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    I remember, some time ago, a thread about badger elimination.
    Turns out they engineer the landscape removing dead/diseased carcasses from circulation.
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    Badger elimination is a shitty business anyway, as is extermination of any local fauna.

    Besides scavenging, badgers are also important builders. Their hideouts are often confiscated (or occupied after badgers leave) by foxes and rabbits (?!). Badgers are the only competent diggers in heavy clayish ground.

    Badgers are mostly vegetarian, but females gestating or lactating are HUGE predators of rodents at the time of the year rodent regulation is crucial.

    Crucial, then. Killing badgers in order to try (unsuccesfully, mind you) to protect overfragile mutant cattle is just one more symptom of how stupid we still are as a species.

    That's almost Trumpesque: my cattle dies, I shoot badgers, does it save my cattle, no, but I showed everyone I have some will to act.
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