team typically has a number of roles which can kill during Day and Night phases, and they can all shoot during ITA sessions as well. So they mostly have to decide who dies and in what order of priority. Only one of that massive team has to survive the game for the entire team to win, and the mafia team wins these games plenty of times. But it can be tricky to act like a townie convincingly. It's a delicate balancing act for whichever scumbag(s) make it deep into the game to maintain their poker face that long.

    Any questions? Want more info before committing? PM me on MU or here on the Org, or ping me on skype and be patient.

    I do ask that you read this post, and the rules of the game before committing- games this size typically need multiple sub players, so I am asking you not to add to that problem. If you commit to the game, please make sure it's a commitment. I'd rather you not sign-up if you aren't sure. It's relatively easy to die in a game like this, so if you find the game is not to your taste, please suck it up and wait until you die so I don't have to find a sub for your slot. Much appreciated on that!
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    Default Re: I'll be hosting a big huge game on another site

    Ok folks. We're almost full and I need to rand anyway.

    This thread can be locked, GH


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