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Thread: leaders/heirs/heroes/generals

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    (*disclaimer* - reality may or may not exist, in some societies reality is a crime, punishable by life)

    Default leaders/heirs/heroes/generals

    over the next week or so i will be posting lists in here of the members of clans,

    sources for these lists include battle reports, geaneaologies, wikipedia, samurai archives and patrons contributions.
    (a few are mythological - but only a few)

    for the moment i am not listing patron hereos, they will be the last addition.

    i have lists of from 60 to 150 names for each clan,
    when a list gets too long i will be cropping it to exclude Alternate (alt) names,
    if it is still too long then i will crop people i have minimal informaton about,
    (if i have no date of birth for example AND no relations in the list)

    i have a couple of lists of non-affiliated samurai that i will use to fill out clans who dont have enough members

    The goal is 30 to 40 leaders and 80 to 100 generals - heroes are extra's and dont count towards the total

    any samurai who has something like "very brave" beside their name will be a Hero in the final list.
    (some heroes were identified and listed as such during early testing, others i have added details to as i found them,
    but not yet moved them into the "hero" section of the list)

    What i am inviting you to do is check the lists and see if i missed anyone, or if you think someone should be a hero (or villian)

    The basic qualification for inclusion in these lists is the member's first recorded clan affiliation,
    (OR the clan their father was affiliated with)
    some are placed from out of their timeline to flesh out lists and can be regarded as representing children who died in infancy,

    if during the game the player want to have historically accurate general lists they will have to find the general and bribe him
    (Tekeda's 24 generals for example dont all start with Takeda - in real life Takeda convinced several to change allegiance)

    please note we are limited to 29 clans in one campaign,
    but we have over 33 and could have added a lot more,
    some will be "imported" into existing medieval slots for early era campaigns,
    as for the rest we tried to add as many as possible as retainers of other clans which we considered more important

    and so it begins...
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    (*disclaimer* - reality may or may not exist, in some societies reality is a crime, punishable by life)

    Default Re: leaders/heirs/heroes/generals

    Amako Clan
    also known as Amago clan, will be Amako in Samurai,
    Amago version of names are included as retainers
    Amako clan are about 20 retainers short - will add some unaffiliated samurai later
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    ///////FAMOUS KINGS//////
    Amako Tsunehisa (1458-1541) = A noted strategist and competent ruler
    Amako Okihisa (1497 - 1534) - good general
    Amako Genshiro (alt)
    Amako Kunihisa 1492-1554 - good general
    Amako Magoshiro (alt-1)
    Amako Shikanosuke - 1545-1578 A natural fighter
    Amako Hisamori d. before 1567 diplomatic
    Amako Mimasaka (alt)

    ////// SENGOKU ERA //////

    Amako Takauji

    Amako Takahisa (founder)
    Amako Mochihisa
    Amako Kiyosada d.1487
    Amako Mimbu-shosuke (alt-1)

    Amako Hisayuki d.1541
    Amako Akiyuki (son Hisayuki)
    Amako Masahisa d.1518

    Amako Akihisa (1514 - 1562)
    Amako Haruhisa 1514-1562 (alt)
    Amako no Masahisa d.1554

    Amako Yoshihisa (1536-1610)
    Amako Katsuhisa (1553-1578)
    Amako Toyohisa d.1546
    Amako Hidehisa (d-1541)
    Amako Tomohisa

    Amako Yoshihisa 1536-1610
    Amako Katsuhige (grandson of Kunihisa)

    Amako Korenori
    Amako Masanori (son of korenori)
    Amako Yukimori
    Amako Yukinobu d.1569
    Amako Shimbei (alt)
    Amako Mitsuyuki (1519?-1546)
    Amako Niiwanori
    Amako Hidetsuna

    ////// OTHER LEADERS //////

    /// These samurai were called Amago 10 Yushi ///
    /// all famously brave? ///
    Akiage Iorinosuke (15??-15??)
    Fukada Doronosuke
    Hayakawa Ayunosuke
    Kogura Nezuminosuke
    Teramoto Seishinosuke
    Motomo Dorinosuke
    Yabunaka Ibaranosuke
    Yamanaka Yukimori (1544-1578)
    Yokoji Hyogonosuke (15??-1570)
    Ueda Saenosuke

    Yokomichi Hyogonosuke - brave - natural fighter

    Honjo Tsunemitsu d.1562 (bribed?defected?)

    Kawazoe Hisamori d. before 1567 diplomatic

    Yamanaka Shikanosuke - 1545-1578 A natural fighter

    Tachihara Hisatsuna (1531-1613)


    Ago Katsuhisa
    Akana Hisakiyo (1528-15??)

    Amago Takahisa (founder)
    Amago Mochihisa
    Amago Kiyosada (14??-1487)
    Amago Tsunehisa (1458-1541)
    Amago Hisayuki (14??-1541)

    Amago Masahisa (1488-1513)
    Amago Okihisa (1497-1534)
    Amago Kunihisa (14??-1554)
    Amago Haruhisa (1514-1560)
    Amago Akihisa (alt)

    Amago Yoshihisa (1540)-1610)
    Amago no Masahisa (14??-1554)
    Amago Katsuhisa (14??-1554)
    Amago Toyohisa d.1546
    Amago Hidehisa

    Amago Tomohisa
    Amago Yoshihisa 1536-1610

    Daizai Takayoshi (15??-16??)

    Enya Genshiro (alt)
    Enya Okihisa (? - 1534)

    Hirano Hisatoshi
    Honda Huzennokami

    Jinzai Motomichi (15??-1578)

    Kamei Hidetsuna (15??-15??)
    Kamei Korenori (1557-1612)
    Kamei Masanori (son of korenori)
    Kamei Niiwanori

    Kawazoe Mimasaka (alt)
    Kumagaya Sinuemon
    Kumano Hisatada (15??-16??)

    Maki Tomochika (15??-15??)
    Matsuda Masayasu (15??-16??)
    Matsuda Motokatsu
    Megata Shimbei (alt)
    Megata Yukinobu d.1569
    Misawa Tamekiyo (1537-1588)
    Mitoya Hisasuke (15??-1591)
    Moriwaki Ichimasa
    Moriyama Hisakane (alt of uyama hisakane)

    Nakai Hisaie

    Ogasawara Nagao
    Oki Tamekiyo (15??-1569)

    Rokkaku Takauji (ancestor)

    Sase Kiyomune (15??-16??)

    Tachihara Yukitaka
    Tako Tadashige
    Tako Tokitaka (1494-1562)

    Ushio Yukikiyo (15??-16??)
    Uyama Hisahide
    Uyama Hisakane (d.1566) (son of Hisahide) - morale bonus
    Uyama Hisanobu (alt-1)

    Yamanaka Mitsuyuki (1519?-1546)

    Yamanaka Yukimori (alt-1)
    Yokomichi Hyogonosuke (d-1570)
    Yonehara Heinaizaemon
    Yonehara Tsunehiro (15??-1613) - treacherous - rebellious
    Yonehara Tsunahiro (alt)
    Yuhara Munetsune

    Wachi Masaharu (d-1568) - poisons enemies
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    Default Re: leaders/heirs/heroes/generals

    Asai / Asakura
    could have gone either way with these
    thay shared a lot of retainers who changed sides

    we went with Asai in Samurai mod

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    ///////FAMOUS KINGS//////
    Asai Sukemasa (1495-1546) (son of Naotane) - very good general
    Asai Hisamasa (1524-1573) (son#3 of Sukemasa) competent enough administrator
    Asai Nagamasa (1545 - 1573) (son #1 of Hisamasa)- excellent leader - good against odds too
    Asai Katamasa (alt-1)
    Asai Yoshimasa

    ////// SENGOKU ERA //////

    Asai Akimasa (son#1 of Sukemasa)
    Asai Hidekatsu b.1567
    Asai Hideyori b.1539
    Asai Iemitsu
    Asai Ietsugu
    Asai Ietsuna
    Asai Ienobu
    Asai Inori d.1573

    Asai Majumaru
    Asai Masahiro (son#2 of Sukemasa)
    Asai Masamoto (son #2 of Hisamasa)
    Asai Manjumaru (d.1573 (son of Nagamasa)
    Asai Mitsutaka
    Asai Naomasa
    Asai Naotane

    Asai Tadanaga
    Asai Tadatoshi
    Asai Tatsuoki 1548-1573
    Asai Toshitsugu
    Asai Tsunayoshi

    ////// OTHER //////

    Asai Derukisa
    Asai Iyori
    Asai Manpukumaru (grandson Hisamasa, but son of???)
    Asai Masanaka
    Asai Masazumi
    Asai Nakamasa
    Asai Toshiharu b.1618
    Asai Tsunashige 1644 1678
    Asai Sukechika


    Asakura Toshikage Died 1475? Lived 1428-1481? ?? excellent general
    Asakura Takakage (alt)

    Asakura Norikage Lived 1474 to 1552 the most talented general the Asakura clan produced
    Asakura Soteki (alt-1)
    Asakura Kotaro (alt-2)

    Asakura Kagetaka 1495-1543 excellent diplomat
    Asakura Kagetake (alt)

    Asakura Kagetsura d.1570 excellent diplomat


    // "no" means second of name
    // "on" means third of name
    // will discard all "no"'s and "on"'s if too many characters

    Asakura Hirokage
    Asakura Kageakira Lived 1529 to 1574
    Asakura Kagefusa
    Asakura Kagenao
    Asakura Kagenori
    Asakura Kagemori
    Asakura Kageyoshi
    Asakura Kagetoshi (alt)

    Asakura no Kagetoshi 1505-1572

    Asakura no Kagetaka d.1570?
    Asakura no Kagetake d.1575
    Asakura on Kagetoshi

    Asakura Nobumasa Lived 1583 to 1637

    Asakura Ujikage d.1486

    Asakura Sadakage Lived 1473 to 1512
    Asakura no Takakage Lived 1493 to 1546

    Asakura Yoshikage Lived 24 Sept. 1533 to 20 Aug. 1573.
    Asakura Yoshikaga (alt)

    Imai Sokyu 1521-1591 Tea master, merchant
    Todo Takatora 1556-1630 very good general - good builder

    // retainers and allies of both

    Akao Kiyotsuna,
    Anemori Yayoi
    Atsuji Sadahide
    Atsuji Sadahise

    Dodo Kuranosuke,

    Endo Naotsune d.1570
    Endo Kizaemon (alt)

    Goto Katatoyo (d.1563)
    Goto Takaharu d.1589 (#2 son)
    Goto Sadatoyo (alt-1)
    Goto Kisaburo (alt-2)

    Higuchi Naofusa d.1574
    Hirai Sadataka
    Horie Kagezane
    Horie Kagetada d.1576 (grandson of kagezane)
    Horie Toshishige d.1576 (son of kagetada)

    Isono Kazumasa d.after 1578
    Miyazawa Heihachi (alt)

    Imai Ujinao,
    Imai Sadakiyo d.1561
    Imai Kenroku (alt)
    Imai Hidetaka (son)
    Imai Sokun (d.1627)

    Kawai Yoshimune 1521-1573
    Kishizawa Yoichi

    Sasaki Ujinobu (ancestor)
    Kyogoku Takahide
    Kyogoku Takayoshi 1508-1581 (son of Kyogoku Takahide )
    Kyogoku Takatsugu 1560-1609 (son of takayoshi)
    Kyogoku Takatomo (son of takayoshi)
    Kyogoku Tadataka (son of Takatsugu)
    Kyogoku Tadamasa (son of Takatsugu)

    Nagahara Nagaoki
    Nomura Naotaka 1527-1592
    Nomura Tozaemon (alt-1)
    Nomora Higo-Nyuudo (alt-2)

    Makara Naotaka d.1570
    Makara Jurozaemon (alt)
    Makara Naomoto d.1570 (son of Naotaka)
    Makara Jurosaburo (alt)
    Meaba Yoshitsugu 1541-1574
    Katsurada Nagatoshi (alt)

    Takanose Nobuzumi
    Tobashi Kageakira d.1574
    Todo Torataka
    Todo Takanori (d.1615)
    Todo Ujikatsu (d.1615)

    Gamou / Gamo
    // these guys confuse even me!!

    Gamo Hidesato (ca.940)
    Gamo Narutoshi (son Hidesato)
    Gamo Toshitaka (1100's) (son Narutoshi)

    Gamo Katahide

    Gamo Takasato (early 1500's)
    Gamo Hideyuki (early 1500's)

    Gamo Sadahide
    Gamo Katahide 1534-1584 (son of Sadahide)
    Gamo Sahyoetayu (alt)
    Gamo Shigetsuna d.1570 (son of Sadahide)
    Gamo Ujisato 1557-1596 (son of Katahide)

    Gamou Takasato (son sadahide)

    Gamo Hideyuki 1583-1612 (son of Ujisato)

    Gamou Tadasato (1603-1627) (son of Hideyuki)
    Gamou Tadatomo (1605-1634) (son of Hideyuki) (last of line)

    Gamou Sadahide
    Gamou Hideyuki (son sadahide)

    Gamou no Sadahide (son takasoto) 1508-1579
    Gamou Hidenori (son hideyuki)
    Gamou Katahide (son no sadahide) 1534-1584
    Gamou Shigetsuna (son no sadahide)

    Ishida Seishin
    Ishida Masatsugu d.1600 (son of Seishin)
    Ishida Masazumi d.1600 (son of masatsugu)

    Ishida Mitsunari 1560?-1600 (son of masatsugu)-cultural acuity/admin
    Ishida Katsushige (alt)
    Ishida Shigeie (son of mitsunari)
    Ishida Hayato (alt)
    Ishida Baigan 1685 to 1744

    Ishikawa Sadakiyo d.1625 (son in law of mistsunari)

    Nagai Nagahiro (mino province)
    Nagai Denpachiro
    Nagai Naokatsu 1563-1625
    Nagai Denpachiro (alt)
    Nagai Michitoshi

    Toki Masafusa 1467-1519 - unhappy populace
    Toki Masayori (alt)

    Toki Yorizumi (d.1548) (son of masafusa)
    Toki Yorinari 1502-1582 (son of masafusa)
    Toki Yoshiyori (alt-1)
    Toki Yoshiaki (alt-2)
    Toki Yoshinari (alt-3)
    Toki Yoshitatsu (b.1526) (son of Yoshiaki - born into Saito clan to Yoshiaki's concubine who was taken by the Saito)

    Toki Kisayori
    Toki Yoriaki
    Toki Yoritsugu

    Hachiya Yoritaka 1534-1589

    Fuwa Mitsuharu d.1583?
    Fuwa Naomitsu (son)

    Kaiho Tsunechika d.1573
    Kaiho Zen'emon (alt)
    Kaiho Yusho 1533-1615 Painter (son of tsunechika)

    not really retainers, but Kaiho leaders studied under these painters

    Kano Masanobu (1434-1530)

    Kano Motonobu (1514-1562) (son of masanobu)
    Kano Eitoku (son of motonobu)
    Kano Sanraku (1559-1635) (son of Eitoki)
    Kano Mitsunobu (1561-1608) (son of Eitoki)
    Kano Takanobu (1571-1618) (son of Eitoki)

    Kano Shoei (circa 1500)
    Kano Eitoku 1543-1590

    unsure if Shoei is alt-name of Motonobu,
    maybe two Eitoku's? because sons at 16 yrs is unusual

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    Default Re: leaders/heirs/heroes/generals

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    may need to add some unaffiliated

    ///////FAMOUS KINGS//////

    Ashikaga Yoshimochi (1385-1428) - liked boys
    Ashikaga Yoshinori (1394-1441) - vulnerable to assassins
    Ashikaga Takauji 1305 - 1358 - good general
    Ashikaga Yoshiteru 1536-1565 - well respected diplomat
    Ashikaga Yoshihisa 1465 to 1489 - sickly

    Ashikaga Yoshikatsu 1434 to 1443 - sickly
    Ashikaga Yoshimasa 1436 to 1490 - builder
    Ashikaga Yoshitane 1466 to 1523 - good general
    Ashikaga Tadayoshi 1306-1352- backroom dealer

    ////// SENGOKU ERA //////

    Ashikaga Yoshihide d.1597
    Ashikaga Yoshizumi 1480 to 1511
    Ashikaga Yoshiharu 1511 to 1550
    Ashikaga no Yoshihide 1564 to 1568
    Ashikaga Yoshitsuna (1509-1573)

    // OTHER //

    Ashikaga Kakukei
    Ashikaga Masatomo 1435-1491
    Ashikaga Chachamaru D.1490
    Ashikaga Jundouji

    Ashikaga Sadauji 1273 1331
    Ashikaga Haruuji (3 haruuji's??)

    Ashikaga Yoshikazu 1407 to 1425

    Ashikaga Yoshiyasu d.1157 (ancestor of clan)
    Ashikaga Yoshikane d. 1199
    Ashikaga Yoshimi (1439-1491)
    Ashikaga Yoshiotane
    Ashikaga Mochiuji

    Ashikaga Motouji 1340-1367
    Ashikaga Yoshiki
    Ashikaga Yoshihiro
    Ashikaga Yoshishuka
    Ashikaga Yoshifuyu

    Ashikaga Yoshitada
    Ashikaga Kakukei

    Ashikaga Ujimitsu (1359-1398)
    Ashikaga Mitsukane 1378-1409
    Ashikaga Mochiuji (1398-1439)
    Ashikaga Shigeuji (1434-1497)
    Ashikaga Nagauji (1211-1290).
    Ashikaga Kuniuji (son of nagauji)

    Ashikaga Shigeuji
    Ashikaga Yoshimitsu 1358 to 1408
    Ashikaga Tadafuyu
    Ashikaga Yoshiakira 1330 to 1367

    //Ashikaga of the Kanto - related//

    Ashikaga Shigeuji (1438?-1531)
    Ashikaga Haruuji d.1554
    Ashikaga Masatomo d.1491
    Ashikaga no Chachamaru d.1498
    Ashikaga Jundoji d.1491?
    Ashikaga Masauji (1466-1531)
    Ashikaga no Yoshiaki d.1538
    Ashikaga no Yoshizumi (d.1538)
    Ashikaga Yorizumi (d.1601)
    Ashikaga no Haruuji 1503?-1560
    Ashikaga no Yoshiuji (D.1583


    Akamatsu Masanori d.1577 (son of Masamoto) - discerning and proud general

    Akamatsu Mochisada - liked boys

    Kan'ami Kiyotsugu 1333-1384 actor, playwright
    Yuzaki Kiyotsugu (alt)
    Kan'ami Miyomaru (alt)
    Kanze Kiyotsugu (alt)

    Zeami Motokiyo c.1363–c.1443 (son of Kan'ami Kiyotsugu) - actor, playwright, liked boys
    Kanze Motokiyo (alt)

    Sakai Tadakiyo (1624-1681) - a judge/great elder


    Akamatsu Enshin (1277-1350)
    Akamatsu Harumasa (father of Yoshisuke)
    Akamatsu Masamoto
    Akamatsu Masamura d.1524
    Akamatsu Mitsusuke 1381 to 1441 - assasinated Yoshinori

    Akamatsu Norifusa d.1600
    Akamatsu Norimura 1277 to 1350
    Akamatsu Norisuke 1312 to 1371
    Akamatsu Sadamura
    Akamatsu Suefusa

    Akamatsu Soshu 1721 to 1801
    Akamatsu Yoshinori 1358 to 1427
    Akamatsu Yoshisuke D 1576 (father of Norifusa)

    Arakida Moritake 1473-1549 (son)

    Aso Koremitsu
    Aso Koretoyo 1543-1584
    Aso Miyatsuko

    Enya Hangan
    Enya Takasada
    Gido Shushin (1325-88)
    Hino Shigemitsu

    Ise Sadachika
    Ise Sadaroku (late 1400's)
    Ishido Yoshifusa
    Isshiki Fujinga

    Kakiya Mitsunari d.1592 (son of tsugunari)
    Kakiya Oki (alt)
    Kakiya Tsugunari
    Karasumaru Suketo
    Kengyo Tsusei
    Kizan Dokei

    Ko Moroaki
    Ko Morofuyu
    Ko Moroshige
    Ko Moromochi
    Ko Moronao D 1351
    Ko Moronatsu
    Ko Moroyasu D 1351
    Ko Moroyo D 1351

    MOVED TO ASAI - Kyogoku Takahide
    MOVED TO ASAI - Kyogoku Takatomo
    MOVED TO ASAI - Kyogoku Takatsugu
    MOVED TO ASAI - Kyogoku Takayoshi 1508-1581

    Mizubuchi Fujihide
    Momochi Sadayu
    Murakami Yokishigo
    Murata Juko (also Shuko, 1422-1502),
    Murata Shuko

    Nagaoshi Takaie
    Negi Morihide
    Noda Naritomo
    Noda Masatomo (son of Noda Naritomo)
    Noda Umanosuke (alt)

    Oboshi Yoshio
    Ouchi Hiroyo
    Ouchi Yoshihiro 1356 - 1399

    Ranshu Ryoho

    Shoni Yorihisa
    Shibukawa Mitsuyori
    Shibukawa Yoshiaki
    Shun'oku Myoha (1311-88)

    Uryu Hangan Gikanbo

    Yamana Mitsusuke
    Yamana Sozen (1404-1474) (the "Red Monk")
    Yamana Souzen (alt)
    Yamana Michitoyo (alt)
    Yamana Mochitoyo (alt)
    Yamana Akanyudo (alt)

