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Thread: ESA fails another landing

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    Default ESA fails another landing

    The news from the descent is not all bad.
    The ESA thinks they have enough data from the mission to proceed with future missions.
    They are concerned with isolating exactly what went wrong:
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    Default Re: ESA fails another landing

    This - and Elon Musk's SpaceX - makes this whole space exploration a really exciting bit because we're now focusing on planets and places that were previously unavailable in the past due to the tech that we had.

    Definitely keeping tabs on this, because hopefully, maybe, we might find a planet that's almost identical to Earth that we can eventually look into establishing a base there. (and yes, I'm aware of Kepler 452b)
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    Default Re: ESA fails another landing

    Another Earth vehicle destroyed by the Martians. They've not forgotten their failed invasion of Earth around Halloween of '38.

    Kind of disheartening to lose another mission. These come rarely enough that it hurts when they fail. Hopefully they will learn something from the apparent failure during the landing.
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