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Thread: Italian Tragedy?

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    Default Italian Tragedy?

    So many of you probably have seen this story: Link

    Italian woman does sex act with some men. This is filmed whilst she is doing it and she appears to be pleased. So pleased in fact she sends it to several of her friends.

    And you'll never guess... it was widely distributed!

    She, horrified that even in this day and age, sending a video of yourself to friends with no instructions to friends not to share will be shared.

    She went to court to have it blocked and that cost a lot of money / time and didn't really work. Finally she committed suicide. Her mother appears to believe that her "angel" must have been drugged.

    Now, nothing that causes someone to kill themselves is a Good Thing, but I do think that this is being made too much of - if one wants to be a voyeur that's fine with me. If you want to do these things and keep the videos, or show them to one's friends, that's fine. But no law is going to stop salacious material being spread, and as an adult one does have to accept the likely consequences of one's actions.

    Or am I being too harsh? People, especially women, just can't be expected to see the consequences of their actions and need to have additional protections.

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    Default Re: Italian Tragedy?

    I believe Germany's digital privacy rules would back the plaintiff in a case like this, but Germany is relatively zealous on the subject. This case is one of those (few so far) which bring widespread and persistent attention to someone who was not a public figure, this time exacerbated by the salacious and audiovisual nature of the content. A reference in a news report is typically trivial, a misfired text post on social media will usually fade within months to a handful of dedicated harassers, but a tape directly associates content with subject.

    Anyone whose image and voice is digitally transmitted or hosted - even banal context is no sure inoculation - is at risk of spontaneously becoming an item of mass consumption and review, not just women making sex tapes. Add this instance to the growing history.
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    Default Re: Italian Tragedy?

    Difficult - maybe she was on drugs.

    I don't know.

    It is terrible, though.
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    Default Re: Italian Tragedy?

    A gerneral rule of internet content is that once it is uploaded you can never remove it.

    The best a court could do is pressure the major search engines to de-list anyone who hosts the content. Doing so will make it unaccessable to those who dont have the basic knowledge of how to access unlisted sites, an overwhelming portion of the population to be sure but not one eclisping the sort of people who would exploit such content maliciously.

    Assuming best case scenario she could have had it de listed in a quiet fasion and retreated from society for the requisite internet attention span shift, which in some cases could be less than a week, then gone and lived her life with little more than a major embarrasment among friends.

    Such a life would have to be a low key one, any political or celebrity attention would be extremely difficult to keep clean in the age of the paparazzi and the internet stalker. However if all she wanted was, say, a husband and a family it would not be anywhere near impossible to make work.

    Sadly we arent robots, such emotional overload from these events can lead to self destruction regardless of prospects of recovery.

    C'est la vie, et mort.
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    Default Re: Italian Tragedy?

    BBC's video slowly showing us how to type the famous phrase does not help much the mother's cause.
    On the case, the woman was obviously not very bright, still we should all feel sorry for what happened to her.

    A law couldn't have saved her, though, as soon as it became viral, her reputation was doomed. She could work it out, I guess, but I am not going to criticize her from my couch, for being sad that she became a national joke.

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    Default Re: Italian Tragedy?

    Sad. I will say a prayer for her soul.

    Sadly, absent some indication that she was not mentally competent (underage, drugged out, etc.) at the time of the recording and/or initial dissemination of this recording by her, the material cannot be suppressed. I also believe that the woman's family has no case.
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