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    Greetings EB-fans!

    I've been playing EB again of late, and having never tried the version for RTW:Alexander, I decided to start a new campaign. This, I thought, was a great opportunity to make an AAR on my newly created YouTube channel. Not wanting to simply record everything I do, like a let's play, I want to make it more story-driven and immersive. Hopefully I'll succeed in making it entertaining to some degree. My first thought was to start a campaign with Epirus, but having played that on my own with the regular 1.2 version for quite a while, I wanted to try something different: So I went with my old preferred faction, Swębōz!

    I don't know how often I'll update it; it's quite time-consuming, and I don't have all the time in the world (with exams coming up this time of year as usual).

    But, without further ado, here's the intro:

    There's also a thread on Total War Center
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    "The heads of the confederate tribes of Swębóz are introduced and they assemble in the lands of the Somnónez for the Summer Solstice celebration where the the new leader, Hęruwulfáz, announces his intentions."
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    "The forerunners and scouts of the great exodus of the tribal confederation have been sent out to ease the passage and survey the terrain. Yule is celebrated, and when Spring arrives, the host sets out on the long journey. Before they reach the Alps however, they are set upon by a local tribe that tries to halt their march."
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    I've re-uploaded the videos with a few corrections and some much improved rolling text (that fits the scrolls).


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