    Yamana Masakuni
    Yamana Mitsuyasu
    Yamana Tokiuji (d.1372)
    Yamana Toyokuni (1548-1626)
    Yamana Toyomasa

    Yamana Toyosada (1512-1560)
    Yamana Toyoyoshi
    Yamana Yoshinori

    Yoshioka Denshichiro
    Yoshioka Hanshichiro
    Yoshioka Seijiro

    Yuki Chikatomo
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    Default Re: leaders/heirs/heroes/generals


    about 20 retainers short, i will add some unaffiliated samurai later

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    ///////FAMOUS KINGS//////

    Chosokabe Kunichika Lived 1504 to 1560 FEARLESS
    Chosokabe Motochika Lived 1538 to 1599 FEARLESS (son of kunichika)
    Chosokabe Kunai no sho (title)
    Chosokabe Motoshika (alt-2)
    Chosokabe Himewakako (nickname - means young princess)

    Chosokabe Chikayasu 1543-1593 (son of kunichika) a diplomat and soldier

    Chosokabe Chikamasu remembered as a big and cheerful individual, despite his flagging health

    Chosokabe Morichika Lived 1575 to 1615 (son of motochika) Great Leader
    Chosokabe Murichika (alt)
    Chosokabe Gunaishosuke (title)

    ////// SENGOKU ERA //////

    Chosokabe Chikakazu d.1587 (son of motochika)
    Chosokabe Chikasada 1541-1576 (son of kunichika)
    Chosokabe Chikatada d.1600
    Chosokabe Magojiro (alt)

    Chosokabe Chikatake d.1589
    Chosokabe Chikauji (d.1592) (son of chikayasu)
    Chosokabe Chikazane (son of Chikasada)

    Chosokabe Kanetsugu
    Chosokabe Kuniyasu
    Chosokabe Moritaka d.1615
    Chosokabe Morinobu d.1615
    Chosokabe Moriyasu d.1615
    Chosokabe Morishige (very late 1500's)

    Chosokabe Nobuchika 1565-1587 (son of motochika)
    Chosokabe Yasaburo (alt)
    Chosokabe Sadachika (son of chikayasu)
    Chosokabe Yasutoyo
    Chosokabe Yasutoyomoto

    // OTHER //

    Chosokabe Nagauji
    Chosokabe Mitsuuji
    Chosokabe Yoshitsugu


    Kira Chikazane 1563-1588 (son of Chikasada) hot-tempered and combative
    Satake Yoshihide d.1581 - known for his skill with bow and arrow

    Yoshida Takayori 1494?-1563 a capable soldier and loyal
    Yoshida Shigetoshi (brother) a capable soldier and loyal
    Yoshida lchian - medicine

    Ki Tsurayuki - governor of Tosa, journalist 870?-945
    Ono Noayuki (rebellious)


    Chubei Tani (mid 1500's)

    Doi Michinao (Iyo Province)
    Doi Michitake (son) B.154? d.158?
    Doi Michitoshi d.1579

    Hiraoka Fusazane
    Hiraoka Michiyori (son)
    Hisatake Chikanao (mid 1500's)
    Hisatake Kuranosuke (alt)
    Hisatake Chikanobu d.1579

    Emura Chikamasa
    Emura Chikaie (son Chikamasa)
    Emura Chikatoshi d.1587 (son Chikaie)
    Emura Magozaemon (alt)

    Jinzenji Bungo (b circa 1520)

    Kagawa Chikakazu
    Kagawa Nobukage d.1581
    Kagawa Chikazane (is not any other Chikazane)
    Kagawa Chikagazu
    Kagawa Mitsukage
    Kagawa Yukikage

    Kiita Shigetoshi
    Kiita Chikaie (2nd son)

    Kira Chikasada
    Kira no Chikazane d.1600 (?? maybe a cousin?)
    Kira Mitsuuji abt 1320
    Kira Nagauji 1211 1290
    Kira Yoshitsugu

    Kono Michimasa
    Kono Michihisa d.1519
    Kono Michinao d.1572 (son of Michihisa)
    Kono Danjoshosuke (alt)

    Kono Michiyoshi (d.1579)
    Kono Michinobu d.1581 (son of Michiyoshi)
    Kono no Michinao d.1587 (son of Michinobu)
    Kono Naomasa
    Kurushima Michiyasu 1519-1567
    Kurushima Michifusa 1562-1597 (son of Michiyasu)
    Kurushima Yasuchika 1582-1612 (son of Michifusa)
    Kuwana Kazutaka 1561?-1615

    Motoyama Yasuaki
    Motoyama Shigetoki (son of yasuyaki)
    Motoyama Shigetatsu (son of shigetoki)
    Murakami Yoshitaka d.1580 (Kono retainer)

    Ogawa Shinzaemon (early 1500's)
    Okabayashi Shoken (early 1500's)
    Okunomiya Masaie 1554-1587
    Okunomiya Kurando (alt)

    Ryoma Sakamoto d.1867

    Sannomiya Sahyoe 1565-1586
    Satake Chikanao d.1615 (son of Yoshihide)
    Satake Nakajiro (d.1671) (son of chikanao)
    Shima Chikamasu
    Sogo Nagayasu

    Tani Tadasumi 1533-1600
    Tonami Chikatake
    Tsuno Chikatada
    Tsuno Katsuoki
    Tsuno Magojiro

    Utsunomiya Toyotsuna

    Yamanouchi Kazutoyo (1514-1605)

    Yoshida Shigekatsu
    Yoshida Yasutoyo
    Yoshida Yasutoyomoto

    Wada Michioki d.1554?

    Kosokabe Chikayasu 1543-1593
    Kousokabe Chikayasu

    Kosokabe Chikauji (d.1592) (son of chikayasu)
    Kousokabe Chikauji

    Kosokabe Sadachika (son of chikayasu)
    Kousokabe Sadachika

    Chyosokabe Kunichika
    Chyosokabe Nobuchika
    Chyosokabe Motochika
    Chyosokabe Morichika

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    Default Re: leaders/heirs/heroes/generals


    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    ///////FAMOUS KINGS//////

    Date Masamune 1567 to 1636 (son of Terumune) Brilliant General
    Date Bontenmaru (alt)

    Date Tadamune (1599-1658) (son of Masamune) Brilliant General

    Date Terumune 1543 to 1585. (son of Haramune) Good General
    Date Harumune 1519 to 1577/8 (son of Tanemune) Good General

    Date Munekatsu (son of Masamune) - schemer
    Date Muneyoshi - schemer

    Date Tsunamune (1640-1711) (son of Tadamune) - drunk - debauchery (is second of name)

    Date Sanemoto 1527-1587 (son of Tanemune) - good soldier

    ////// SENGOKU ERA //////

    Date Tanemune 1488-1565 (founder??)

    Date Chikataka (son of Harumune)
    Date Yoshinori (son of Tanemune)
    Date Munemoto (son of Tanemune)
    Date Harutane (son of Tanemune)

    X-= using one of this name only =-X-= Date Tsunamune (son of Tanemune) =-X

    Date Shigezane 1568 to 1646. (son of Sanemoto)
    Date Togoro (alt)

    Date Masakage (son of Haramune)
    Date Munetoshi (son of Masakage)
    Date Munetsuna (son of Masakage (2 munetsuna's))
    Date Akimitsu (son of Haramune)
    Date Yoshimune (son of Akimitsu)
    Date Naomune (son of Haramune)

    Date Hidemune (son of Masamune)

    Date Munekiyo (son of Masamune)

    Date no Munetsuna (son of Masamune (2 munetsuna's))
    Date Munetaka (son of Masamune)

    Date Munenari 1818 to 1892
    Date Muneki (alt)
    Date Uemune (1488-1565)

    16th Century
    Date Harumune (1519-1577)
    Date Akimitsu 1550-1622(son-of-harumune)(adopted out into Ishikawa)
    Date Jiro (alt)

    Date Masamune (1567-1636)
    Date Masamichi (1578-1590) His name is questionable as he probably had not gone through genpuku.

    Date Hidemune (1591-1658)
    Date Shuyu (15??-1642)

    ////// OTHER LEADERS //////

    14th Century
    Date Muneto (1324-1385)
    Date no Masamune (1353-1405)
    Date Ujimune (1371-1412)
    Date Mochimune (1393-1469)

    15th Century
    Date Narimune (1435-1487?)
    Date Hisamune (1453-1514)


    Tojiro Masamune (alt-2 for Date Masamune)

    Shiroishi Munesane 154?/155?-1599 distiguished soldier

    Yashiro Kageyori 1561-1608 - important commander - corrupt?
    Yashiro Gensaburo (alt)

    Yamaoka Shigekage 1544-1626 - very loyal
    Yamaoka Shima (alt)

    Watari Motomune 1530-1594 (son of Date Harumune and an adopted son of Watari Munetaka) - very

    good soldier
    Date Motomune (alt)

    Katakura Kagetsuna 1557-1615 - great h2h
    Katakura Kojuro (alt)
    Katakura Shigetsuna 1585-1659 (son of kagetsuna) - great h2h
    Katakura Shigenaga (alt-1)
    Katakura no Kojuro (alt-2)
    Katakura Samon (alt-3)

    Oyamada Yorisada 1525-1588 - reknowned as a great warrior
    Oyamada Chikuzen (alt)

    Suzuki Motonobu 1555-1620 - very good administrator
    Hozumi Motonobu (alt)
    Suzuki Shichiemon (alt AND Sons name)

    Goto Nobuyasu d.1614 (alt-1) A brave general
    Goto Ki no Goto (alt-2)
    A brave general, he served Date Masamune as a gun-bûgyo (army commissioner) and was known for

    the yellow surcoat he wore in battle (earning him the nickname 'Ki no Goto').

    Hasekura Tsunenaga - diplomat - 1571-1622
    Hasakura Rokuemon (alt)


    // (dupe names removed)
    Ayukai Yasuchika
    Ayukai Moritsugu (1555-1624)
    Ayukai Munetsugi (alt)
    Yokogoshi Moritsugu (alt)
    Yokogoshi Yasuchika

    Fujimoto Yamakage (ancestor)
    Fujihara Yamakage (alt)
    Ayukai Nakamasa (son)
    Fujimoto Nakamasa (alt)
    Ayukai Sadashige (son)
    Ayukai Yasushige (alt-1)
    Fujimoto Sadashige (alt-2)
    Fujimoto Yasushige (alt-3)

    Ayukai Narimune
    Ayukai Munemori (son)
    Ayukai Sadamune (son)
    Ayukai Morimune (son)
    Ayukai Munetomo (son of morimune)

    Ayukai Tadamune (son of moritsugu)
    Ayukai Munenobu (son of moritsugu)
    Ayukai Munetetsu (son of munenobu)
    Ayukai Munekage (son of munetetsu)
    Ayukai Morikage (son of munetetsu)

    Endo Motonobu 1532?-1585
    Endo Munenobu (son) 1572?-1593
    Endo Harunobu (2nd son motonobu)
    Endo Shikibu-taiyu (alt)
    Endo Motonobu
    Goto Nobuie (adopted by Yunome Nobuyasu)

    Hamada Hikozo
    Hamada Ichizaemon
    Haneda Naokage late 1500's retainer of date shigezane
    Harada Munemasa
    Harada Munetoki 1565-1593 (nephew)

    Ishikawa Harumitsu
    Ishikawa Akimitsu 1550-1622 (date)
    Ishikawa Jiro (alt)
    Ishikawa Yoshimune (date)

    Izumida Kagetoki
    Izumida Mitsutoki d.1582 (son of kagetoki)
    Izumida Shigemitsu 1529-1596 (son of kagetoki)
    Izumida Suketaro (alt)

    Iwaki Chikataka

    Kano Munetoki

    Kasai Harutane (son of Date Tanemune)
    Kasai Harunobu (son of Harutane)
    Kasai Harukiyo (alt)
    Kasai Yoshishige (son of harunobu)
    Kasai Kiyotaka (son of harunobu)

    Kokuban Moriuji (circa 1500)
    Kokuban Morishige 1553-1615 (son of Date Harumune and was adopted by Moriuji)
    Date Morishige (alt)

    Masuda Kita (1539-16??)

    Matsuoka Nagatoki 1564-1644
    Oniwa Yoshinao 1513-1585 - fierce warrior, took many heads
    Oniwa Satsuki (alt-1)
    Oniniwa Yoshinao (alt-2)
    Moniwa Yoshinao (alt-3)

    Oniwa Tsunamoto 1549-1640 (son of Yoshinao)
    Oniniwa Tsunamoto (alt-1)
    Moniwa Tsunamoto (alt-2)

    Oniniwa Motozane (14??-15??)
    Moniwa Motozane (alt)
    Oniniwa Yoshimoto (1575-1663)
    Moniwa Yoshimoto (alt)
    Moniwa Tadamoto (alt) - changed to "Moniwa" for Oniniwa clan
    Oniniwa Tadamoto (alt)

    Osaki Yoshinori

    Nakajima Munetada
    Nakajima Muneyasu (son of munetada)
    Nakajima Munemoto d.1589

    Rusu Kaneie
    Rusu Akimune d.1567 ??
    Rusu Masakage 1549-1607 (son of date harumune, adopted by rusu akimune)
    Rusu Munetoshi (son of masakage)
    Rusu Munetsuna (son of masakage)

    Senoue Nobuyasu 1553-1617
    Senoue Kageyasu (alt-1)
    Senoue Matashiro (alt-2)
    Senoue Nakatsukasa (alt-3)
    Soma Akitane

    Tamura Muneaki (late 1500's)
    Tamura Kiyoaki

    Yunome Shigenobu
    Yunome Nobuyasu (son#2)

    Watari Munetaka

    ///// MEIJII and SPARES /////

    Date-Sakyonosuke Muratoyo (circa late 1600's 1700's) - no relation??

    Isa Tomomune (founder)
    Date Tomomune

    17th Century
    Date Munetsuna (1603-1618)
    Date Munenobu (1603-1627)
    Date Munehiro (1612-1644)
    Date Munetoki (1615-1653)
    Date Torachiyomaru (1624-1630)
    Date Munetoshi (1625-1678)
    Date Mitsumune (1627-1645)
    Date Munetosi (1634-1708)
    Date Munezumi (1636-1708)
    Date Sourin (1640-1670)

    Date Munefusa (1646-1686)
    Date Tsunamura (1659-1719)
    Date Munenori (1673-1694)
    Date Yoshimura (1680-1751)
    Date Muratoyo (1682-1737)
    Date Muraoki (1683-1767)
    Date Muranari (1686-1726)
    Date Murasen (1698-1744)

    18th Century
    Date Murasumi (1717-1735)
    Date Muranobu (1720-1765)
    Date Murakata (1745-1790)
    Date Murayoshi (1778-1820)

    19th Century and After Meiji restoration
    Date Yoshitaka (1812-1862)
    Date Yoshihiro (1825-1874)
    Date Kunninei (1830-1874)
    Date Kuninao (1834-1891)
    Date Kuninari (1841-1904))
    Date Munemoto (1866-1917)
    Date Takeshiro (1868-1908)
    Date Kunimune (1870-1923)

    20th Century
    Date Okimune (1906-1947)
    Date Munehide (1908-1964)
    Date Munemi (1918-1982)
    Date Sadamune (1937-1981)
    Date Yasumune (1959-)

    Adopted Members
    They were born to the Date clan but were adopted by other families.

    Tamura Muneyoshi (1637-1678)
    Tamura Tateaki (1656-1708)
    Tamura Akihiro (1659-1696)
    Tamura Akinao (1662-1706)
    Tamura Akinori (1664-1733)
    Tamura Haruchiyo (1686-1693)
    Tamura Nobuaki (1703-1725)
    Tamura Muranobu (1723-1777)

    Shiraishi Gorokichi (1638-1644)

    Uesugi Yoshifusa (1720-1742)
    Uesugi Yoshitoki (1742-1784)
    Uesugi Yoshinaga (?-?)
    Uesugi Yositatsu (?-?)
    Uesugi Yoshimasa (?-?)
    Usesugi Yoshitoyo (?-1861)

    (ORIGINAL CLAN NAMES of those adopted out)
    Date Muneyoshi (1637-1678)
    Date Tateaki (1656-1708)
    Date Akihiro (1659-1696)
    Date Akinao (1662-1706)
    Date Akinori (1664-1733)
    Date Haruchiyo (1686-1693)
    Date Nobuaki (1703-1725)
    Date Muranobu (1723-1777)
    Date Gorokichi (1638-1644)
    Date Yoshifusa (1720-1742)
    Date Yoshitoki (1742-1784)
    Date Yoshinaga (?-?)
    Date Yositatsu (?-?)
    Date Yoshimasa (?-?)
    Date Yoshitoyo (?-1861)
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    Default Re: leaders/heirs/heroes/generals


    there are a few deliberately missing, (they have gone to other clans)
    the vast majority of "other" kings will become generals

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    ///////FAMOUS KINGS//////

    Fujiwara Kamatari (founder - placed emporer in power)
    Fujiwara Akihiro (well eductaed - poet)
    Fujiwara Michinaga - court machinations - influential
    Fujiwara Michinori - scholar
    Fujiwara Sadaie (well eductated - poet)
    Fujiwara Nobuyori (treacherous - disloyal)
    Fujiwara Shinzei - SCHOLAR
    Fujiwara Shunzei - well educated - poet
    Fujiwara Teika - well educated - famous poet
    Fujiwara Tadahira (good nature and industriousness)
    Fujiwara Fuhito (drafted japans first legal code)

    ////// SENGOKU ERA //////
    //(well - as close to the era as i could get anyway)//

    Fujiwara Hisaakira 1274 1328
    Fujiwara Koreyasu 1264 1326
    Fujiwara Morikuni 1301 1333
    Fujiwara Morinaga 1308 1335
    Fujiwara Munetaka 1242 1274
    Fujiwara Narinaga 1325 1338
    Fujiwara Tameie (1198-1275)
    Fujiwara Tamenori (1226-1279)
    Fujiwara Tamesuke (b. 1263)
    Fujiwara Yoritsugu 1239 to 1256
    Fujiwara Kanehira (circa 1230) - no more than 5 years after, may be up to 20 years before this date
    Fujiwara Mototada (circa 1255)
    Fujiwara Kanemoto (circa 1280)
    Fujiwara Kintaka (circa 1280)
    Fujiwara Saneie (circa 1285)
    Fujiwara Huyuhira (circa 1290)

    ////// OTHER //////

    Fujiwara Buntaro
    Fujiwara Goroda
    Fujiwara Go-Uji

    Fujiwara Hidehira
    Fujiwara Hidesato
    Fujiwara Huyuhira

    Fujiwara Ietada
    Fujiwara Iezane
    Fujiwara Iametuni

    Fujiwara Kadonomaro
    Fujiwara Kanefusa
    Fujiwara Kaneie
    Fujiwara Kanemichi
    Fujiwara Kanesue
    Fujiwara Kanetsune
    Fujiwara Kanetune
    Fujiwara Kanezane
    Fujiwara Kanzane
    Fujiwara Kimisue
    Fujiwara Kinfusa
    Fujiwara Kinmori
    Fujiwara Kinsuke
    Fujiwara Kintsune
    Fujiwara Kinto
    Fujiwara Korechika
    Fujiwara Koremasa
    Fujiwara Koremichi
    Fujiwara Korenari
    Fujiwara Koretada
    Fujiwara Kyogoku

    Fujiwara Michiie
    Fujiwara Michikane
    Fujiwara Michimasa
    Fujiwara Michitaka
    Fujiwara Michitsuna
    Fujiwara Mitora
    Fujiwara Moroie
    Fujiwara Moromasa
    Fujiwara Moromichi
    Fujiwara Moronaga
    Fujiwara Morosuke
    Fujiwara Morozane
    Fujiwara Motofusa
    Fujiwara Motonari
    Fujiwara Mototoshi
    Fujiwara Mototsune
    Fujiwara Motozane
    Fujiwara Muchimaro
    Fujiwara Munesuke
    Fujiwara Munetada

    Fujiwara Nagaie
    Fujiwara Nakamaro
    Fujiwara Nakamura
    Fujiwara Nobuie
    Fujiwara Nobunaga
    Fujiwara Nobutaka
    Fujiwara Nobutsugu
    Fujiwara Norimichi
    Fujiwara Norinaga

    Fujiwara Obata
    Fujiwara Omi
    Fujiwara Onoshi
    Fujiwara Osamu
    Fujiwara Oshikatsu

    Fujiwara Saionzi
    Fujiwara Sanekane
    Fujiwara Sanemoto
    Fujiwara Saneyori
    Fujiwara Saneyuki
    Fujiwara Saniyori
    Fujiwara Shakua
    Fujiwara Sugane
    Fujiwara Sumimoto
    Fujiwara Sumitomo
    Fujiwara Suwo

    Fujiwara Tadamichi
    Fujiwara Tadamasa
    Fujiwara Tadazane
    Fujiwara Tamazaki
    Fujiwara Tamehide
    Fujiwara Tamekane
    Fujiwara Tamemitsu
    Fujiwara Tametoki
    Fujiwara Tanemasa
    Fujiwara Tanenari
    Fujiwara Toda
    Fujiwara Tokihara
    Fujiwara Tokihira
    Fujiwara Toku-ko
    Fujiwara Toshitada
    Fujiwara Toshinari
    Fujiwara Toyonari
    Fujiwara Tsugutada

    Fujiwara Uona

    Fujiwara Yabu
    Fujiwara Yamakage
    Fujiwara Yasuhira
    Fujiwara Yorimichi
    Fujiwara Yorinaga
    Fujiwara Yoritada
    Fujiwara Yoritsugo
    Fujiwara Yoritsune
    Fujiwara Yorizane
    Fujiwara Yoshifusa
    Fujiwara Yoshikado
    Fujiwara Yoshitsune


    Fujiwara Yukinari (calligrapher)
    Kiyowara Fukayabu (poet)
    Nakatomi Kamatari (very loyal)
    Sugawara Michizane (was deified!!)


