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Thread: OLD VERSION: Invasio Barbarorum v6.x Preview

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    Invasio Barbarorum, (AKA Invasio Barbarorum:Flegellum Dei, IBFD, IBFG) is a mod for BI 1.6 based on a timeframe close to the original BI. The mod starts at 410 AD, it is the year when the Romano Britons declared their independence from Rome, when the usurper Constantine III held all of Gaul, when the Visigoths sacked Rome, when the Vandals/Alans/Suebi reached Iberia. Interesting times, indeed.
    In the face of all the Barbarian hordes, will you lead the Western Romans back to the glory that it once was? or will you choose to be a usurper, trying to steal an Empire from the arms of a weakling? Will you be one of the Germanic tribes starting to smell the death throes of an empire. Will you prefer to be in the east as the Sassanids, a very poweful empire threatened by both Rome and a new menace? or will you choose to be the Huns, a confederation of many peoples all with bloodlust in their mind.
    This is Total War! This is INVASIO BARBARORUM!

    Status: version 6 Beta privately released for Beta testing
    Previous version available here

    the next version will contain:
    new UI elements:

    new leader pics:

    new maps:

    New Factions: the Persarmenians (non-hordeing), the Hephthalites
    New: the Ostrogoths will emerge upon rebellion among the Huns, the Slavs will emerge at a later date.
    new factions with ability to horde: Celts, Saxons, Alemanni, Berbers
    Horde Factions: the Vandals in Iberia, the Visigoths on the outskirts of Rome, the Huns in the Bosphorus/Sarmatia, the Hephthalites in Bactria/Sogdiana.

    and of course, new units, for:










    more available here.

    *discalimer: final version may differ from the preview
    *some elements in the preview contains works from RTR, EB, ATW, Goth's Mod
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    Default Re: Invasio Barbarorum Major Preview!

    Please post comments/suggestions/etc. in the IBFD thread in the forge found here:
    I check that thread more often than this one.
    Ramon Gonzales y Garcia

    If we had gone so far, it is because we stand on the shoulders of giants


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