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Thread: Sovereignty has been released!

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    Default Sovereignty has been released!

    The 4x fantasy game Sovereignty has finally clawed its way out of the clutches of Early Access into the gaming universe.

    Sovereignty brings the 4X concept to a fantasy world. Mixing grand strategy, where resource management, diplomacy, and military aspects are key to progress and turn-based battles, where players are confronted with tactical issues.

    The game features a bevy of different races and cultures, including Giants, Orcs, Humans, Dwarves, Elves and even chaotic evil factions. The game also includes a diplomacy, trade, recruitment and magic system that really fleshes out the existing concepts.

    Although not an RPG, it makes use of the Good/Evil system present in many of these games. Some countries will be good, focused on chivalry and the betterment of society as a whole. Others, such as the dark and deeply occult wizards of Maledor, or the vicious Khazoth Orcs will have only plunder and destruction on their minds, falling into the Chaotic Evil category.

    With over 35 unique factions, you'll surely find what you're looking for in this gem of a game.

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    Sovereignty Public Beta patch v1.01 is available on Steam for testing:

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    Sovereignty Public Beta patch v1.01 has been updated:

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    Sovereignty - the 1.01 version is here!

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    Cool interview about Sovereignty on Grogheads website #Lordzgames

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    Default Re: Sovereignty has been released!

    Sovereignty: Crown of Kings review:

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    Default Re: Sovereignty has been released!

    Another Sovereignty review @LordzGames :

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    Sovereignty Public Beta Patch version 1.02 is now available:

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    Hi Everyone,

    We have made the 1.02 update official! If you participated in the public beta, that branch have been removed so you are atuomatically back to the main version (1.02, build 1515).

    It is also available on the Matrix members club for non-Steam users

    Here is the list of changes, compared to 1.01:

    Fixed crash bug in tactical battles
    Fixed Sylvan Rebirth targeting everything except Old Forest
    Fixed "Failed to honour treaty" message always naming your own realm
    Fixed clicks on unit portrait in deployment panel being ignored
    Fixed incorrect text when a war is started
    Fixed Allied realms sometimes not ending alliance properly when refusing to join war
    Fixed crash at end of battle after loading mid-battle save
    Fixed Gossamer Wings not being castable on own units
    Fixed missing unit unlock in Evengaad campaign
    Fixed Shattered effect being permanent
    Fixed Heroes lost when treaty signed never returning
    Fixed Town Hall buildings resulting in all realms getting extra gold
    Fixed several small render engine issues
    Mill no longer appears in provinces where Farm cannot be built
    World selection list now hidden unless multiple worlds are present
    Added Tier number to buildings display
    Code of War realms are no longer forced to wait 1 turn if they are invaded
    ESC key now works to close open panels and screens
    Added more error checking during battle cleanup
    Defender now moves first in tactical battles
    No longer possible to retreat from Auto Battle until Skirmish phase completes
    Removed Unit group/Single entity designations from units
    Overrun ability is now only usable once per turn
    Moving armies with garrison units now shows confirmation message
    Mousing over units on promotion dialog now shows info cards
    Auto battle tweaked to make skirmish phase shorter and grand melee longer
    Reduced AI hoarding of resources
    Fixed missing background music
    Fixed overrun (fully fixed this time)
    Fixed incorrect numbers in description of hit and run/skirmisher screen
    Fixed ESC ignoring menu and news ticker
    Fixed being able to cast hero spells on AI turn
    Loading game will remove Shattered from all units not in battle
    Fixed flipped morale/health bars on unit icons
    Fixed relations screen displaying fractional numbers for disposition (causing overrun to next line)
    Fixed player armies appearing ghosted in enemy lands
    Fixed double-display of Garrison unit confirmation when attacking provinces
    Fixed certain attacks not updating the unit image properly


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