    Ichijo Saneie
    Ichjo Kanera
    Ichjo Fuyuyoshi
    Ichjo Norifusa
    Ichjo Sanetsune
    Ichjo Tsunetsugu
    Imadegawa Kanesue

    Kazanin Michimasa
    Kiyowara Motosuke
    Konoe Motomi
    Konoe Nobutaka
    Konoe Sakihisa

    Kujo Kaneie
    Kujo Michinaga
    Kujo Mitora
    Kujo Morosuke
    Kujo Tadahira
    Kujo Tametokii
    Kujo Yoritsugo
    Kujo Yoritsugu
    Kujo Yoritsune

    Matsudono Motofusa
    Matsudono Shika
    Nakatomi Mikeko

    Nijo Nobufusa
    Nijo Tamemigi
    Nijo Tameshige
    Nijo Tameto
    Nijo Yoshimi
    Oe Masahira
    Ooimikado Nobutsugu

    Rezei Iametuni
    Rezei Tamehide
    Rezei Tanemasa
    Rokujo Suetsune
    Rokujo Tsuneie

    Saionji Kinsuke
    Saionji Sanekane
    Sanjo Saneshige
    Sugawara Nobutsune
    Sugawara Tamenaga

    Takatsukasa Haruyoshi
    Takatsukasa Huyuhira
    Takatsukasa Nobusuke
    Takatsukasa Osamu
    Takatsukasa Toshimichi

    Tameuji Tameie
    Tameuji Teika
    Tawara Hidesato
    Tawara Toda

    Tokudaiji Kintaka
    Tokudaiji Sanemoto
    Tokudaizi Kintaka
    Tooin Kinmori
    Yoshishige Yasutane

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    Default Re: leaders/heirs/heroes/generals

    (40 retainers short)
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    ///////FAMOUS KINGS//////

    Hatakeyama Yoshihide (?-1532?) (son Yoshitoyo) - reasonable general
    Hatakeyama Yoshikuni (1521-1580) (son of Yoshiuji) - reasonable general
    Hatakeyama Mochikuni (1398-1455) - general and advisor, only average
    Hatakeyama Naonobu - good castle assault
    Hatakeyama Yoshitsugu (1552-1585) (son of Yoshikuni) - not trustworthy/dishonourable
    Hatakeyama Yoshitaka (1545-1625) (son of Yoshitsuna) - good general

    ////// SENGOKU ERA //////

    Hatakeyama Masashige 1553-1625 (alt of yoshiharu)
    Hatakeyama Masanaga (d.1493) (adopted son of mochikuni)

    Hatakeyama Sadamasa d.1584 (son of masayori)

    Hatakeyama Tanenaga B.1503
    Hatakeyama Takamasa 1527-1576 (son of masakuni)
    Hatakeyama Terutaka (d.1573) (son of takamasa)

    Hatakeyama Yoshifusa 1495?-1545 (son of Yoshimoto)
    Hatakeyama Yoshiharu 1553-1625 (son of Yoshitsugu/Yoshimune depending on source of records)
    Hatakeyama no Yoshikuni (son Yoshitsugu)
    Hatakeyama Yoshimoto d.1514
    Hatakeyama Yoshinari (b.late 1400's) (natural son of mochikuni)
    Hatakeyama Yoshisane (son of Yoshiharu)
    Hatakeyama Yoshizane (alt1)

    Hatakeyama Yoshitsuna (1536-1594) (son of Yoshitsugu)
    Hatakeyama no Yoshitaka (1557?-1574) (son of Yoshitaka)
    Hatakeyama Yoshitsugu 1517?-1590 (son of Yoshifusa)
    Hatakeyama no Yoshitsugu 1552-1585 (son Yoshikuni)
    Hatakeyama Yoshitsuna 1536-1594 (son of Yoshitsugu)

    Hatakeyama Yoshiuji d 1547

    ////// OTHER LEADERS //////

    Hatakeyama Akitaka (son of masakuni)
    Hatakeyama Masakuni
    Hatakeyama Masayori (son of masakuni)
    Hatakeyama Masanobu (son of sadamasa)
    Hatakeyama Motokuni (Kannrei in 1398 )
    Hatakeyama Naomune
    Hatakeyama Shigetada (1164-1205)
    Hatakeyama Shigeyasu (?-1205
    Hatakeyama Takamochi
    Hatakeyama Tomotada
    Hatakeyama Yoshimune
    Hatakeyama Yoshinori
    Hatakeyama Yoshitoyo (descendent)
    Hatakeyama Yoshizumi 1176 1210
    Hatakeyama Yukishige


    Hatakeyama Takanori (boxer)
    Hatakeyana Masato (boxer)

    Jojo Masashige (alt of hatakeyama yoshitaka) - good general

    Igawa Mitsunobu (b.circa 1520 - d.?)- a very capable administrator and a loyal retainer
    Igawa Sogen (alt)

    Yamashina Tokitsugu - learned men
    Yamashina Tokitsune - learned men
    Nakamikado Nobutane - learned men
    Yanagimoto Kataharu - learned men
    Matsuya Hisamasa - learned men
    Shiba Yoshitoshi - learned men
    Hosokawa Harukuni - learned men
    Minase Kanenari - craftsman

    Matsumae Yoshihiro 1550-1618 - innovative general
    Kakizaki Yoshihiro (alt)

    Nitta Yoshisada (1301-1338) - good general

    Yuza Nobunori retainer-rebellious
    Yusa Nobunori (alt)


    Cho Shigetsura
    Cho Hidetsura
    Cho Tsugutsura d.1577 (son)
    Cho Shinkurô (alt)
    Cho Tsuratatsu 1546-1619 (son#1)
    Cho Tsunatatsu 1540-1577 (son#2)

    Jinbo Yoshimune d.1520
    Jinbo Yoshiaki (brother of yoshimune)
    Jinbo Nagamoto (son of yoshimune)
    Jinbo Ujiharu 1528-1592
    Jinbo Sukemochi

    Jojo Sadanori d.1513??
    Jojo Masashige (alt-2 of Hatakeyama Yoshiharu)
    Jojo Yoshiharu (alt-3 or Hatakeyama Yoshiharu)
    Jojo Yoshisane (alt2 of hatakeyama yoshisane)
    Jojo Yoshizane (alt3 of hatakeyama yoshisane)

    Kakizaki Yoshimune (Nitta Yoshimune- ancestor)
    Kakizaki Toshiie
    Kakizaki Kageie d.1575 (son of Toshiie)
    Kakizaki Haruie (d.1575?) (son of kageie)
    Kakizaki Noriie (son of kageie)

    Kojima Motoshige (early 1500's)
    Kojima Rokurozaemon (alt)
    Kojima Sadaoki

    Nihonmatsu Yoshiuji (alt of hatakeyama)
    Nihonmatsu Yoshikuni (alt of hatakeyama)
    Nihonmatsu Yoshitsugu (alt of hatakeyama)
    Nihonmatsu Yoshitsuna (alt of hatakeyama)
    Nihonmatsu no Yoshikuni (alt of hatakeyama)

    Niki Sanekuni
    Niki Yoshimi

    Nitta Yoshiaki
    Nitta Yoshimune
    Nitta Yoshisuke
    Nitta Yoshishige d.1202
    Nitta Yoshitoshi (son of yoshishige)

    Nukui Kagetake d.1582

    Taira Takamochi (ancestor)

    Yukawa Mitsuharu
    Yugawa Mitsuharu
    Yugawa Naomitsu d.1562 (son of Mitsuharu)
    Yugawa Naoharu (son of Naomitsu)

    Yusa Tsugumitsu d.1581
    Yuza Tsugumitsu (alt)

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    Default Re: leaders/heirs/heroes/generals


    these guys have a multitude of "leader" names,
    so i will sort them out absolute last

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    Default Re: leaders/heirs/heroes/generals


    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    ///////FAMOUS KINGS//////

    Hojo Soun 1432 - 1519 - political and military skill, a gifted administrator
    Hojo Nagauji (alt-1)
    Hojo Shinkuro (alt-2)
    Hojo Shozui (alt-3)

    Hojo Ujitsuna 1487-1541 - very good general - builder - popular with people (son of soun)

    Hojo Ujiyasu 1515-1571 - very good general - very good administrator - lowered taxes (son of

    Hojo Tsunashige (son of Ujitsuna) very early 1500's - very good defender

    Hojo Ujimasa (1538-1590) (son of Ujiyasu) - good general

    ////// SENGOKU ERA //////

    Hojo Kagetora (1552-1579) (son of Ujiyasu)
    Hojo Ujihide (alt-Kagetora)

    Hojo Morisada (father of hojo soun)

    Hojo Nagauji late 1400's
    Hojo Naoshige (son of Ujimasa)
    Hojo Nagatoshi (d.1569) (son of Nagatsuna)
    Hojo Nagatsuna 1493?-1589 (son of soun)
    Hojo Genan (alt-1)
    Hojo Gen'an (alt-2)

    Hojo Shinzaburo d. 1561

    Hojo Tsunashige d.1569 (son of Nagatsuna)
    // Hojo Tsunashige 1515-1587
    Hojo Tsunanari (alt-Tsunashige)

    Hojo Ujifusa (son of Ujimasa)
    Hojo Ota (alt-Ujifusa)

    Hojo Ujikatsu
    Hojo Ujikuni (1541-1597) (son of Ujiyasu)
    Hojo Fujita (alt-Ujikuni)

    Hojo Ujimitsu (son of Ujiyasu)
    Hojo Ujimori 1577 18 May 1608 (son of Ujinori)
    Hojo Ujinao 1562-1591 (son of Ujimasa)
    Hojo Ujinori (1545-1600) (son of Ujiyasu)
    Hojo Ujisada (son of Ujimasa)
    Hojo Ujishige 1536-1578 (son of tsunashige)
    Hojo Ujitada (son of Ujiyasu)
    Hojo Ujiteru (1539-1590) (son of Ujiyasu)
    Hojo Oishi (alt-Ujiteru)

    Hojo Ujitoki d.1534 (son of soun)
    Hojo Shinrokuro (alt)

    ////// OTHER LEADERS //////
    // Gempei War etc //

    Hojo Hidetoki - D.1333
    Hojo Hirotoki (1279-1315) (r. 1312-1315)
    Hojo Hisaakira 1276-1328

    Hojo Koresada (early 1300's)

    Hojo Masamura (1205-1273) (r. 1264-1268)
    Hojo Morimune (2nd son of Yasumori)
    Hojo Moritoki (?-1333) (r. 1327-1333)
    Hojo Morotoki (1275-1311) (r. 1301-1311)
    Hojo Mototoki (?-1333) (r. 1315)
    Hojo Munekage (1st son of Yasumori)
    Hojo Munenobu (1259-1312) (r. 1311-1312)

    Hojo Nagatoki (1229-1264) (r. 1256-1264) son of Shigetoki
    Hojo Nobutoki (late 1200's)

    Hojo Sadaaki (1278-1333) (r. 1326)
    Hojo Sadatoki (1271-1311) (r. 1284-1301)
    Hojo Sanetoki 1224-1276
    Hojo Saneyasu in 1224
    Hojo Shigetoki - Tokiyori's trusted uncle (3 Shigetoki's in tree)

    Hojo Takatoki (1303-1333) (r. 1316-1326)
    Hojo Takayori
    Hojo Tokifusa 1175 1240 brother of Yoshitoki
    Hojo Tokimasa (1138-1215) (r. 1203-1205)
    Hojo Tokimune (1251-1284) (r. 1268-1284) son of Tokiyori
    Hojo Tokimura (early 1300's)
    Hojo Tokiyori (1227-1263) (r. 1246-1256) (son of Tokiuji)
    Hojo Tsunetoki (1224-1246) (r. 1242-1246) (son of Tokiuji) grandson of Yasutoki
    Hojo Tokiuji 1203-1230 a son of Yasutoki
    Hojo Tokiyuki
    Hojo Tokushu (alt Yoshitoki)

    Hojo Yasumori (grandfather of Sadatoki)
    Hojo Yasutoki (1183-1242) (r. 1224-1242) eldest son of Yoshitoki
    Hojo Yoshifusa (1165?-?) (son of tokimasa)
    Hojo Yoshimasa (late 1200's)
    Hojo Yoshitoki (1163-1224) (r. 1205-1224) (son of tokimasa)


    Adachi Morimune - general
    Adachi Munekage - general
    Adachi Yasumori 1231-1285 - an ambitious and gifted admistrator

    Muto Kagesuke - general
    Takezaki Suenaga - general
    Toyama Tadakage - general

    Oishi Ujiteru (alt-2 of Hojo Ujiteru) - good soldier
    Fujita Ujikuni (alt-2 of Hojo Ujikuni) - good soldier
    Ota Ujifusa (alt-2 of Hojo Ujifusa) - good soldier

    (hojo soun alt-s)
    Ise Shinkuro - political and military skill, a gifted administrator
    Ise Shozui - political and military skill, a gifted administrator
    Ise Nagauji - political and military skill, a gifted administrator

    Kiyohara Noritaka - well educated
    Nasu Munetaka - skilled archery
    Musashi Benkei - extreme skilled hand to hand
    Matsuda Norihide d.1590 (son of yorihide) - treacherous


    Abe Muneto

    Adachi Kagemori (? - 1248) Hojo Tsunetoki and Hojo Tokiyori were his grandsons.
    Adachi Kenzo
    Adachi Morinaga 1135 1200
    Adachi Rensai (alt Morinaga)
    Adachi Yoshikage Died 1255 (1210-1253)
    Adachi Tsunetoki
    Adachi Tokiyori

    Akai Teruyasu
    Akai Terukage (son)

    Daidoji Shigeoki
    Daidoji Masashige 1533-1590 (son)
    Daidoji Naoshige (son#? of Masashige)
    Daidoji Naotsugu (son#4 of Masashige)

    Gotobyoe Sanemoto

    Fujita Yasukuni (early 1500's)
    Fujitsuna Aoto (1200's)
    Fuma Kotaro mid 1500's
    Kazama Kotaro (alt)

    Hiraga Tomomasa
    Hojo Hiro
    Hojo Ishido
    Hojo Jikkyu
    Hojo Kiyama
    Hojo Mura
    Hojo Toda
    Hojo Toranaga
    Hojo Usagi
    Hojo Yoshi
    Hojo Zataki
    Hojo Yajiro

    Ise Morisada (father of hojo soun)
    Isa Ujitsuna
    Ise Yajiro
    Ishimaki - retainers of Hojo
    Ishimaki Iesada
    Inomata - Hojo retainer family
    Inomata Kuninori d.1590

    Jiro Koretaka

    Kanezawa Sanetoki 1224-1276
    Kanezawa Saneyasu in 1224
    Kasahara Ujishige
    Kasahara Nobutame (son of Ujishige)
    Kasahara Yasukatsu d.1569 (son of Nobutame)
    Kasahara Terushige (son of Yasukatsu)
    Kasahara Kagemune b.1533
    Kasahara Mitsusada (early 1500's)
    Kiyowara Noritake
    Kiso Yoshinaka

    Matsuda Yorihide
    Matsuda Yasusada (son of yorihide)
    Minanoto Yukiie
    Minagawa Hirokatsu (1548-1576
    Minagawa Hiroteru d.1625 (son of hirokatsu)
    Minagawa Shimotsuke (alt)
    Minagawa Takatsune (1548-1576

    Nagasaki Shiro
    Nagoe Mitsutoki

    Ogata Koresaka
    Ota Dokan (1432-1486)
    Ota Sukeyasu

    Sasaki Hideyoshi (1112-1184)
    Sasaki Moritsuna (son of Hideyoshi)
    Shimizu Yasuhide 1532-1591

    Tosa Masatoshi

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    Default Re: leaders/heirs/heroes/generals


    drastically short of retainers

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    ///////FAMOUS KINGS//////

    Honda Tadakatsu 1548 - 1610 - brave excellent general - never injured in battle
    Honda Nakatsukasa (alt-Tadakatsu)
    Honda Heihachiro (alt-Tadakatsu)

    Honda Tadamasa (1530-1572) - inspires loyalty

    Honda Masanobu 1539-1617 (son of toshimasa) schemer

    Honda Masazumi 1566-1637 (son of masanobu) schemer
    Honda Yahachiro (alt of Masazumi)

    Honda Masashige 1545-1617 (4th son of toshimasa) bravery in combat

    Honda Shigetsugu 1529-1596 (son of shigemasa) He was skilled with the written word - Stern
    Honda Sakujuro (alt-Shigetsugu)
    Honda Sakuzaemon (alt-Shigetsugu)
    Honda KiyoSakuza (alt-Shigetsugu)

    Honda Hirotaka 1527-1596 (son of nobushige) - distinguished general (small units)

    Honda Tadatoki (1582-1615) (son of tadakatsu) - very brave
    Honda Tadatomo (alt?? tadatoki)

    Honda no Masashige 1580-1647 (son of masanobu) - very brave
    Honda Katsushige (alt of Masashige)

    Honda Tadatsugu 1547-1612 - good general (small unit)
    Honda Yasutoshi 1570-1622 (son of tadatsugu) - good general (small unit)

    ////// SENGOKU ERA //////

    Honda no Tadamasa (1575-1631/8?) (son tadakatsu)
    Honda no Tadatoki (1596-1626) (son of no tadamasa)
    Honda Masatoki (son of no tadamasa)

    Honda Masakatsu (Dewa no kami; 1596-1630) (son of tadatoki)
    Honda Toshimasa
    Honda Tadazumi 1586-1631 (son of masanobu)
    Honda Daigaku (alt of Tadazumi)

    Honda Shigemasa
    Honda Narishige 1571-1645 (son of shigetsugu)
    Honda Nobuyasu 1559-1579
    Honda Nobushige
    Honda Yasushige 1554-1611 (son of hirotaka)
    Honda Yasunori (son of Yasushige)
    Honda Tadatomo (1582-1615)
    Honda Masanobu d.1611

    ////// OTHER LEADERS //////

    Honda Kanemichi
    Honda Kouchiyo b.1618?? d.1621?? (son of no tadatoki)
    Honda Masauji
    Honda Tadayoshi (1602-1676) (son of no tadamasa)



    Fujiwara Katsuyoshi (unique)
    Sakai Naomasa
    Sakai Naoyoshi
    Sakai Shogen - enemy of Tokugawa
    Sakai Yasutoshi (second son of Sakai Tadatsugu(tokugawa/matsudaira retainer))
    Saito Sadamasa
    Suganuma Sadamura
    Toki Sadamasa

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    Default Re: leaders/heirs/heroes/generals


    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    ///////FAMOUS KINGS//////

    Hosokawa Sumimoto 1496 to 1520 son of Masamoto - fled regularly
    Hosokawa Harumoto 1519-1563 son of Sumimoto - kills his political enemies
    Hosokawa Fujitaka (1534 - 1610) an administrator skilled (son of Mototsune - adopted?)
    Hosokawa Yusai (alt)
    Hosokawa Yuusai (alt)

    Hosokawa Tadaoki (1564 - 1645) A noted warrior - scholar - killed servants (son of Fujitaka)
    Hosokawa Sansai (alt)
    Hosokawa Ujitsuna d.1563 son of Takakuni - good general - poor political

    ////// SENGOKU ERA //////

    Hosokawa Masamoto 1466 to 1507 (son katsumoto)
    Hosokawa Masaoki (1562-1618) (son of Fujitaka)
    Hosokawa Okimoto (alt)

    Hosokawa Masataka d.1511?
    Hosokawa Nobuyoshi (d.1615) son of Harumoto
    Hosokawa Okitaka (son of Tadaoki)
    Hosokawa no Okitaka 1632-1690 (son of Okimasa)
    Hosokawa Okiaki 1615 (son of Tadaoki)
    Hosokawa Tadaaki (alt)

    Hosokawa Okimasa 1604-1643 (son of Masaoki)

    Hosokawa Sumiyuki 1489?-1507 son of Masamoto
    Hosokawa Tadataka 1580-1646 (son of Tadaoki)
    Hosokawa Tadatoshi (1586-1641) (son of Tadaoki)
    Hosokawa Tatsutaka 1615-1645 (son of Tadaoki)
    Hosokawa Tasutaka (alt)

    Hosokawa Takakuni 1489 -1520 son of Masamoto
    Hosokawa no Takakuni d.1531?? (son of Masaharu?? adopted by Masamoto??)

    Hosokawa Takayuki (son of Fujitaka? alt?)

    Hosokawa Yoshiharu (v late 1400's)

    ////// OTHER LEADERS //////
    //Misc and Meijii era Hosokawa//

    Hosokawa Aritaka 1676-1733 (son of Yukitaka)
    Hosokawa Harusada
    Hosokawa Jozen
    Hosokawa Katsumoto 1430 to 1473
    Hosokawa Kiyouji Died 1362

    Hosokawa Masaharu
    Hosokawa Mitsumoto 1358 to 1426
    Hosokawa Mochiyuki 1400 to 1442
    Hosokawa Sannosuke (son of Yukitaka)
    Hosokawa Tsunatoshi (late 1600's)

    Hosokawa Yoriharu (1299-1352) Yoshisue's own great-grandson
    Hosokawa Yorimoto 1343 to 1397
    Hosokawa Yorisada
    Hosokawa Yoriyuki (1329 - 1392)
    Hosokawa Yoshisue
    Hosokawa Yoshikuni
    Hosokawa Yukitaka 1637-1690 (son of Tatsutaka/Tasutaka)
    Hosokawa Ujihara Died 1387


    Hosokawa Yoriharu noted warrior-scholar
    Hosokawa Akiuji D 1352 - brave, but not a good general

    Yamauchi Moritoyo
    Yamauchi Katsutoyo (1557-1617) (son of Moritoyo) - good soldier

    Mibuchi Yusai - an administrator skilled

    Yakushiji Yoichi 1475-1504 - rebellious
    Yakushiji Motoichi d.1504 (possible alt)

    Togashi Masachika d.1488 (nephew of Yasutaka) - unhappy populace - good general
    Togashi Yasutaka d.1504 - rebellious

    Rokkaku Sadayori 1495?-1552 (2nd son of Takayori) - very capable administrator
    Rokkaku Yoshiharu 1545-1612 (son of Yoshikata) - instructor of archery
    Sasaki Yoshiharu (alt-1)
    Rokkaku Yoshisuke (alt-2)

    Yamaoka Kageyuki
    Yamaoka Kagetaka 1526-1585 (son of Kageyuki) - rebellious
    Yamaoka Kagesuke 1531-1589 (son of Kageyuki) - rebellious

    Sen Rikyu - well educated - governor


    Hosokawa Motoari
    Hosokawa Harusada (son of motoari)
    Mibuchi Harusada (alt)

    Hosokawa Mototsune (son of motoari)

    Hosokawa no Fujitaka (son of harusada)
    Mibuchi Fujitaka (alt for Hosokawa no Fujitaka)

    Akazawa Tomotsune d.1507
    Amari Toriyasu Died 1548 (retainer?)

    Hatano Hidesato
    Hatano Tsunenori
    Hatano Tsunemoto
    Hatano Hidemichi (1500?)
    Hatano Hideharu d.1579 (son of hidemichi)
    Hatano Hidenao (son of hidemichi)
    Hatano Naomasa d.1576 (son of ??)
    Akai Naomasa d.1576 (alt)

    Ikai Nobusada - retainer of Rokkaku Yoshitaka
    Ikai Jinsuke (alt)

    Kinoshita Nobutoshi (late 1500's)
    Kobayashi Taro
    Kobayashi Zaemon
    Kosai Motochika d.1507
    Kosai Motonaga (alt)

    Kujo Masamoto
    Kujo Sumiyuki was a son of Kujo Masamoto

    Maeno Nagashige (late 1500's)
    Mikumo Sadamochi (d.1570)
    Mikumo Shigemochi d.1605 (son of sadamochi)
    Mikumo Shigenaga (son of shigemochi)

    Mimura Munechika (circa 1490)
    Mimura Iechika d.1566 (assasinated) (son of munechika)
    Mimura Motochika 1555?-1575 (son of iechika)

    Momii Norinari d.1576 (Hatano retainer)
    Momii Mosho (alt)

    Nagaoka Sato
    Nagaoka Okinaga
    Nagaoka Yoshishige (late 1500's)
    Numata Mitsukane (early 1500's)

    //The Rokkaku were descended from the Sasaki family
    //(by whose name they are occasionally referred)

    Rokkaku Takayori
    Rokkaku Yoshikata 1521-1598 Yoshikata (son of Sadayori)
    Sasaki Yoshikata (alt-1)
    Rokkaku Shotei (alt-2)
    Rokkaku Yoshitaka (alt-3??)
    Rokkaku Yoshisada (son of Yoshikata)
    Sasaki Yoshisada (alt)

    Rokkaku no Yoshikata Died 1581 (a different one??)
    Rokkaku Syotei (1500's) (an alt of Shotei?)
    Rokaku Yoshitaka
    Rokaku Sadayori
    Rokaku Yoshisada
    Rokaku Yoshiharu

    Togashi Taneyasu (son of Yasutaka)
    Togashi Kochiyo (brother of Masachika)

    Rokkaku Mitsutsuna
    Rokkaku Takahisa (son of mitsutsuna)
    Mori Takamasa 1559-1628
    Rokkaku Takamasa (alt-1)
    Mori Minbu-shosuke (alt-2)
    Rokkaku Minbu-shosuke (alt-3)
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    Default Re: leaders/heirs/heroes/generals


    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    ///////FAMOUS KINGS//////

    Imagawa Yoshitada 1416-1476 (son of noritada) - expansionist
    Imagawa Yoshichika (alt)

    Imagawa Ujichika 1471/3-1526 (son of yoshitada) - very capable leader
    Imagawa Tatsuomaru (alt)

    Imagawa Ujiteru (1513-1536) (son of ujichika) - good general (not great)

    Imagawa Yoshimoto 1519-1560 - diplomat/politician/general (son of ujichika)
    Imagawa Ujitoyo b.1521? (son of ujichika) - poet/renga - no political skill

    Imagawa Ujizane (1538-1614) (son of yoshimoto) - poor ruler - culturally refined
    Imagawa Sokan (alt)

    ////// SENGOKU ERA //////

    Imagawa Norikatsu (son of noritada)
    Imagawa Ryoshin d.1537 (son of Ujichika)
    Imagawa Ryoshun (alt)

    Imagawa Hikogoro (d.1536), (son of ujichika)
    Imagawa Yoshizane (son of ujichika)
    Imagawa Norimochi (1570-1607) (son of ujizane)
    Imagawa Naofusa (1597-1607) (son of norimochi)
    Imagawa Ujiteru 1597-1607 (son of naofusa)

    ////// OTHER LEADERS //////

    Imagawa Kuniuji 1242-1281/5
    Imagawa Morouji 1261-1323 (son of kuniuji)

    Imagawa Norikuni abt 1295/7 - 1365/84 (son of morouji)
    Imagawa Yorikuni d.1335 (son of morouji)
    Imagawa Norimitsu (son of morouji)
    Imagawa Yorichika (son of morouji)

    Imagawa Yorisada (son of yorikukni)

    Imagawa Noriuji 1316 1353/65 (son of norikuni)
    Imagawa Sadayo 1325 - 1420 (son of norikuni)
    Imagawa Ryoshun (alt)

    Imagawa Ujiie (son of noriuji)
    Imagawa Yasumori 1334 abt 1409 (son of noriuji)
    Imagawa Yasunori (alt?)
    Imagawa Ieuji (son of noriuji)

    Imagawa Norimasa (1360-1429) (son of yasumori)
    Imagawa Yasukumi (son of yasumori)
    Imagawa Yasukuni (alt?)

    Imagawa Noritada (1406-1441) (son of norimasa)
    Imagawa Noritoyo (son of norimasa)

    Imagawa Chiyoakimaru
    Imagawa Kaneuji
    Imagawa Masauji
    Imagawa Motouji
    Imagawa Ushimoto

    // too many - move some back into retainers//

    Sessai Choro 1496-1555/57 ?? (son of yoshitada) - monk-general-small units
    Taigen Sessai (alt-1)
    Imagawa Choro (alt-2)
    Imagawa Sessai (alt-3)
    Imagawa Taigen (alt-4)

    Matsudaira Motoyasu - brilliant leader

    Yamamoto Haruyuki 1501-1561 - brave beyond belief - good strategist too
    (alt-name Kansuke given to Takeda)

    Hattori Hanzo 1541-1596 (son of yasunaga) (ninja?) - excellent h2h
    Watanabe Hanzo (alt-1)
    Watanabe Jotaro (alt-2)
    Hattori Masashige (alt) (son of yasunaga) (ninja?) - excellent h2h

    Abe Motozane 1513-1587 - general - small units - survivor
    Matsui Munenobu - general - small units - very brave
    Itami Yasunao - general - small units
    Yamaguchi Noritsugu - general - small units
    Yamaguchi Noriyoshi - general - small units
    Ii Naomori 1506-1560 - general - small units - very brave
    Ii Naochika d.1562 (son of naomori) - general - small units - disloyal
    Yokoe Magohachi - general - small units
    Iio Tsurutatsu (1565) - general - small units - disloyal
    Iio Noritsura - general - small units
    Miura Yoshinari - general - small units
    Ichinomiya Munekore d.1560 - general - small units
    Okabe Motonobu d.1581 (son of Hisatsuna) - general - small units - extreme brave - extreme

    Udono Sanekata - a man of letters
    Udono Nagateru d.1562 (son of Nagamochi) - general - small units
    Udono Kurataro (alt)


    Ashikaga Yoshiuji 1189 1254
    Ashikaga Yoshinobu
    Ashikaga Yoshifusa
    Ashikaga Yoshikiyo 1183
    Ashikaga Chachamaru 1491

    Ashikaga Yoriuji abt 1240 1262
    Ashikaga Ietoki 1251 1285
    Ashikaga Yoshiuji 1541 1583
    Ashikaga Mitsuakira 1364 1418
    Ashikaga Yasuuji 1216 1270

    Ashikaga Takamoto 1535
    Ashikaga no Takauji (alt)
    Ashikaga Ujiharu
    Ashikaga on Yoshihide 1538 Sep 1568

    Asahina Nobuoki 1528-1582

    Amano Hidefuji
    Amano Kagetsura
    Amano Koshirô

    Fuji Nobutada d.1583

    Fukushima Ujikatsu
    Fukushima Hyogo (Daimyo Totomoi) D.1521

    Fukushima Masashige d.1521?
    Kushima Masashige (alt-1)
    Fukshima Masanori (alt-2)
    Fukushima Hyogo no kami (alt-3)
    Fukshima Tsunashige 1515-1587 (son of masashige)
    Kushima Tsunashige (alt-1)
    Fukshima Tsunanari (alt-2)
    Kushima Tsunanari (alt-3)

    Kitsuregawa Yoshichika
    Kanbara Ujikane
    Kikuchi Takemitsu (1319-1373)

    Hattori Yasunaga
    Hattori Masanari d.1615 (son of masashige)
    Hattori Masashige (son of masashige)

    Hojo Tamemasa 1520 3 May 1541
    Hojo Ujitoshi
    Hojo Tomotoki
    Hojo Mitsutoki
    Hojo Noritoki 1235 1272

    Hojo Tokiaki 1215 1272
    Hojo Tokikage
    Hojo Tokikane 1252
    Hojo Tokinaga 1252
    Hojo Tokizane 1212 1227

    Hojo Masamichi
    Hojo Masatoshi 1309
    Hojo Michinari
    Hojo Mitsutomo

    Iin Naomori (1506?-1600)

    Jo Takeaki (retainer of takemitsu)

    Matsudaira Sagami
    Matsudaira Izu
    Matsudaira Kagetada
    Matsudaira Koremasu
    Matsudaira Sadanobu
    Matsudaira Tadayoshi

    Makino Ujikatsu
    Makino Sadanari d.1566 (son of Makino Ujikatsu)

    Naka no Mikado Nobutane (kyoto noble - father of yoshimoto's wife)
    Niino Chikanori d.1564
    Niino Samanosuke (alt)

    Ogasawara Haruyoshi d.1572 (son of Ogasawara Nagataka - uesugi retainer)
    Ogasawara Nagauji (alt-1)
    Ogasawara Okihachiro (alt-2)

    Ogasawara Ujikiyo 1529-1569 (son of haruyoshi)
    Ogasawara Yoshiyori d.1572 (son of haruyoshi)
    Ogasawara Yohachiro (alt)
    Ogasawara Kiyohiro (son of haruyoshi)
    Ogasawara Tsunauji (son of haruyoshi)

    Ogasawara Ujisuke (son of Ujikiyo)
    Ogasawara Okahachiro (alt-1)
    Ogasawara Ujikiyo (alt-2)

    Ogasawara Yoshiharu (son of Yoshiyori)
    Ogasawara Ujinobu (son of Yoshiyori)
    Ogasawara Shigetsugu (son of Yoshiyori)

    Ogasawara Tomosada
    Ogasawara Tomotaka d.1573 (son of Tomotada)

    Okabe Hisatsuna
    Okabe Masatsuna 1542-1583 (son of Hisatsuna)
    Okabe Nagamori 1568-1632 (son of masatsuna)
    Okabe Nagakatsu (son of nagamori)

    Okuyama Chikatomo

    Oshika Norimitsu (cousin of Ujichika)
    Oshika Shingoro (alt-1

    Suzuki Shigeteru
    Shiba Ieuji
    Shiba Yoshisato
    Sekiguchi Ujihiro d.1562
    Sekiguchi Chikanaga

    Toda Yasumitsu (v.early 1500's)

    Udono Nagamochi d. 1561
    Udono Nagamochi (d.1562?)
    Udono Nagatada (son of Nagamochi)

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    Default Re: leaders/heirs/heroes/generals


    needs many more retainers - will import from either unaffiliated or excess Tokugawa
    - i have pages of tokugawa and toytomi retainers/allies

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    ///////FAMOUS KINGS//////

    Maeda Toshiie 1538 1599 (son of Toshiharu)
    - well educated - good with yari - brilliant general - good ruler - aggressive soldier
    Maeda Matazaemon (alt-1)
    Maeda Magoshiro (alt-2)
    Maeda Chikuzen (alt-3)
    Maeda Mataza (alt-4)
    Maeda Inuchiyo (alt-5)
    Magoshiro Toshiie (alt-6)
    Matsuoka Toshiie (alt-7)
    Hayashi Toshiie (alt-8)
    Yari no Mataza(alt-9)

    Maeda Toshimasa 1578-1632/33 (son of Toshiie) - a very forceful personality
    Maeda Takamasa (alt)
    Maeda Toshinaga 1562 1614 (son of Toshiie) - builder
    Maeda Magashiro (alt)

    Maeda Toshitsune 1593 1658 (son of Toshiie / adopted by Toshinaga??) - very cultured
    //Maeda Toshitsune 1580? d.? (son of Toshinaga)//(2 of name)

    Maeda Toshiharu (1618-1660) (son of Toshitsune) - builder

    ////// SENGOKU ERA //////

    Maeda Toshitaka

    //Maeda Toshiharu d.1560/69? (son of Maeda Toshitaka)//(2 of name)
    Maeda Toshimasa (alt)

    Maeda Toshifusa (son of Toshiharu)
    Maeda Yoshiyuki (?-1572) (son of Toshiharu)
    Sawaki Yoshiyuki (alt)

    Maeda Toshihisa (son of Toshiharu) d.1583
    Maeda Hidetsugu (son of Toshiharu) d.1585
    Maeda Yasukatsu (son of Toshiharu)

    Maeda Kiku 1578-1620 (son of Toshiie)
    Maeda Toshitaka 1594-1637 (son of Toshiie)-(fifth son, lord of Nanokaichi domain)
    Maeda Toshinaka (son of Toshiie)

    Maeda Mitsumasa (1613-1645) (son of Toshitsune)
    Maeda Mitsutaka (alt-more common name?)
    Maeda Toshitsugi (son of Toshitsune)
    Maeda Toshitsugu (alt)

    ////// OTHER LEADERS //////

    Maeda Tsunanori (son of mitsumasa)
    Maeda Yoshinori (son of tsunanori)
    Maeda Munetoki (son of yoshinori)
    Maeda Shigehiro (son of yoshinori)
    Maeda Shigeyasu (son of yoshinori)
    Maeda Shigemichi (son of yoshinori)
    Maeda Harunaga (10th son of yoshinori)

    Maeda Toshiaki (1637-1692) (son of Toshiharu)
    Maeda Toshinao (1672-1710) (son of Toshiaki)
    Maeda Toshikore (1785-1836)

    Maeda Toshihira (grandson of Toshikore??)

    Maeda Narinaga 1782-1824 (son of Shigemichi)
    Maeda Nariyasu 1811 to 1884 (son of Narinaga)
    Maeda Yoshiyasu (son of Nariyasu)
    Maeda Toshika (son of Yoshiyasu)

    Maeda Hidetaka
    Maeda Ukita
    Maeda Hideie
    Maeda Toshiyoshi
    Maeda Tomoyoshi
    Maeda Toshisume
    Maeda Saruchiyo was born in 1593
    Maeda Nagatane
    Maeda Sugawara
    Maeda Michizane
    Maeda Toshiyuki
    Maeda Iesada


    Goto Sadastugu, (son of Yoshisada) - builder (mines)
    Saijiro Sadastugu (alt)

    Tsuchida Seizaemon - builder
    Enshu Kobori (1579-1647) - master of the tea ceremony
    Okumura Nagatomi lived from 1541 to 1624 - inspires troops

    Yamaguchi Munenaga 1545-1600 (son of Mitsuhiro) - cultured - builder
    Yamaguchi Genban (alt)


    Asano Nobumasa (1500's)
    Aoyama Sado
    Akaza Kyubei (alt of Akaza Naoyasu-toyotomi)
    Akaza Takaharu (son of Kubei)
    Nagahara Takaharu (changed family name)

    Goto Yoshisada
    Saijiro Yoshisada (alt)
    Katayama Nobutaka

    Murai Nagayori
    Murai Bungo
    Murai Kanjuro
    Murai Nagatsugu
    Miike Denta
    Miwa Yoshimune
    Miwa Yoshitomi

    Okada Chouemon
    Shinohara Dewa
    Takabatake Sadayoshi
    Tokuyama Gohei

    Yokoyama Nagachika
    Yamazaki Nagato
    Yamaguchi Mitsuhiro
    Yamaguchi Shochin (?? - no relation?)
    Yamaguchi Kurojuro

    Wakita Naokata

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    Default Re: leaders/heirs/heroes/generals

    there are hundreds of minamoto,
    this list is simply the first 80 i found

    with the excess leaders there are 80 retainers - can add more if needed
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    ///////FAMOUS KINGS//////

    Minamoto Noriyori 1156 - 1193 - competent leader
    Minamoto Yoritomo Lived 1147 to 1199. cruel - harsh
    Minamoto Yoriyoshi (988?/995?-1082) a noted commander
    Minamoto Yoshiie 1041-1108 - formidable leader
    Minamoto Yoshitsune 1159 to 1189 -great/brave leader-good against odds (brother Yoritomo)

    ////// SENGOKU ERA //////

    Minamoto Sadamu Lived 815 to 863.
    Minamoto Yoshishige
    Minamoto Yoshiyasu
    Minamoto Yorisue, (a son of Yorinobu)
    Minamoto Tsuna (alt of Minamoto Tsune)

    Minamoto Tomohira
    Minamoto Tomomasa
    Minamoto Tamehira
    Minamoto Sadatoshi
    Minamoto Sadayasu

    Minamoto Saga
    Minamoto Murakami
    Minamoto Ariko
    Minamoto Hachimantaro
    Minamoto Igurasgi

    Minamoto Morimitsu
    Minamoto Kiso
    Minamoto Zukimoto
    Minamoto Hisaakira 1274 1328
    Minamoto Koreyasu 1264 1326

    Minamoto Morikuni 1301 1333
    Minamoto Morinaga 1308 1335
    Minamoto Narinaga 1325 1338
    Minamoto Munetaka 1242 1274
    Minamoto Yoritsugu 1239-1256

    Minamoto Yoritsune 1218-1256
    Minamoto Ichiman Lived 1200 to 1203. (son of Yoriie)
    Minamoto Kugyo (1200-1219) (3rd son of yoriie)
    Minamoto Senjumaru Lived 1201 to 1214.
    Minamoto Yoriie Lived 1182 to 1204. (brother of Yoritomo)

    ////// OTHER LEADERS //////

    Minamoto Akira 814 to 843
    Minamoto Hideakira Died 940.
    Minamoto Hikaru Lived 845 to 913.
    Minamoto Hiromasa Lived 918 to 980.
    Minamoto Hisashi (mid to late 800's)

    Minamoto Makoto Lived 810 to 869.
    Minamoto Masanobu Lived 920 to 993.
    Minamoto Masazane Lived 1059 to 1127.
    Minamoto Michichika Lived 1149 to 1202.
    Minamoto Mitsunaka Lived 912 to 997.

    Minamoto Morifusa d.1077
    Minamoto Morofusa Lived 1003 to 1077.
    Minamoto Moroyori Lived 1070 to 1139.
    Minamoto Nakatsuna Died 1180.
    Minamoto Sadazumi (circa 900)

    Minamoto Sanetomo Lived 1192 to 1219. (brother of Yoritomo)
    Minamoto Seiwa D 880
    Minamoto Shitagau Lived 911 to 983.
    Minamoto Takaaki Lived 914 to 982.
    Minamoto Takakuni Lived 1004 to 1077.

    Minamoto Tametomo Lived 1139 to 1170.
    Minamoto Tameyoshi Lived 1096 to 1156.
    Minamoto Tomonaga Lived 1144 to 1160.
    Minamoto Toru Lived 822 to 895.
    Minamoto Toshiaki Lived 1044 to 1114.

    Minamoto Toshifusa Lived 1035 to 1131.
    Minamoto Toshikata Lived 959 to 1027.
    Minamoto Tsunemoto Lived 894 to 961.
    Minamoto Tsune Lived 812 to 854.
    Minamoto Yoriiye 1199-1203

    Minamoto Yorikata (circa 900)
    Minamoto Yorimasa Lived 1106 to 1180.
    Minamoto Yorimitsu 944?/948? to 1021.
    Minamoto Yorimoto (circa 900)
    Minamoto Yorinobu Lived 968 to 1048.

    Minamoto Yoshichika Died 1117.
    Minamoto Yoshihira Lived 1140 to 1160.son of Yoshitomo
    Minamoto Yoshikata Died 1155.
    Minamoto Yoshikuni Died 1155.
    Minamoto Yoshimitsu Lived 1056 to 1127.

    Minamoto Yoshinaka Lived 1154 to 1184. (cousin of yoritomo)
    Minamoto Yoshitaka (1173-1184) (son of yoshinaka)
    Minamoto Yoshitomo 1123-1160
    Minamoto Yoshitsuna Died 1134.
    Minamoto Yukiie Died 1186.


    Kajiwara Kagetoki - a soldier and administrator D.1200
    Doi Sanehira (born circa 1150)- good tactician
    Oe no Hiromoto (1148-1225) - administrator
    Okazaki Masamune (early 1200's) - swordsmith
    Murasaki Shikibu - well educated
    Endo Morito 1139-1203 - attempted adultery
    Endo Mongaku (alt)
    Kumagae Naozane - shows mercy to captives


    Arimichi Tomine
    Akino Taro
    Akino Jiro

    Doi Kiyonaga
    Fujiwara Korechika
    Gamon Bitchu
    Hachiman Taro Yoshiie (1039-1106) He is son of Minamoto no Yoriyoshi

    Hiki Yoshikazu (?-1203
    Hiki Yoshimoto (1201?-1286)(son of yoshikazu)
    Hiki Chokozan (alt)

    Kajiwara Kagesue
    Kajiwara Kagetaka
    Kajiwara Kageie
    Kiso Yoshinaka (ALT of Minamoto Yoshinaka)
    Kiso Yoshitaka (ALT of Minamoto Yoshitaka)

    Kiyohara Takenori (around 1000)
    Kodama Shotaro
    Kodama Iehiro
    Kuchiki Mototsuna
    Kyogoku Takatomo

    Matsukura Shigemasa 1574-1630
    Matsukura Katsuie d.1638 (son of shigemasa)
    Matsukura Shigeharu (alt)
    Musashi Ieyuki

    Oie Masafusa D-1111 - well educated
    Ogawa Tsuketada

    Soga Umako D 626
    X- DO NOT USE -X Sugawara Michizane 845 to 903
    X- DO NOT USE -X Terazawa Hirotaka

    Torii Kiyomasa Lived 1706 to 1763 Painter.
    Torii Kiyomine Lived 1787 to 1868. Painter.
    Torii Kiyomitsu Lived 1735 to 1785.Painter.
    Torii Kiyonaga Died 1813.Painter.
    Torii Kiyonobu Lived 1664 to 1730.Painter.

    Torii Naritsugu
    Torii Tadaharu Lived 1608 to 1651.
    Torii Tadatsune Died 1636.

    Udo Tomine
    Wakizaka Yasuharo
    Watanabe no Tsuna (953-1025)
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    Default Re: leaders/heirs/heroes/generals


    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    ///////FAMOUS KINGS//////

    Miyoshi Kazunari d.1561 (son of Motonaga) - capable leader small unit
    Miyoshi Kazumasa (alt 1)
    Miyoshi Motonaga d.1532 (son of Yukinaga) - builder
    //Miyoshi Nagamoto (alt)//2 of name??//

    Miyoshi Nagayoshi d.1564 (son of Motonaga) - good general-poet-builder
    Miyoshi Chokei (alt-1)
    Miyoshi Norinaga (alt-2)
    Miyoshi Nagateru (alt-3)
    Miyoshi Yukinaga d.1520 (son of Nagayuki) - honourable
    Miyoshi Nagateru (alt)
    Miyoshi Yoshitsugu 1551?-1573 (son of kazanari) - capable general - good political

    ////// SENGOKU ERA //////

    Miyoshi Fuyuasu
    Miyoshi Fuyuyasu d.1564 (son of Motonaga)

    Miyoshi Hirotaka (1500's)
    Miyoshi Hidekatsu

    Miyoshi Kazuhide
    Miyoshi Kiyotsura 847 - 918

    Miyoshi Masanaga d.1549??? (son of Nagayuki) //2 of name??//
    Miyoshi Masaga
    Miyoshi Masayasu

    Miyoshi Nagaharu (son of yoshikata)
    Miyoshi Nobuyasu (son of fuyuyasu)
    Miyoshi Nagayuki
    Miyoshi Nagamoto (son of yoshitsugu)

    Miyoshi Yasunaga (son of Yukinaga)
    Miyoshi Yoshikata (son of Motonaga)
    Miyoshi Yukiyasu (alt-1)
    Miyoshi Jikkyu (alt-2)

    Miyoshi Yoshioki (D.1563/4) (son of chokei? Nagayoshi?) //2 of name??//
    Miyoshi Yoshitoki (alt)

    Miyoshi Yorifusa
    Miyoshi Yoshifusa (alt)

    ////// OTHER LEADERS //////

    // TOO MANY ??
    // move Dupe names back into retainer list ??

    Miyoshi Sekai - very brave
    Miyoshi Isa - very brave

    Tani Sobuko d.1545 - POET - GOOD
    Tani Soyo 1526-1563 (son of sobuko) Noted poet of linked verse
    Satomura Shokyu 1510-1552 - Poet of linked verse
    Satomura Joha 1524-1602 a pupil - POET - GOOD
    Satomura Shoshitsu (son of shokyu) - POET - GOOD

    Yagyu Muneyoshi 1527-1606 - legendary swordsman
    Yagyu Munenori (son of muneyoshi)

    Matsunaga Hisahide (1510-1577) - ruthless schemer-handsome-educated-patron of arts
    Matsunaga Sotai (alt)

    Nakagawa Hidemasa 1569-1593 (son of kiyohide) - noteworthy general - killed in battle
    Nakagawa Hidenari 1570 to 1612 (son of kiyohide) - good castle attacker

    Araki Murashige (? -1579?) - clever, almost prescient

    Tsutsui Sadatsugu 1562-1615 (son of Junkei) - sybarite? neglected his holdings

    Takayama Shigetomo 1552-1615 (son of tomuteru) fought gallantly at Yamazaki - a noted tea man
    Takayama Ukon (alt 1)
    Takayama Nagafusa (alt 2)
    Takayama Yusho (alt 3)
    Takayama Minami no Bo (alt 4)

    //sagara men - see sagara below//
    Indo Yoriyasu 1521-1606 (son of shigeyasu) VERY brave
    Indo Denshin (alt)
    Kamiizumi Hidetsuna - 1500's - legendary swordsman
    Kamiizumi Nobutsuna - 1500's - legendary swordsman
    Tanaka Takeuemon - fearless


    Atagi Fuyuyasu (alt of Miyoshi Fuyuyasu)

    Huruta Oribe (retainer??)

    Iwanari Tomomichi (1800's - leader of misurgi clan - western immigrant)
    //ALSO found reference to a man of the same name existed in 1540's//

    Matsunaga Hisamichi (son of hisahide)
    Matsunaga Uemon no jo (alt)
    Motoyama Chikashige

    Nakagawa Shigekiyo (misspelt as Nakagawa Shgekiyo)
    Nakagawa Kiyohide 1542 to 1583 (son of Shigekiyo)
    Nakagawa Sebei (alt1)
    Nakagawa Toranosuke (alt2)
    Nakagawa Yorimitsu

    Sogo Nagaharu (alt of Miyoshi Nagaharu)
    Sogo Kazumasa (alt 2 of Miyoshi Kazunari)
    Sogo Kazunari (alt 3 of Miyoshi Kazunari)

    Takayama Tomoteru (1531-1596)
    Takayama Zusho (alt 1)
    Takayama Darie (alt 2)
    Takayama Hikogoro
    Takayama Takatsuki

    Tsutsui Junko
    Tsutsui Junsho 1523-1550 (son of Junko)
    Tsutsui Junkei 1549-1584 (son of Junsho)
    Tsutsui Fujikatsu (alt)

    Yamada Arinobu
    Yamada Arihide

    Ikeda Yorimitsu (944-1021) (minamoto Ancestor)
    Ikeda Yasumasa

    Ikeda Tsunetoshi
    Ikeda Nobuteru 1536 - 1584 (son of Ikeda Tsunetoshi)
    Ikeda Shonyu (alt-1)
    Ikeda Tsuneoki (alt-2)

    Ikeda Yukisuke (1559-1584) (son of nobuteru)
    Ikeda Motosuke (alt)

    Ikeda Terumasa 1564-1613 (son of nobuteru)
    Ikeda Nagayoshi 1570-1614 (son of nobuteru)
    Ikeda Nagamasa (son of nobuteru)
    Ikeda Motonobu (son of Yukisuke)
    Ikeda Toshitaka (1584-1616) (son of terumasa)

    Ikeda Tadatsugu (1599-1615) (son of terumasa)
    Ikeda Tadao (1602-1632) (son of terumasa)
    Ikeda Teruzumi (1603-1662) (son of terumasa)
    Ikeda Masatsuna (1604-1662) (son of terumasa)
    Ikeda Teruoki (1611-1657) (son of terumasa)

    Ikeda Toshimasa (son of terumasa)
    Ikeda Nagayuki (1587-1632) (son of nagayoshi)
    Ikeda Katsumasa (1539-1578) (son of nagamasa)
    Ikeda Tomomasa (1544-1603) (son of nagamasa)
    Ikeda Shigenobu (son of Tomomasa)

    Ikeda Mitsumasa (unknown, relation?)
    Ikeda Shingen (unknown, relation?)
    Ikeda Hideo (unknown, relation?)

    // Sagara men served/fought for Otomo, Ryuzoji and Shimazu
    // ((destroyed by Shimazu))
    // those three clans are overwhelmed with retainers
    // and Miyoshi were also rulers of Chikuzen and Bizen during their ten minutes of fame
    // so, these guys need a "home" and this is it.

    Sagara Haruhiro 1513-1555
    Sagara Harohiro (alt??)

    Sagara Yoshiaki 1544-1581 (son of haruhiro)
    Sagara Yorifusa (son of haruhiro)

    Sagara Nagatsune (son of yoshiaki)

    Sagara Nagasada
    Sagara Taketo
    Sagara Yoshihi
    Sagara Kyuma
    Sagara Kyoma (alt??)

    Marume Nagayoshi 1540-1629

    Indo Shigeyasu
    Indo Mimasaka (alt)
    Indo Yorimori 1568-1655 (son of yoriyasu)
    Indo Sebei (alt-1)
    Indo Hyobu (alt-2)

    Hara Jurozaemon
    Sagara Genzaemon
    Mawatari Rokuuemon
    Aiura Tarobei
    Kola Kinbei
    Kakihara Riemen
    Ishirnaru San'emon

    Matsuura Hisashi (circa 800's) (hizen province)
    Matsuura Hisanobu
    Matsuura Takanobu 1529-1599 (son of Matsuura Hisanobu)
    Matsuura Shigenobu 1549-1614 (son of Matsuura Takanobu)
    Matsuura Nobusane 1621 (son of Matsuura Takanobu)
    Matsuura Hisanobu 1571-1602 (son of nobusane)
    Matsuura Takanobu 1591-1637 (son of hisanobu)

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    Default Re: leaders/heirs/heroes/generals


    drastically short of retainers and heroes
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    ///////FAMOUS KINGS//////

    Mogami Yoshimori (1521-1590) (son of Yoshiharu) - great leader
    Mogami Yoshitoshi (son of iechika) - poor administration

    Mogami Yoshiakira 1546-1614 (son of yoshimori)
    - great warrior - great leader - builder - farmer/agriculturalist
    Mogami Yoshiaki (alt-1)
    Mogami Ukyodaibu (alt-2)
    Mogami Yoshikaira (alt-3)

    ////// SENGOKU ERA //////

    Mogami Iekane
    Mogami Kaneyori (son of Iekane)
    Mogami Yamagata (alt)

    Mogami Yoshiharu
    Mogami Yoshisada d.1523 (son of Yoshiharu??)
    Mogami Yoshitoki (son of yoshimori)
    Mogami Yoshihia (son of yoshimori)
    Mogami Yoshihisa (alt)

    Mogami Yoshiyasu (son of yoshimori)
    Mogami Yoshiyasu (son of Yoshikiara)
    Mogami Iechika 1582-1617 (son of Yoshikiara)
    Mogami Suruga (alt)

    Mogami Yoshitada (son of Yoshikiara)
    Mogami Yoshimitsu
    Mogami Kenichiro
    Mogami Hisao
    Mogami Takehito
    Mogami Yoshinobu
    Mogami Hirotaka

    Mogami Kasumigajo (mogami of the castle in the haze)
    Mogami Yamagatajo (mogami of yamagata castle)
    Mogami Yamagata (mogami of Yamagata Prefecture)

    ////// OTHER LEADERS //////


    Ando Shigenobu Lived 1558 to 1622 - general
    Ando Naotsugu 1564-1635 a brave warrior


    Shiba Kaneyori
    Shiba Kizaemon
    Shiba Iekane
    Shiba Kaneyori (son of Iekane)
    Shiba Yorinao
    Tendo Yorinao
    Tendo Yorinaga
    Tendo Yorihisa

    Nobesawa Mitsunobu 1544-1591

    Izumo Honma

    //Dewa Province//
    Ando Yoshisue (father of sansue)
    Akita Yoshisue (alt-1)

    Akita Sanesue died 1659
    Akita Toshisue
    Akita Shigenobu
    Akita Sansue d.1659
    Ando Sansue (alt-1)
    Akita jo no suke (alt-2)
    Akita Sanesuye

    Ando Chikasue
    Ando Shigenaga
    Ando Shigeyoshi

    Sakazaki Dewa

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    Default Re: leaders/heirs/heroes/generals


    this one was heavily cross-linked with toyotomi and a group on mori in the unaffiliated group

    i have done Toyotomi, but they wont get posted just yet (a couple between here and there to be done first)

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    ///////FAMOUS KINGS//////

    Mori Toyomoto 1444-1476 (son of Hiromoto) - capable general
    Mori Okimoto 1493-1516 (son of hiromoto) - alcohol abuse - killed him
    Mori Motonari 1497-1571 (son of Hiromoto) - OUTSTANDING GENERAL-poet-patron of arts
    Mori Takamoto 1523-1563 (#1 son of motonari) -inspires-well liked-cultured
    Mori Motoharu 1530-1586 (#2 son of motonari) - fine general and warrior

    Mori Motokio 1551-1597 (son of motonari)- competent commander-skilled in castle construction.
    Mori Motokiyo 1551-1597(alt1 of Motokio)- competent commander-skilled in castle construction.
    Mori Motoaki 1552-1585 (son of motonari) - skilled general
    Mori Takakage (son of motonari) D 1596 (#3 son of motonari) fine general and warrior-smart
    Mori Terumoto 1553-1625 (son of takamoto) - indecisive - honourable

    Mori Hidemoto 1579-1650 (son of motokio) - castle attacker

    ////// SENGOKU ERA //////

    Mori Hideaki (?? son/grandson ?? of takakage)
    Mori Hidekane 1566/7?-1601 (#9 son of motonari)
    Mori Hidetsutsu (alt-4 of Mori Hidekane)
    Mori Hidenari 1595-1651 (son of Terumoto)
    Mori Naritaka (1602-1679) (son of Terumoto)

    Mori Hiroie (1561-1625) (son of motoharu)
    Mori Hiromoto 1467-1506 (son of Toyomoto)
    Mori Hiromasa 1601-1666 (son of hiroie)
    Mori Koumatsumaru d.1523 (son of Okimoto)
    Mori Motomasa 1559-1609 (son of motonari)

    Mori Mototomo 1555-1571 (son of motonari)
    Mori Motonaga 1548-1587 (son of motoharu)
    Mori Motoyasu 1560-1601 (son of motonari)
    Mori Motouji 1556-1631 (son of motoharu)
    Mori Narikatsu d.1557 (son of hiromoto)

    Mori Nariyori 1607-1676 (son of hiroie)

    //not strictly Sengoku - fill out list//

    Mori Chikihara
    Mori Harumoto
    Mori Hirofusa

    Mori Hiromoto (1148-1225) (alt2 of Oie Hiromoto)
    Mori Katsunaga
    Mori Komatsumaru (alt of Mori Koumatsumaru)
    Mori Mitsuhiro (son of Hidemoto)
    Mori Mitsufusa

    Mori Motoie
    Mori Mototsuna
    Mori Tokichika (1300's)
    Mori Torachika
    Mori Tsunsmoto (late 1600's)

    ////// OTHER LEADERS //////

    Mori Chikahira (alt? of Mori Chikihara) (early 14th century)
    Mori Chiyosumaru
    Mori Kouchiyomaru
    Mori Monbei
    Mori Sadachika

    Mori Shouyuujirou
    Mori Suemitsu
    Mori Tsunahiro (son of Hidenari)
    Mori Tsunemitsu
    Mori Yoshiyasu


    Awaya Matazaemon - good soldier

    Hoida Hidemoto (alt of Mori Hidemoto) - castle attacker
    Hoida Motokio (alt2 of Mori Motokio)- competent commander-skilled in castle construction.

    Inoue Motokane 1486?-1550 (son of Mitsukane) - treacherous

    Kikkawa Motoharu (alt of Mori Motoharu) - fine general and warrior
    Kobayakawa Takakage (alt of Mori Takakage) fine general and warrior-smart
    Kodama Naritada 1506-1562 (son of Motozane) popular and effective administrator

    Mori Chunagon 1553-1625 (alt-2 of Mori Terumoto) - indecisive - honourable
    Mori Daizendaibu 1523-1563 (alt of Mori Takamoto)-cultured
    Mori Kochiyomaru 1493-1516 (alt of Mori Okimoto) - alcohol abuse - killed him
    Mori Kotsumaru 1553-1625 (alt-1 of Mori Terumoto) - indecisive - honourable
    Mori Motosuna d.1523 (son of hiromoto) - treacherous
    Mori Shojumaru 1497-1571 (alt of Mori Motonari)-poet-patron of arts
    Mori Yoshimoto (make a favourite / lucky / alliances easy)

    Shiro Motosuna (alt-2 of Mori Motosuna)
    Sogo Motosuna (alt-1 of Mori Motosuna)
    Sugimoto Motoaki (alt-2 of Mori Motoaki) - skilled general

    Tado Saemon - good soldier
    Tomita Motoaki (alt-1 of Mori Motoaki) - skilled general


    Oie Hiromoto (1148-1225) (ancestor)
    Oe Hiromoto (alt1 of Oie Hiromoto)

    Akagawa Fusanobu
    Akagawa Matasaburou (son of motoyasu)
    Akagawa Motomichi
    Akagawa Motomitsu d 1523
    Akagawa Motoyasu - capable general d.1567

    Amano Motomasa (alt of Mori Motomasa)

    Ankokuji Ekei D. 1600

    Awaya Motochika (d.1561).
    Awaya Yoshimitsu

    Betshusho Yasuharu
    Betshusho Nagaharu
    Betshusho Harusada
    Betshusho Toyoharu

    Bessho Yasuharu
    Bessho Nagaharu 1558 to 1580
    Bessho Harusada d.1579
    Bessho Toyoharu d.1578

    Dewa Mototomo (alt1 of Mori Mototomo)
    Doi Kagehira (son of Tohira)
    Doi Tohira (grandson of Sanehira)

    Fukubara Hirotoshi
    Fukubara Hiroyoshi
    Fukubara Motoyoshi (all are decendents, served mori)
    Fukubara Sadatoshi (son of hiroyoshi?) 1512?-1593
    Fukuhara Sadatoshi (alt?)

    Goto Matabei (alt of Goto Mototsugu)
    Goto Motokuni d 1580
    Goto Mototsugu 1573-1615 (son of Motokuni)
    Goto Ujifusa 1570-1615 (son of Mototsugu)

    Hashiba Chunagon (alt-5 of Kobayakawa Hideaki)
    Hashiba Hideaki (alt-4 of Kobayakawa Hideaki)
    Hashiba Hidetoshi (alt-3 of Kobayakawa Hideaki)

    Hiraga Hirosuke
    Hoida Mitsuhiro (alt of Mori Mitsuhiro)

    Ichikawa Tsuneyoshi

    Iida Jiroshiro (alt of Iida Motochika)
    Iida Motochika
    Iida Yoshitake d.1592
    Inoue Mitsukane
    Inoue Kawachi (alt)
    Izuha Mototomu (alt2 of Mori Mototomu)

    Katsura Hirosumi d.1524
    Katsura Hirozumi (alt)
    Katsura Motozumi d.1569 (son of Hirosumi)
    Katsura Saemon (alt)
    Katsura Mototada (son of Hirosumi)
    Katsura Kazusanosuke (alt)

    Kobayakawa Chunagon (alt-1 of Kobayakawa Takakage )
    Kobayakawa Hideaki 1577-1602 (adopted son of Takakage)(son of Kinoshita Ieadsa-toyotomi)
    //Kobayakawa Hideaki (alt of Mori Hideaki)//several of name//
    Kobayakawa Hidekane (alt-1 of Mori Hidekane)
    Kobayakawa Hidetoshi (alt-1 of Kobayakawa Hideaki)

    Kobayakawa Hidetsutsu (alt-5 of Mori Hidekane)
    Kobayakawa Hirohira (early 1400's)
    Kobayakawa Kagehira (alt of Doi Kagehira )
    Kobayakawa Motonobu (son of Hidekane)
    Kobayakawa Saemon no suke (alt-2 of Kobayakawa Takakage )

    Kobayakawa Sanehira (born circa 1150) (ancestor) (alt name of Doi Sanehira)
    Kobayakawa Takakage 1532-1597 (3rd son of mori motonari)
    Kobayakawa Tohira (alt of Doi Tohira)
    Kobayakawa Tokyujumaru (alt-3 of Kobayakawa Takakage )

    Kodama Motoyoshi (son of Naritada)
    Kodama Motozane
    Kodama Naritada
    Kodama Narikata 1513-1586 (son of Motozane)
    Kodama Saburoemon

    Kokushi Motosuke

    Kikkawa Hiroie (alt of Mori Hiroie)
    Kikkawa Hiromasa (alt of Mori Hiromasa)
    Kikkawa Kunitsune
    Kikkawa Motonaga (alt of Mori Motonaga)

    Kikkawa Motouji (alt of Mori Motouji)
    Kikkawa Nariyori (alt of Mori Nariyori)
    Kikkawa Okitsune d.1550+?
    Kikkawa Shikibushosuke (alt of Kikkawa Tsuneie)
    Kikkawa Tomokane (1100's ancestor)

    Kikkawa Tsuneie 1547?-1581
    Kikkawa Tsunie (alt?? of Kikkawa Tsuneie)
    Kikkawa Tsunemitsu (grandson of Tomokane)

    Kira Narikatsu (alt of Mori Narikatsu)
    Kuchiba Haruyoshi (son of michiyoshi)
    Kuchiba Michiyoshi (alt of Shiji Michiyoshi )
    Kumagai Nobunao

    Mori Hironaga (alt of Yoshimi Hironaga)
    Mori Motonobu (alt-2 of Kobayakawa Motonobu)
    Mori Motoyori (alt of Yoshimi Motoyori)

    Murakami Takayoshi
    Murakami Takeyoshi 1533-1604 (son of Yoshitada)
    Murakami Torayasu
    Murakami Motoyoshi d.1600 (son of takeyoshi)
    Murakami Yoshitada

    Naitou Okimori (1500's)
    Nomi Kouhei 1500's
    Nomi Munekatsu 1527-1592

    Ota Hidekane (alt-2 of Mori Hidekane)
    Ota Hidetsuna (adopted mori Hidekane)
    Ota Hidetsutsu (alt-6 of Mori Hidekane)
    Ota Motonobu (alt-1 of Kobayakawa Motonobu)

    Saka Hirohide (circa 1550)
    Shishido Motoyoshi (early 1500's)
    Shishido Takaie d.1592 (son of Motoyoshi)

    Shiji Haruyoshi (alt of Kuchiba Haruyoshi )
    Shiji Hiroyoshi
    Shiji Michiyoshi 1513-1582 (son of motoyoshi)
    Shiji Motoyoshi

    Shimizu Munenori
    Shimizu Muneharu 1536?-1582 (son of munenori) - resourceful dedicated
    Shimizu Muneyuki (son of Muneharu)
    Shimizu Kageharu (son of Muneharu)

    Shinagawa Daisen d.1565
    Sugihara Morishige (1500's)

    Taraki Okaminosuke (alt-1 of Shinagawa Daisen )
    X- DO NOT USE -X Toyotomi Hidekane (alt-3 of Mori Hidekane)
    X- DO NOT USE -X Toyotomi Hidetsutsu (alt-7 of Mori Hidekane)
    X- DO NOT USE -X Toyotomi Motonobu (alt-3 of Kobayakawa Motonobu)

    Uehara Motoaki (1500's)

    Yoshimi Hironaga (son of Yoshimi Hiroyori - and takamoto's daughter)
    Yoshimi Hiroyori (son of masayori)
    Yoshimi Masayori (1513-1588)
    Yoshimi Motoyori (son of Yoshimi Hiroyori - and takamoto's daughter)

    Wachi Masaharu d.1568
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    Default Re: leaders/heirs/heroes/generals

    Just a quick explanation while i pause for sleep and work

    i believe i will have enough unaffiliated and "excess" samurai left over to go back through ALL the lists and remove all (alt) names,

    some well know characters who have multiple V&V's that i think are important will stay on,
    (each character can have only one starting V&V + a undetermined number of random V&V's are assigned when that character comes into play)

    thus it is my hope that almost every character in the mod will be a unique person from the history of Japan (even if they are way out of their timeline)
    (except the rebel's - they will still have random generated names)
    (BUT they CAN have their own Heroes!)


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    Default Re: leaders/heirs/heroes/generals


    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    ///////FAMOUS KINGS//////

    Oda Nobusada - general/politician

    Oda Nobuhide (1508/10-1549/51) (son of nobusada) skilled warrior - good general
    // Kankuro (alt)

    Oda Nobunaga 1534-1582 (son of Nobuhide) - delegates well - great general, learned,
    // Taira no Anson (alt-1)
    // Fujiwara Nobunaga (alt-2)
    // Oda Sansuke Nobunaga (alt-3)
    // Oda Kipposhi (alt-4)
    // Oda Kichihoshi (alt-5)

    Oda Nobuyuki D.1557 (son of Nobuhide) - schemer
    // Oda Nobukatsu (alt-1)
    // Oda Nobushige (alt-2 ??)

    Oda Nobukane 1543-1614 (son of Nobuhide) - talent at painting
    // Oda Nobuyoshi (alt-1)
    // Oda Rotaisai (alt-2)

    Oda Nagamasu 1547-1621 (son of Nobuhide) - a noted tea master
    // Oda Nobumasu (alt-1)
    // Oda Yuraku (alt-2)
    // Oda Urakusai (alt-3)
    // Oda Gengo (alt-4)
    // Oda UrakusaiJoan (alt-5)

    Oda Nobutoshi d.1582 (son of Nobuhide) - a good soldier
    // Oda Matajuro (alt-1)
    // Tusda Nobutoshi (alt-2)

    Oda Hidenari d.1574 (son of Nobuhide) - a good soldier

    Oda Nobutada 1557-1582 (son of nobunaga) - good commander - well liked by his men
    // Oda Nobushige (alt-1)
    // Oda Kankuro (alt-2)

    Oda Nobuo 1558-1630 (son of nobunaga) - average general - good politician
    // Oda Nobukatsu (alt)

    ////// SENGOKU ERA //////

    Oda Hidekatsu 1567-1593 (son of nobunaga)
    // Hashiba Hidekatsu (alt) (there were two hashiba hidekatsu's!)
    Oda Hidetaka d.1555 (son of Nobuhide)
    Oda Hidenari d.1574 (son of nobumitsu)
    // Oda Hanzaemon (alt)
    Oda Hidenobu 1581-1602 (son of nobutada)
    // Oda Hitenobu (alt)
    Oda Hidenori 1581-1625 (son of nobutada)
    // Oda Zaemon no jo (alt)

    Oda Hideo 1573-1610 (son of Nobuo)
    Oda Hikogoro (1516-1555 )
    // Oda Nobutomo (alt)
    Oda Hisanaga (son of nagamasu)

    Oda Katsunaga 1568-1582 (son of nobunaga)
    // Oda Gensaburo (alt)

    Oda Nagao (son of Nobuo)
    Oda Nagamasa (son of nagamasu) (nagamasa and nagataka may have been same person)
    Oda Nagataka d.1606 (son of nagamasu)
    Oda Nagatsugu (d.1600, killed at Sekigahara) (son of nobunaga)
    Oda Nagatoshi d.1582 (son of Nobuhide)

    Oda Nobuharu 1549-1570 (son of Nobuhide)
    Oda Nobuhide (son of nobunaga)
    Oda Nobuhiro D.1574 (son of Nobuhide)
    Oda Nobukiyo (son of nobuyasu)
    // Shimotsuke no kami Nobukiyo (alt)
    Oda Nobumitsu d.1555 (son of nobusada)
    // Oda Magosaburo (alt-1)
    // Tsuda Nobumitsu (alt-2)

    Oda Nobunori (son of nobukane)
    Oda Nobuoki D.1569 (son of Nobuhide)
    // Oda Hikoshichiro (alt)
    Oda Nobusada (1574-1624) (son of nobunaga)Oda Nobushige (son of nobukane)
    Oda Nobutaka 1558-1583 (son of nobunaga)
    // Oda Nobutaka d.1602 (son of nobunaga) (named in memory of nobutaka 1st ?)
    Oda Nobuteru (son of Nobuhide)

    Oda Nobutoki d.1556 (son of Nobuhide)
    Oda Nobutsugu d.1574 (son of nobusada)
    Oda Nobuyasu d.1542 (son of nobusada)
    Oda Nobuyoshi (1573-1615) (son of nobunaga)
    // Oda Nobuyoshi (d.1609) (son of nobunaga)
    // Oda Nobuyoshi d.1626 (son of Nobuo)
    Oda Nobuzumi 1555-1583 (son of nobuyuki)
    // Oda Nobusumi (alt)

    Oda Shigenao (son of nobukane)
    Oda Samboshi 1582-1602 (son of nobutada) (Nobutada's young son)
    (some sources place samboshi and hidenobu as same person)

    Oda Takanaga (son of Nobuo)

    Oda Yorinaga (son of nagamasu)
    Oda Yoshio (son of Nobuo)

    ////// OTHER LEADERS //////


    Oda Yuraku - tea master
    Tsuda Sogyu d.1591 (son of Tsuda Sotatsu) - tea master

    Fukushima Masanori 1561 - 1624 (son of masanobu) - excellent warrior
    Iwamatsu Hachiya - v.early 1500's - assassin
    Menju Ieteru d.1583 (Shibata retainer) (son of Katsuaki) - exceptionally brave
    Murai Sadakatsu d.1582 administrator

    Sakai Magohachiro (early 1500's) assassin?
    Shimokata Sadakiyo 1528??-1606 one of the 'Seven Spears' of the Battle of Azukizaka (1542)
    // Shimokata Yasaburo (alt)

    Sakuma Nobumori 1527-1582? (son of Nobuharu) - incomepetent
    Sakuma Morimasa (1554-1583)(son of Moritsugu) - an accomplished warrior and bold
    // Sakuma Genba (alt)

    Toda Shigemasa d.1600 Niwa retainer - popular

    /// four retainers of Oda Nobunaga considered to be among his most reliable 'fighting' generals:

    Akechi Mitsuhide (1526 - 1582) - very capable general (son of Mitsukuni)
    // Koreta Mitsuhide (alt-1)
    // Akechi Jubei (alt-2)

    Niwa Nagahide 1535-1585 (son of Niwa Nagamasa) - very good general
    // Korezumi Gorozaemon (alt) (Oda Nobunaga showed genuine respect and affection)

    Shibata Katsuie 1530 - 1583 - very good general (son of Katsuyoshi) - good against odds
    // Shibata Gonroku (alt1)
    // Oni Shibata (alt2) (Oni means Demon or Ogre - named after sallying against overwhelming odds)

    Takigawa Kazumasa d.1586? (son of Kazukatsu) - very good general (became a bad one)
    // Takigawa Kazumasu (alt-1)
    // Takigawa Kasumasa (alt-2)


    Oda Genba
    Oda Hidetada
    Oda Toshimasa

    Akada Shigeyoshi 1527-1583
    Akada Shigetaka d.1584 (son)

    Akechi Mitsutoshi
    Akechi Mitsutada d.1582
    Akechi Yorihisa
    Akechi Mitsuyasu d.1552 (son of Yorihisa)
    // Akechi Mitsutsugu (alt-1)
    Akechi Mitsukuni (son of Mitsuyasu)

    Akechi Mitsuyoshi
    // Koreta Mitsuyoshi (alt-1)
    Akechi Sadayori (d.1582)
    // Koreta Sadayori (alt-1)

    Akechi no Mitsuyasu (son of Mitsuyasu)
    Akechi Hidemitsu (1560-1582) (son of no Mitsuyasu)
    // Akechi Mitsuharu (alt-1)

    Akechi Samanosuke (1536-1582) nephew of mitsuhide

    Aochi Nagatsuna
    Aochi Shigetsuna d.1570 (son of Gamo Sadahide, adopted son of Nagatsuna)
    Araki Yukishige
    Asahina Yasukatsu (mid 1500's)
    Atagi Nobuyasu

    Ban Kokei
    Ban Nobutomo

    Fukutomi Hidekatsu d.1582
    // Fukutomi Heizaemon (alt)
    Fukushima Masanobu
    Fukushima Masayori (son of masanobu)

    Harada Naomasa d.1576
    // Ban Naomasa (alt-1)
    // Harada Kurouzaemon (alt-2)

    Hirade Norihide
    Hirate Kiyohide (1493-1553)

    Kambe Nobutaka
    Kanbe Tomomori (early/mid 1500s')
    Koreta Mitsuhide

    Kitabatake Harutomo
    Takigawa Kazukatsu (brother/cousin/nephew of Kitabatake Harumoto??)

    Takigawa Toshikatsu 1543-1610 (son of kazumasa)
    // Hashiba Toshikatsu (alt-1)
    // Takigawa Kazumori (alt-2)
    // Kitabatake Toshikatsu (alt-3)

    Takigawa Masatoshi (son of Toshikatsu)

    Naegi Kantaro (1500's)
    Nose Yoritsugu 1562-1626 (Akechi retainer)

    Niwa Ujikatsu (early/mid 1500s')
    Niwa Nagamasa
    Niwa Nagatada (son of Niwa Nagamasa)
    Niwa Hideshige (son of Niwa Nagamasa)

    Niwa Nagashige 1571-1637 (son of Niwa Nagahide)
    // Niwa Gorozaemon (alt-1)
    // Hashiba Nagashige (alt-2)
    Niwa Nagamasa (son of Niwa Nagahide)
    Niwa Takayoshi (son of Niwa Nagahide)
    Niwa Naomasa (son of Niwa Nagahide)

    Niwa Mitsushige (son of Niwa Nagashige)

    Sakai Masahisa (1500's, served Nobununga?)
    Sakai Kyuzo 1555-1570 (son of masahisa)

    Sakuma Morishige d.1560
    Sakuma Moritsugu

    Sakuma Nobuharu
    Sakuma Masakatsu (son of nobumori)
    // Sakuma Jinkuro (alt)

    Shibata Katsuyoshi

    Shibata Katsuhisa
    Shibata Katsumasa (son of Katsuie)
    // Sakuma Katsumasa (alt)
    Shibata Katsutoyo d.1583 (son of Katsuie)
    // Shibukawa Katsutoyo (alt)
    Shibata Morimasa
    Shibata Kazutoyo

    Shibata Haigo (D.1583) (alt Menju Haigo)
    Shibata Yamaji (D.1583) (alt Menju Haigo)

    Haigo Ieyoshi (Shibata retainer) d.1583
    Menju Katsuteru
    Menju Katsuaki
    Menju Masanobu d.1583 (son of Katsuaki)
    Menju Yoshikatsu d.1583 (son of Katsuaki)

    Shiba Yoshimune d.1554
    Shiba Yoshikane (d.1572) (son of yoshimune)

    Shiba Takatsune (d.1367) (ancestor)
    Hachisuka Masakatsu 1526-1586
    // Hachisuka Koroku (alt)

    Hachisuka Iemasa 1558-1638 (son of masakatsu)
    // Hachisuka Hikoemon (alt)

    Hachisuka Yoshishige 1581-1615 (son of iemasa)

    Shibukawa Hachizaemon

    Sugaya Nagayori 1555-1582
    // Sugaya Kurosaemon (alt)

    Toki Mitsuhide

    Tsuda Nobumitsu
    Tsuda Nobuharu
    Tsuda Sotatsu

    Wakabe Mitsuyoshi 1552-1601
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    Default Re: leaders/heirs/heroes/generals


    i have had to be a little liberal with Otomo,
    their list includes cousins and other relatives who would have been very long
    shots to become clan leader, clan leaders will be using their alt names as

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    ///////FAMOUS KINGS//////

    Otomo Amaro (c. 600's) - politician
    Otomo Tabito 662-731 (son of Amaro) - poet
    Otomo Yakamochi (718-785) (son of Tabito) - poet - politician - general

    Otomo Yoshishige 1530-1587 (son of yoshinori) capable leader
    Otomo Sorin (alt-1) capable leader
    Otomo Sambisai (alt-2)
    Otomo Yoshizumi (alt-3)
    Otomo Soteki (alt-4)
    Otomo Gensai (alt-5)
    Otomo Saemon (alt-6)
    Otomo Soun (alt-7)
    // Sambisai Sorin (alt-8)

    Otomo Chikasada d.1570 (son of yoshinori) - mediocre general
    Otomo Chikamori 1567-1643 (son of yoshishige) - dependable general
    // Shiga Chikamori (alt??)

    ////// SENGOKU ERA //////

    Otomo Yoshinori 1502-1550 (son of Yoshinaga)
    Otomo Yoshiaki (alt)
    Otomo Yoshitake d.1554 (son of Yoshinaga)
    // Kikuchi Yoshitake (alt)

    Otomo Shiochimaru d.1550 (son of yoshinori)
    Otomo Yoshinaga 1532-1557 (son of yoshinori)
    Otomo Haruhide (alt)

    Otomo Yoshimune 1558-1605 (son of yoshishige)
    Otomo Chikaie 1561-1641 (son of yoshishige)
    // Tawara Chikaie (alt)
    Otomo Chikataka
    // Shiga Chikataka (alt??) (son of Chikamori)

    Otomo Yoshinobu d.1639 (son of yoshimune)

    ////// OTHER LEADERS //////

    Otomo Komaro (c. 600's - brother of Amaro?)
    Otomo Kakimochi (c. 700's) (son of Tabito)

    Otomo Imahito (circa 790)
    Otomo Otomaro (circa 790)

    Otomo Chikayoshi (b. circa 1120)
    // Nakahara Chikayoshi (alt - real name)
    Otomo Yoshinao (b. circa 1150) (adopted son of Nakahara Chikayoshi)
    Otomo Hidesato (?? alt ?? relation??)

    Otomo Yoriyasu (1222-­1300)
    Otomo Mochinao (b. circa 1400)
    Otomo Chikashige (b. circa 1420)

    // Otomo Yoshinaga (mid 1400's) // 2 of name //
    Otomo Sadamune
    Otomo Chikayo
    Otomo Keruoko
    Otomo Yoshioki (ouchi - related by marraige)
    Otomo Yoshitaka (ouchi - related by marraige)


    Sue Okifusa d.1539 (son of Hiromori) - GOOD GENERAL
    Sue Takafusa 1521-1555 (son of Okifusa) - VERY GOOD GENERAL
    // Sue Harukata (alt)

    Ouchi Teruhiro d.1569 (son of takahiro) - rebelled
    Reizei Takatoyo 1513-1551 (son of Okitoyo) - loyal, administrator, warrior,

    Tawara Chikakata - mediocre general

    Tsukuni Mimasaka - traitorous
    Irida Chikazane 1510-1550 - schemer
    Tsuruta Yashichibei - brave
    Taira Chihyoei - brave
    Ito Jakuchu 1716-1800 artist
    Kamachi Akimori bold general who respected ethics was a pure general


    Akizuki Kiyotane
    Akizuki Fumatane 1512-1557
    Akizuki Harutane d.1557 (son Fumatane)
    Akizuki Tanezane 1548-1596 (son Fumatane)
    Akizuki Tanenaga 1567-1614 (son Tanezane)
    Akizuki Takahashi (son Tanezane)
    Akizuki Mototane (son Tanezane)

    Baba Yorichika d.1545 (kyushu)
    Bomon Kiyotada Died 1338

    Era Fusahide (Sue clan retainer)

    Fujiwara Toshisuke
    Fujiwara Yoshinori
    X - DO NOT USE - Fujiwara Hidesato

    Harada Nobutane 1560-1598
    // Kusano Nobutane (alt)

    Hetsugi Akitsura
    Hirai Tsuneharu d.1575 (hizen)

    Ichijo Norifusa 1423-1480
    Ichijo Fusaie 1445-1511 (son of norifusa)
    // Ichijo Norifusa (alt)
    X - DO NOT USE - Ichijo Fusamichi (son of Fusaie)

    Ichijo Fusafuyu (d.1541).
    Ichijo Fusamoto (1520-1549).
    Ichijo Kanesada 1542-1585 (son of fusamoto)
    Ichijo Uchimasa 1560/9?-1580 (son of Kanesada)
    Ichijo Tadamasa
    Ichijo Fusayie

    Isonokami Yakatsugu (c. 750's)

    Fujiwara Korekimi (727-789) (ancestor)
    Ito Korekimi (alt)
    Ito Sukemitsu d.1533
    Ito Yoshisuke 1512-1585 (brother of Sukemitsu)
    Ito Yoshimasu 1546-1569 (son of yoshisuke)
    Ito Suketaka 1541-1600 (son of yoshisuke)
    Ito Sukeyoshi (1588-1636) (son of suketaka)

    Ito Sukenaka (sengoku era)
    Ito Sukenori (sengoku era)
    Ito Sukeharu (sengoku era)
    Ito Yoshikata (sengoku era)
    Ito Yoshimichi (sengoku era)

    Kii Nagafusa
    Kii Chikafusa d.1587? (son of Kii Nagafusa)
    Kikuchi Yoshimune
    Kiwaki Sukemori 1526-1580
    Kutami Shigeaki
    Kutami Akiyasu

    Matsura Hisashi
    Matsuda (alt)
    Matsura Tsubura
    Matsuda Tsubura (alt)
    Kawachi Tsubura (alt)
    Kawachi Hisanao
    Kamachi Hisanao (alt)
    Kamachi Shigenami d.1579 (son of Akimori)
    Kamachi Takehisa
    Kamachi Hisanori
    Kamachi Shigeaki
    Kamachi Takehisa

    Mera Suketsuku 1529-1578
    Moji Chikayoshi
    Moji Chikafusa

    Naito Hiroharu
    Naito Hironori
    Naito Okimori d.1554 (son of Hiroharu)
    Naito Shimotsuke

    Nakahara Chikayoshi
    Nakahara Hidesato
    Nakahara Chikafusa

    Nakajima Gorouemon
    Nakajima Moan
    Nakajima Chuzobo

    Okura Yamanoue (c. 700's)

    Ouchi Morifusa around 1180
    Ouchi Norihiro
    Ouchi Masahiro 1446-1495 (son of norihiro)
    Ouchi Yoshioki 1477-1528 (son of masahiro)
    // Ouchi Sakyo-daibu (title)

    Ouchi Takahiro (son of masahiro)
    Ouchi Yoshitaka 1507-1551 (son of yoshioki)
    Ouchi Hirooki (son of yoshioki)
    X - DO NOT USE - Ouchi Yoshihiro 1545-1551 (son of yoshitaka)

    Ouchi Yoshinaga 1532-1557 Daimyo of Suo and Nagato - lord of Yamaguchi
    Ouchi Yoshikata
    Ouchi Haruhide (alt-1)
    // Ouchi Sakyo-daiyu (alt-2) (title)

    Reizei Okitoyo
    // Reizei Shimotsuke (alt)

    Saeki Imaemishi (c. 750's)
    Sho Tokinao d.1556

    Shoni Hidesato (founder)
    Shoni Masauke d.1506
    Shoni Masasuke
    Shoni Sukemoto 1497-1532 (son of Masasuke)
    Shoni Tokinao d.1556 (son of Sukemoto)
    Shoni Sukeyoshi (1198­-1281)

    Sue Akiyoshi
    Sue Hirofusa
    Sue Hiromori (son of Hirofusa)
    Sue Takanobu (son of Okifusa)
    Sue Nagafusa (d.1555) (son of Takafusa)

    Sugi Okifusa
    Sugi Okitsura 1506-1551 (son of Okifusa)

    Takahashi Joun d.1586
    Tawara Chikataka
    Tawara Chikatsura
    Tsukushi Korekado 1531-1567
    Tsukushi Hirokado 1548-1615 (son of Korekado)

    Utsunomiya Hisanori

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    Default Re: leaders/heirs/heroes/generals


    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    ///////FAMOUS KINGS//////

    Ryuzoji Iekane 1454?-1546 (5th son of Yasuie) - Good Warrior - Brave

    Ryuzoji Takanobu-1530-1584-ruthless-competent general-drinks a lot-(#1son of Chikaie)
    Ryuzoji Tanenobu (alt-1)
    Ryuzoji Takatane (alt-2)
    Ryuzoji Yamashiro (alt-3)
    Ryuzoji Engetsu (alt-4)
    Ryuzoji Hizen no Kuma (alt-5) (the Bear of Hizen) - scars?

    Ryuzoji Masaie 1556?-1607 - inept and overweight (#1son of Takanobu)

    Ryuzoji Nobuchika d.1608-administrator- (#2son of Chikaie)
    Ryuzoji Shinjiro (alt)

    ////// SENGOKU ERA //////

    Ryuzoji Yasuie
    Ryuzoji Tanehisa
    Ryuzoji Tanehide 1524-1548 (son of Tanehisa)
    Ryuzoji Ienari (d.1582) (son of Tanehide)

    Ryuzoji Chikaie

    Ryuzoji Ietane d.1593 (#2son of Takanobu)
    // Egami Ietane (alt-1)
    // Goto Ietane (alt-2)

    Ryuzoji Ienobu (#3son of Takanobu)

    Ryuzoji Nobukai (son of Nobuchika)

    Ryuzoji Naganobu d.1603- -(#3son of Chikaie)
    Ryuzoji Ienobu (alt-1)
    // Taku Naganobu (alt-2)

    ////// OTHER LEADERS //////

    X - DO NOT USE - Fujiwara Hidesato (ancestor)
    Ryuzoji Hidesato
    Ryuzoji Yasushige (son of Nagunobu)
    // Taku Yasushige (alt)

    Ryuzoji Takafusa


    Nabeshima Naoshige (1537-1619) (son of kiyosada) - very talented general
    Nabeshima Nobumasa (alt) - good against 12 to 1 odds - VERY good
    great castle defender, great castle assault!!

    Nabeshima Kiyohisa - charity and faith

    Hayakutake Tomokane 1534-1584 very capable general

    Narimatsu Nobukatsu 1540-1584 - a valiant warrior

    Kinoshita Masanao d.1584 - fearless warrior

    Naritomi Shigeyasu 1560-1634 - great builder/administrator/farmer
    Naritomi Juemon (alt)

    Goto lchiyuken - brave beyond belief

    Shimomura Shoun - very strong and long lived
    Okubo Kannosuke - invulnerbale
    Okubo Doko - invulnerable
    Horie San'emon - thief
    Tawara Dohaku -hard to kill in fight


    Hashimoto Shinsaemonjo 1572-1632 (son of Michihiro)
    Hashimoto Tadayoshi (alt)(swordsmith for Nabeshima's in this name)
    Hashimoto Tadahiro (#1son of Shinsaemonjo) - (swordsmith)

    Sadenjiro Yoshinobu (Tadayoshi's son in law) 1587-1633 - (swordsmith)
    Hashimoto Yoshinobu (alt)
    Sadenjiro Masanaga (son Yoshinobu) b.1607 - (swordsmith)
    Sadenjiro Masahiro (alt-1)
    Sadenjiro Tadayoshi (alt-2)
    Sadenjiro Tadahiro (alt-3)
    Hashimoto Masahiro (alt-4)

    Hashimoto Tosa d.1632 -(related-possible son Michihiro but history vague)-(swordsmith)

    Hizen Tadayoshi (swordsmith)
    Iyo Munetsugu (1584-1633), (relative of Hashimoto's - Swordsmith)

    Kuranojo Morihiro d.1584 (fought for Ryuzoji Takanobu)
    Kuranojo Michihiro d.1584 (son of Morihiro) (fought for Ryuzoji Takanobu)
    Hashimoto Michihiro (alt)

    Hashimoto Heisakuro 1614-1693 - (#2son of Shinsaemonjo)
    Hashimoto Shinsaemon (alt)

    Omura Naozumi
    Omura Sumiyoshi

    Omura Sumitada 1532-1587 (son of Arima Haruzumi and was adopted by Omura Sumisaki)
    Omura Yoshiaki (1568-1615) (son of sumitada)
    Omura Suminobu (son of yoshiaki)

    Omura Sumisaki (father of Takaaki)
    Omura Ienobu (another alt of Goto Ienobu)

    Goto Moriharu Died 1578
    Goto Sumiharu (son of moriharu) 1562-1594
    Goto Takaaki (son of moriharu)
    Omura Takaaki (alt)

    Goto Shinpei
    Goto Sumikuro
    Goto Takaaki
    Goto Ienobu (adopted by Takaaki)

    Arima Haruzumi (late 1400's) (not be confused with Arima Haruzumi who served hoganji)
    Arima Sumitada (alt of Omura Sumitada)
    Arima Takaaki (Another alt of Omura Takaaki)
    Arima Ienobu (alt of Goto Ienobu)

    Enjoji Nobutane d.1584
    Ezoe Kinbei

    Fujiwara Naozumi
    Fujiwara Sumiyoshi
    Fukae Shinkei
    Fukahori Sumikata

    Ikushima Sakuan
    Ishii Tsunenobu (nabeshima retainer)
    Ishimaru Seizaemon
    Iwamura Kuranosuke

    Kodenji Tannen

    Miura Jibuzaemon

    Nabeshima Denko
    Nabeshima Heizaemon
    Nabeshima Jirbei
    Nabeshima Jirobei
    Nabashima Katsushige 1580-1657 (son of naoshige)

    Nabeshima Kiyosada 1512-1561 (son of Kiyoshige)
    Nabeshima Kiyoshige
    Nabeshima Kenmotsu
    Nabashima Mitsushige (1632-1700) (son of Tadanao)
    Nabeshima Okura

    Nabeshima Shigetake
    Nabashima Tadanao (son of katsushige)
    Nabashima Tadashige (son of naoshige)
    // Nabashima Tadashige (son of katsushige) // 2 of name //
    Nabeshima Toneri

    Nakano Daigaku
    Nakano Jin'emon
    Nakano Kazuma
    Nakano Matabei
    Nakano Mokunosuke

    Nakano Shikibu
    Nakano Shintohi
    Nakano Tadaaki
    Nakano Takumi
    Nakano Toshiaki

    Nakano Uemonnosuke

    Okubo Toemon

    Saigo Sumitaka (early 1500's)

    Takagi Akifusa
    Takaji Fudozaemon
    Takagi Ingazaemon

    Takase Jibusaemon
    Tawara Gorobei
    Tawara Katsuemon

    Yamamoto Gonnojo
    Yamamoto Tsunetomo (nabeshima retainer)

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    Default Re: leaders/heirs/heroes/generals


    /// THIS clan seem especially fond of using the same name for people alive at the same time!!! ///
    they are also short of retainers, i'll flesh out their retainer list with excess samurai later,

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    ///////FAMOUS KINGS//////

    Sanada Kihei - excellent general
    Sanada Yukinora - great warrior - high skill - 9th generation
    Sanada Yoritsuna 1518-1597 (son of Munetsuna) Noted for his bravery
    Sanada Gennosuke (alt)
    Sanada Yukitaka 1512-1574 (son of Munetsuna) a noted strategist
    Sanada Ittokusai (alt Yukitaka)

    Sanada Masayuki 1544-1608 (son of yukitaka) -EXCEPTIONAL GENERAL- one of the best - give
    highest stats

    Sanada Nobuyuki 1566-1658 (son of masayuki)- wise general
    Sanada Genzaburo (alt-1)
    Sanada Nobuzane (alt-2)
    Sanada Yukimura 1567-1615/1622 (son of masayuki) - also EXCEPTIONAL general
    Sanada Nobushige (alt)

    ////// SENGOKU ERA //////

    Sanada Munetsuna (alt of Unno Munetsuna)
    Sanada Yorisada b.1553 (son of yoritsuna)

    Sanada Nobutsuna 1537-1575 (son of yukitaka)
    Sanada Gentazaemon (alt)

    Sanada Masateru D.1575 (son of yukitaka)
    Sanada Hyobu (alt-1)
    Sanada Nobutada 1547-1632 (son of yukitaka)
    // Sanada Nobumasa (alt) //several of name
    Sanada Takakatsu d.1606 (son of yukitaka)

    Sanada Nobumasa d.1615 (son of yukimura, grandson of masayuki)
    Sanada Daisuke (alt)

    Sanada Yasawa B.1518

    Sanada Nobukatsu d.1606 (son of masayuki)

    ////// OTHER LEADERS //////

    // Sanada Nobumasa (son of masateru) //several of name

    Sanada Masachika 1583-1632 (son of masayuki)

    Sanada Yukimasa (son of nobutada)
    // Sanada Nobukatsu (son of nobutada) //several of name

    Sanada Nobuyoshi 1593-1634 (son of nobuyuki)
    // Sanada Nobumasa 1597-1658 (son of nobuyuki) //several of name
    Sanada Nobumasu (alt?? at osaka)
    Sanada Nobushige (son of nobuyuki)

    // Sanada Yukimura 1567?-1615 (son of masayuki) //several of name
    // Sanada Nobushige (alt-1) //several of name
    Sanada Genjiro (alt-2)
    Sanada Saemon (alt-3)
    Sanada Gobenmaru (alt-4)

    Sanada Yorisada
    Sanada Toshitsuna (1563 born? died?)

    Sanada Danjo
    Sanada Shinano
    Sanada Hiroyuki

    Sanada Hayatonosho

    Sanada Yukitsura
    Sanada Nibutada
    Sanada Nobukisa
    Sanada Kisateru
    Sanada Kisayuki


    Katsushika Hokusai - artist
    Sakuma Shozan - well educated
    Sakuma Zozan (alt)

    Hozoin In-ei 1521-1607 - MIGHTY SPEARMAN

    // THE Sanada Ju-Yushi - ten very brave warriors
    Sarutobi Sasuke
    Kirigakure Saizo
    x - DO NOT USE - Miyoshi Sekai
    x - DO NOT USE - Miyoshi Isa
    Anayama Kosuke
    Unno Rokuro
    Kakei Juzo
    Nezu Jinpachi
    Mochizuki Rokuro
    Yuri Kamanosuke

    Unno Yukitaka (alt of Sanada Yukitaka) a noted strategist
    Uno Yukitaka (alt of Sanada Yukitaka)


    // some ALTS for Sanada leaders
    Unno Munetsuna in Shinano province (was defeat c.1541)
    X - DO NOT USE - Uno Munetsuna (alt)
    Unno Nobutsuna
    Unno Masateru
    Unno Hyobû
    Unno Masayuki
    Unno Nobuyuki
    Unno Yukimura

    Arima Koshinosuke
    Arima Masayoshi

    Izumo Kanja
    Izumo Yoshiteru
    Izumo Koshiro
    Izumo Terunobu

    Izumo Teruhide
    Izumo Bungo
    Izumo Yoshiteru
    Izumo Kanja
    Izumo Yoshitaka

    Kazama Shinkuro
    Kazama Hidechika
    Kuriyama Ukongen
    Kuriyama Nagafusa

    Matsushiro Teruhide
    Miyamoto Shinsuke
    Moto Kihei

    Ohkuni Kisanata
    Ohkuni Kiyosumi
    Ohkuni Kogenta
    Ohkuni Yukihisa
    Ohkuni Kihei
    Ohkuni Shigenobu

    Sakuma Zozan
    Sakurakoshi Sensaemon
    Shinoda Masahiro
    Suzuki Shozo
    Suzuki Rokubei

    Tadamasa Sengoku
    Tokita Toshitsuna
    Tsutsumi Hakushi
    Tsutsuni Ritsuzan

    Yamada Yoji
    Yasawa Yorisada
    Yasawa Yoritsuna

    Yokota Jingozaemon
    Yokota Sasuke
    Yokota Saizo
    Yokota Takatoshi

    Yoshishige Hidetoshi
    Yoshishige Murakami
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    Default Re: leaders/heirs/heroes/generals


    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    ///////FAMOUS KINGS//////

    Satake Yoshiaki (1531-1565) (son of yoshiatsu) - aggressive - good general/leader
    Satake Yoshishige 1547-1612 (son of yoshiaki) - hard campaigner
    Satake Oni Yoshishige (alt = Devil Yoshishige)
    Satake Yoshinobu 1570-1633 (son of yoshishige) - hard fighter

    ////// SENGOKU ERA //////

    Satake Yoshiatsu (circa 1500)

    Satake Yoshihiro d.1631 (son of yoshishige) (alt as Ashina Morishige below)
    Satake Morishige

    Satake Sadataka (alt of Iwaki Sadataka)

    // Satake Yoshinobu // several of name
    Satake Yoshimitsu

    Satake Yoshiatsu
    Satake Yoshimasa
    Satake Yoshimune
    Satake Yoshinao
    Satake Yoshitaka

    ////// OTHER LEADERS //////

    Satake Yoshikazu (1800's)
    Satake Yoshisuke
    Satake Yoshiyuki
    Satake Yoshiata
    Satake Yoshizame

    // Satake Yoshiaki // several of name
    Satake Yoshikatsu

    Satake Yoshichika
    Satake Yoshitake

    Satake Yoshinari
    Satake Yoshiharu
    Satake Hideyoshi
    Satake Hinomaru

    Satake Yoshinori (1800's)
    Satake Shozan 1748-1785
    // Satake Yoshiatsu 1748-1785 // several of name
    Satake Dairoku 1748-1785

    Satake Kita (1600's)


    Odano Naotake 1749-80 - well educated
    Hiraga Gennai - well educated
    Imai Sokyu - well educated - govenor

    Iwashiro Morikuni d. 1595?? (son of ashina morinori) - good general
    Iwashiro Morimoto (alt)
    Inawashiro Morikuni (alt)
    Inawashiro Morimoto (alt)

    Kimura Hidetoshi - poor administrator
    Sei Shonagon - well educated
    Wada Akitame - loyal + very good admin skills
    Yamato Eiyu - brave warrior
    Haga Kamon - zen master


    Iwaki Tsunetaka (1566-1590)
    Iwaki Sadataka 1584-1621 (adopted son of tsunetaka)(real son of Yoshishige)

    Akita Takahashi
    Akita Kutsuzawa (1600's)

    Ashina Naonori
    Ashina Moritaka d.1517
    Ashina Morikiyo 1490-1553
    Ashina Moriuji 1521-1580
    Ashina Morioki
    // Ashina Moritaka 1560-1583 // several of name
    Ashina Kameomaru
    Ashina Morishige d.1631 (alt as Satake Morishige)
    Ashina Yoshihiro (alt)
    Ashina Morinori
    Ashina Morikiyo d. 1595?? (son of morinori)
    Ashina Marikiyo (alt-1)
    Ashina Morimoto (alt-2)
    Ashina Moritane (son of morikuni)
    Ashina Munekuni (son of morikuni)
    Ashina Moriaki (son of morikuni)

    Aoyagi Touemon
    Aoyagi Yoshinobu
    Aoyagi Kibei (1800's)
    Aoyagi Masanori (1800's)
    Aoyagi Masaji

    Hirasawa Izumiya (1400's)
    Hyakudan Matauemon

    Iwashiro Moritane (son of morikuni)
    Inawashiro Moritane (alt)
    Iwashiro Munekuni (son of morikuni)
    Inawashiro Munekuni (alt)
    Iwashiro Moriaki (son of morikuni)
    Inawashiro Moriaki (alt)

    Kimura Shigemasa (son of hidetoshi)

    Morikawa Matauemon (1700's)

    Naba Saburoemon
    Naba Yusuke
    Nikaido Moriyoshi

    Oba Sanzaemon

    Onono Komachi (800's)

    Sawara Yoshitsuru 12th century (early)
    Muira Yoshitsuru (alt)
    Muira Yoshimoto

    Takeishi Saburo

    Watanabe Hikobei (1600's)
    Watanabe Satoru

    Tomoshichi Hoshino (1600's)
    Shyoemon Nishimura (1700's)

    Kiyowara Takashige (7th Century) (ancestor)

    Utsunomiya Munetsuna
    Utsunomiya Naotsuna
    Utsunomiya Hirotsuna (1543-1580) (son of Naotsuna)
    Utsumoniya Kunitsuna 1568-1607 (son of hirotsuna)
    Utsunomiya Yorikatsu (son of hirotsuna)
    Utsunomiya Takasada (son of hirotsuna)
    Haga Takasada (alt)
    Utsumoniya Yoshitsuna (son of Kunitsuna)

    Haga Ujitsugu

    Ouchi Sadatsuna
    Okabe Jibuemon

    Soma Morotsune (1143-1205)
    // Soma Yoshitane (?-?) // several of name
    Soma Tanetsuna (?-?)
    Soma Tanemura (?-1270?)
    Soma Morotane (1263?-1294?)
    Soma Shigetane (1283?-1337)
    Soma Chikatane (?-1358)
    Soma Taneyori (1324-1371)
    Soma Noritane (?-1395)
    Soma Tanehiro (?-?)
    Soma Shigetane (?-?)
    Soma Takatane (1424-1492)
    Soma Moritane (1476-1521)
    X - DO NOT USE - Soma Akitane (1508-1549)
    // Soma Moritane (1529-1601) // several of name
    Soma Yoshitane (1548-1635) (son of Moritane)

    Soma Toshitane (1581-1625) (son of Yoshitane)
    // Soma Yoshitane (1619-1651) // several of name
    Soma Tadatane (1637-1673)
    Soma Sadatane (1659-1679)
    Soma Masatane (1661-1728)
    Soma Nobutane (1677-1711)
    // Soma Takatane (1697-1772) // several of name
    // Soma Morotane (1734-1791) // several of name
    // Soma Yoshitane (1765-1816) // several of name
    Soma Muratane (1781-1839)
    Soma Masutane (1796-1845)
    Soma Mitsutane (1819-1887)
    Soma Tomotane (1852-1892)

    X - DO NOT USE Murasaki Shikubu - well educated

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    Default Re: leaders/heirs/heroes/generals


    I had to draft 17 distant cousins into their leader list,
    and their retainer list was a little small too,
    i'll add more retainers later

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    ///////FAMOUS KINGS//////

    Satomi Yoshitaka (1512-1574) (son of sanetaka) - good diplomacy
    Satomi Yoshihiro 1529-1578 (son of yoshitaka) - average general
    Satomi Yoshiyasu 1573-1604 (son of yoshiyori) - good diplomacy - average general

    ////// SENGOKU ERA //////

    Satomi Yoshishige (d.1202)
    Satomi Yoshitoshi (son of yoshishige)

    Satomi Shigeyoshi 1448-1505
    Satomi Yoshimichi 1480-1518 (son of shigeyoshi)
    Satomi Sanetaka 1483-1533 (son of shigeyoshi)

    Satomi Yoshitoyo 1513-1534 (son of Yoshimichi)

    Satomi Yoshiyori 1542?-1587 (son of yoshitaka)
    Satomi Takamoto (son of yoshitaka)
    Satomi Takamasa (son of yoshitaka)
    Satomi Tadahiro (son of yoshitaka)

    Satomi Tadayoshi (1593-1622) (son of yoshiyasu) (LAST OF LINE)

    ////// OTHER LEADERS //////

    Satomi Suemoto
    Satomi Yoshizane
    Satomi Yoshinari
    Satomi Yatsufusa
    Satomi Yoshisada

    Satomi Yoshimune
    Satomi Yoshiaki
    Satomi Yoshisuke
    Satomi Yoshishige
    Satomi Yoshitoshi

    Satomi Toshie
    Satomi Kageie (son of Toshie)
    Satomi Haruie
    Satomi Noriie
    Satomi Suehiro

    Satomi Yoshihiro
    Satomi Toshiaki


    Ota Gyuichi 1527-1610? - author

    Masaki Tokitada d.1571 - expert castle assault
    Masaki Noritoki - rebellious

    Ogata Korin - well educated
    Ogata Kenzan - well educated


    Ashikaga Yoshiaki Lived 3 Nov. 1537 to 28 Aug. 1597 (unique)

    Ogigayatsu Tomosada
    Ogigayatsu Norisada
    Ota Sukemasa
    Kajiwara Masakage 1544-1623 (son of Sukemasa)
    Ota Masakage (alt)

    Ota Sukemasa d.1591?
    Ota Minbu-daisuke (alt)

    Ota Yasusuke (son of sukemasa)

    Kajiwara Kagemune

    Chiba Sadatane Lived 1291 to 1351
    Chiba Sanetane
    Chiba Shigetane
    Chiba Takatane

    Chiba Tanenao
    Chiba Toshitane Lived 1528 to 1559
    Chiba Tsunetane 1118 to 1201

    Chiba Mitsutada
    Chiba Nizaemon

    Chiba Taro
    Chiba Jiro

    Anzai Sanemoto d.1564?
    Anzai Samemoto

    Masaki Tokishige

    Kanamari Takayoshi
    Kanamri Takanori

    Inue Masashi
    Inukawa Yoshitou
    Inumura Masanori
    Inuyama Tadatomo

    Inuzuka Moritaka
    Inuzaka Tanetomo
    Inuta Yasuyori
    Inukai Nobumichi

    Kakizaki Suehiro
    Kakizaki Yoshihiro

    Hatsuta Tomoie

    Oda Masaharu 1492-1548
    Oda Ujiharu 1534-1602 (son of masaharu)
    Oda Ten'an (alt)

    Isshiki Yoshikiyo d.1582 - defeated by hosokawa

    Ishiki Yoshitsura d.1540 - defeated by takeda
    Ishiki Fujikana

    Chigusa Tadaharu
    Chigusa Tadamono

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    Default Re: leaders/heirs/heroes/generals


    needs maybe 20 more retainers, they have 60 or so already

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    ///////FAMOUS KINGS//////

    Taira Kiyomori 1118-1181 (son of Tadamori) ruthless general

    Taira Munemori 1147-1185 (son of kiyomori) became infamous for his ineptness

    Taira Shigemori 1138-1179 (son of kiyomori) very capable and popular and brave

    Taira Tomomori D.1185 exceedingly brave and capable soldier

    ////// SENGOKU ERA //////


    ////// OTHER LEADERS //////

    Taira Korihira (great-grandson of Takamochi)
    Taira Masamori
    Taira Tadamori D.1153
    Taira Takamune (804-867)
    Taira Tomoakira - son of Tomomori D.1185

    Taira Rokudai
    Taira Antoku 1178-1185
    Taira Atsumori 1169-1184
    Taira Chikahito 1215-approx
    Taira Hisaaki 1276-1328

    Taira Hisahito 1243-1304
    Taira Horikawa 1212-1234
    Taira Koreyasu 1264-1326
    Taira Kunihito 1220-1271
    Taira Masakado d.940

    Taira Masanari 1200-1255
    Taira Mochihito D.1180
    Taira Morikuni 1301-1333
    Taira Morinari 1197-1242
    Taira Morisada B.1161

    Taira Munetaka 1242-1272
    Taira Nagahito 1196-1249
    Taira Nintoku D.1185
    Taira Tadanori D 1153
    Taira Takahira B.1180

    Taira Takakura 1161-1181
    Taira Tanehito 1196-1231
    Taira Toba 1180-1239
    Taira Tokuhito B.1178
    Taira Tsunehito 1249-1305

    Taira Yorihito 1201-1264
    Taira Yoritsuna d. 1293
    Taira Yutahito B. 1212


    Kusunoki Masashige 1294 - 1336 - good general brave and unselfish - excellent defender

    Kusunoki Masatsura (1326-1348) - good general

    Yasushimaru Kurando - unbeatable in h2h!!

    Taguchi Shigeyoshi - traitor

    Yamaga Hideto - fine archer

    Oba Kagechika - good general

    Kenmotsu Taro - brave warrior

    Kenmotsu Yorikata - brave warrior

    Notonokami Noritsune (1160-85) - giant of a warrior-exceedingly brave

    Sagami Goro - loyal

    Fujiwara Shunzei - painter

    Nasu Yoichi - the master of the bow

    Arihara Narihira (825-888) poet


    Taira Arimari
    Taira Arimori
    Taira Chikazane
    Taira Kanetaka
    Taira Kiyosada

    Taira Koremori
    Taira Kiyoshige
    Taira Kunika
    Taira Masahira
    Taira Michimori

    Taira Noritsune
    Taira Sadamori
    Taira Shigehira
    Taira Suke
    Taira Sukemori

    Taira Tadafusa
    Taira Tadafuse
    Taira Tadatsune
    Taira Yeriyoshi
    Taira Yoshikumi

    Bunya Watamaro (765-823)

    Chiba Suke
    Chiba Tanetomi 1527-1579
    Chiba Kunitane 1557-1585
    X - DO NOT USE - Chiba Shigetane

    Hirano Shogen
    Honma Magoshiro

    Jinmu Tenno
    Jo Nagashige

    Kobuta Jyuro
    Kumagaya Naozane (1141-1208)
    Kunsoki Masasue
    Magaki Heikuro

    Miura Takemichi
    Miura Takanori (son of tokitaka)
    Miura Tokitaka d.1496
    Miura Yasumura (?-1247)

    Miura Yoshiaki (1092-1180)
    Miura Yoshizumi (1127-1200)
    Miura Yoshimura (?-1239)
    Miura Yoshiatsu d.1516 (son of tokitaka)

    Miura Yoshimoto d.1516 (son of yoshiatsu)
    Miura Dosun (alt)
    Miura Yoshimasa (son of yoshiatsu)

    Morinaga Shinno (1308-35)

    Nawa Nagatoshi

    Neshima Kiyoshige
    Neshima Kiyotoshi
    Neshima Shigenaga (son of Neshima Kiyotoshi) vassal of Shimazu Yokihisa
    Neshima Shigehira 1566-1629 (son of Neshima Shigenaga)
    Neshima Shigetora (alt)

    Nomi Sukune

    Numata Yasuteru
    Numata Akiyasu (son of Yasuteru)
    Numata Tomoyasu (son of Akiyasu)
    Numata Tsunayasu (son of Akiyasu)
    Numata Kageyoshi (son of Akiyasu)

    Oda Chikazane
    Ohiko Mikoto
    Otachi Ujiakira

    Sakaue Tamuramaro
    Sakanoue Tamuramaro (758-811)
    Soma Masakado

    Taguchi Gyobu
    Takeuchi Sukune

    Umayado Miko (574-622)

    Wake Kiyomaro (733-799)

    Yamato Takeru
    Yamato Mikoto
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    Default Re: leaders/heirs/heroes/generals


    hoping i got everyone....
    As some of takeda's 24 generals start with their original clans (ie the Sanada's) i am going to allow the alternate names for several of the remaining generals.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    ///////FAMOUS KINGS//////

    Takeda Nobutora (1493-1573).competent - not well liked (son of Nobutsuna)

    Takeda Shingen Lived 1521 to 1573

    Takeda Katsuyori 1546-1582 (son of Shingen) brave and exceptionally skilled fighter

    Takeda Nobukatsu 1567-1582 (son of Katsuyori)

    ////// SENGOKU ERA //////

    Takeda Katsuchika
    Takeda Nobumitsu (1553-1582?) (son of Shingen/Harunobu)
    Takeda Yoshinobu 1536 1567 (son of Shingen/Harunobu)
    Takeda Taro (alt)

    Takeda Izumo
    Takeda Nobuchika 1541-1582 (blind) (son of Shingen/Harunobu)
    Takeda Nobusada (son of Shingen/Harunobu)
    Takeda Katsutoshi (alt)

    Takeda Nobuyuki (son of Shingen/Harunobu)
    Takeda Nobutsuna (alt-of nobukado 1529-1582)
    Takeda Takeomaru (alt of nobukatsu 1567-1582)
    Takeda Nobuzane 1538-1575 (son of nobutora)

    ////// OTHER LEADERS //////

    Takeda Harunobu (alt-1 of Shingen)
    Takeda Katsuchiyo (alt-2 of Shingen)
    Takeda Shiro (alt of Katsuyori)
    Takeda Yoshimitsu, 1138-1186 (minamoto)
    Takeda Yoshikiyo (circa 1150)

    Takeda Nobuyoshi (1138-1186))
    Takeda Mitsukazu
    Takeda Nobutoshi (son of Nobuzane)
    Takeda Nobukore d.1571 (son of Nobutora)

    Takeda Nobutomo (son of Nobutora)
    Takeda Rokurou (alt)
    Takeda Takematsu 1517 1523 (son of Nobutora)
    Takeda Nobutoyo

    Takeda Mitsutada - most likely refers to a sword - but is also a workable name
    Takeda Nobukato
    Takeda Nobuhiro - circa 1457
    Takeda Nobue


    Takeda Nobushige 1525-1561 (son#2 of nobutora) military prowess and wisdom

    Takeda Nobukado 1529-1582 (son of Nobutora) an avid painter a man of learning
    Takeda Nobukada (alt)

    Takeda Nobutatsu d.1582 (son of nobutora)
    Ichijo Nobutatsu (alt)

    Itakagi Nobukata d.1548 - overconfident

    Akiyama Nobutomo d.1575

    Amari Torayasu D.1548 reknowned for his bravery

    Baba Nobufusa 1514 - 1575
    Baba Nobuharu D.1582 - good general
    // SPARE Baba Mino (alt-2 baba nobufusa/nobuharu) - some confusion wether haru=fusa

    Hara Toratane 1497-1564 (skilled general)

    Hara Masatane D 1575 (son of Masatoshi)

    Hara Torayoshi - brave in combat

    Itagaki Nobutaka D.1548

    Kosaka Masanobu 1527-1578

    Naito Masatoyo 1522-1575 - VERY good general
    (noted for his warm disposition and his equally impressive talents in warfare and administration)

    Obu Toramasa 1504-1565 - tough warrior
    Iitomi Toramasa (alt-1)
    Yamagata Toramasa (alt-2)
    Obu Kai no Moko (alt) (fierce tiger of Kai)

    Yamagata Masakage 1524-1575 - VERY good general (young brother of Obu Toramasa)
    Obu Masakage (alt-1)
    Iitomi Masakage (alt-2)
    Iitomi Genshiro (alt-3)
    Yamagata Genshiro (alt-4)

    Kiso Yoshimasa TRAITOR-EASILY BRIBED??

    Anayama Nobukimi (1560's) TRAITOR-EASILY BRIBED??

    Oyamada Nobushige 1539-1582 (son of Oyamada Nobunari) (traitor)

    Oyamada Masatatsu d.1552 expert of defensive warfare

    Saigusa Moritomo d.1575 (son-in-law of yamagata masakage)

    Tada Mitsuyori 1501-1563

    Tsuchiya Masatsugu 1545?-1575 (son of Torayoshi)
    Kanamaru Masatsugu (alt-1)

    Tsuchiya Sozo - brave beyond belief 1582 (son of Masatsugu)
    Kanamaru Sozo (alt-1)
    Two other unamed sons of Masatsugu died 1582 alongside Sozo at Temmokuzan

    Yamamoto Kansuke d.1561 - brave beyond belief

    Yakota Takatoshi 1495-1550 (several similar names - takayoshi etc)

    Obata Masamori 1534-1582 (son of Toramori) - very brave

    Morozumi Torasada 1480?-1561 son of Takeda Nobumasa - great warrior/good admin
    Morozumi Masakiyo (alt#1)
    Takeda Torasada (alt#2)
    Takeda Masakiyo (alt#3)

    Ogiwara Hitachinosuke - (circa 1500) WISE and SHREWD - Shingens Trusted friend when Shingen was a child


    Abe Katsutoshi d.1582 (alt is katsuyoshi)

    Akiyama Chikahisa (son of Nobutomo)
    Akiyama Masaaki (son of Nobutomo)

    Anayama Nobutomo (d.1560).
    Anayama Nobusuke
    Anayama Nobukimi Lived 1541 to 1582
    Anayama Beisetsu
    Anayama Nobuharu 1572-1587

    Anayama Hikogorou (mid 1500's)
    Anayama Nobukuni (mid 1500's)

    Amari Masatada 1533?-1564 (son of Torayasu)
    Amari Haruyoshi
    Amari Noriyori
    Amari Bizen
    Amari Tozo

    Amari Okura

    Baba Nobuyasu
    Baba Torasada
    Baba Masafusa d.1582 (son nobufusa)
    Baba Nobuyori (brother nobufasa)
    Baba Nobushige (grandson Nobuyori)

    Baba Nobukatsu Lived 1514 to 1575
    Baba Tatsui 1850 to 1888
    Baba Nobuhara

    Baisetsu Nobukimi

    Hara Yasukage 1524-1575 (son of Toratane)
    Hara Yokota
    Hara Masatoshi
    Hara Han'emon
    Hara Toranaga (d.1582) (son of torayoshi)
    Hara Jingoro

    Ichijo Nobunari
    Imafauku Masakazu d.1582

    Kanemaru Mitsushige
    Kanamaru Torayoshi (d.1572)

    Katanuma Nobutomo d.1535 (cousin of Takeda Nobutora)
    Katanuma ZaemonDaisuke
    Katanuma Nobumoto D.1560 (son of nobutomo) - Shingen cousin

    Katsurayama Yoshihisa
    Katsurayama Katsuyoshi

    Kosaka Danjo
    Kosaka Masazumi d.1575 son of Masanobu
    Kasuga Masazumi

    Mochizuki Nobumasa
    Mochizuki Nobumasa
    Mochizuki Yoshikatsu
    Mochizuki Masayori

    Naito Yukiyasu 1544?-1626 (son of masatoyo)

    Nishina Nobusada
    Nishina Nobutomo
    Nishina Nobumori
    Nishina Morinobu
    Nishina Harukiyo

    Obu Masakage
    Obata Masanori
    Obata Toramori 1505?-1561
    Obata Masamori 1534-1582 (son of Toramori)
    Obata Mitsumori (son of Masamori)

    Obata Kagenori 1570-1644
    Obata Nobusada 1540-1592
    Obata Norishige - died 1575

    Oi Nobutatsu (late 1400's) takeda retainer - reluctant - father of shingen mother
    Oi Nobutaka d.1543
    Oi Yukiyori
    Oi Yukiyoshi

    Oyamada Yasaburou (early 1400's) (GGGGgrandfather of shingen)
    Oyamada Nobunari d.1552
    Oyamada Masayuki d.1582 (son of masatatsu)
    Oyamada Masasada (son of masatatsu)

    Sanjo Kinyori, a retired Dainogon (father of Katsuchiyo's wife)
    Suwa Katsuyori (1546 - 1582) brave and exceptionally skilled fighter
    Suwa Nobukatsu
    Suwa Katsuchika

    Takeda Yoshikatsu
    Takeda Nobumori d.1455 (son of nobushige)
    Takeda Nobusuke (son of nobushige)
    Takeda Mitsushige (son of nobushige)
    Takeda Ankokuji (son of nobushige)

    Takeda Matasaburou (son of nobushige)
    Takeda Mototsune (son of nobushige)
    Takeda Masayori (d.1582) (son of nobumasa)
    Takeda Nobuhide
    Takeda Morinobu (son of Shingen/Harunobu? nephew?) 1557?-1582

    Takeda Harukiyo
    Takeda Yoshihisa (son of Shingen/Harunobu)
    Takeda Katsuyoshi
    Takeda Nobuyori (nephew of shingen)
    Takeda Nobunari d.1582 son of nobutatsu, nephew of shingen

    Takeda Nobunaga
    Takeda Nobuyasu d.1534
    Takeda Nobutaka (son of Nobuyasu)
    Takeda Nobukata
    Takeda Motoaki (d.1582)

    Takeda Motoshige
    Takeda Yoshizumi (grandnephew of Shingen)

    Taro Nobukatsu

    Tsuchiya Sohachiro

    Yamagata Masamitsu d.1582 (son of masakage)

    Yakota Yasukage (1524-1575)

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    Default Re: leaders/heirs/heroes/generals


    Tokugawa have way too many characters,
    I have tried to identify the most important,
    (the excess will wind up divvied up amongst clans that are very short)

    SO - if you think someone is missing from the list send me a PM asap.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    ///////FAMOUS KINGS//////

    Tokugawa Hidetada 1579-1632 (son of Ieyasu) - handsome - brave - personable

    Tokugawa Iemitsu Lived 1604 to 1651 - ruthless - isolationist

    Tokugawa Ietsuna Lived 1639 to 1680. - brutally suppressed rebellions

    Tokugawa Ieyasu 1542 1616 (son of hirotada) - brilliant leader

    Tokugawa Mitsukuni (1628-1700) - well read, learned

    Tokugawa Nobuyasu 1559 1579 (son of Ieyasu) - cruel nature and was not exceedingly popular

    ////// SENGOKU ERA //////

    Tokugawa Chikatada Lived 1418 to 1480
    Tokugawa Chikauji Might have died 1407.
    Tokugawa Hideyasu 1559-1579
    Tokugawa Hirotada Lived 1526 to 1549.
    Tokugawa Kiyoyasu Lived 1511 to 1536.

    Tokugawa Matsuchiyo (1594-1599) (son of Ieyasu)
    Tokugawa Nobumitsu Lived 1390 to 1465.
    Tokugawa Nobutada Lived 1489 to 1531.
    Tokugawa Nobuyoshi 1583-1605 (son of Ieyasu)
    Tokugawa Senchiyori (1595-1600) (son of Ieyasu)

    Tokugawa Takechiyo 1543 - 1616
    Tokugawa Yasuchika Lived 1369 to 1412.
    Tokugawa Yorinobu 1602-1671 (son of Ieyasu)
    Tokugawa Yoshinao 1600-1650 (son of Ieyasu)

    ////// OTHER LEADERS //////

    Tokugawa Ieharu Lived 1737 to 1786.
    Tokugawa Iemochi Lived 1846 to 1866.
    Tokugawa Iemoto Lived 1763 to 1779.
    Tokugawa Ienari Lived 1773 to 1841
    Tokugawa Ienobu Lived 1662 to 1712.

    Tokugawa Iesada Lived 1824 to 1858.
    Tokugawa Ieshige Lived 1712 to 1761
    Tokugawa Ietsugu Lived 1709 to 1716.
    Tokugawa Ieyoshi Lived 1792 to 1853.
    Tokugawa Keiki 1837-1913

    Tokugawa Nagachika Lived 1442 to 1510.
    Tokugawa Nariaki Lived 1800 to 1860.
    Tokugawa Tsunashige Lived 1644 to 1678.
    Tokugawa Tsunayoshi Lived 1646 to 1709.
    Tokugawa Yorishige (1622-1695) (son of Yorifusa)

    Tokugawa Yorimoto
    Tokugawa Yoritaka
    Tokugawa Yorio
    Tokugawa Yorizumi
    Tokugawa Yoshimune Lived 1684 to 1751.


    Tokugawa Tadayoshi 1580-1608 (son of Ieyasu) - leads from the front
    Tokugawa Yorifusa 1603-1661 (son of Ieyasu) - clever
    Tokugawa Tadanaga Lived 1605 to 1651. - killed a retainer (paranoid attrib)
    Tokugawa Tadateru 1598-1683 (son of Ieyasu) - plot/scheme
    Tokugawa Nagamaru - ruthless

    Sakai Tadakatsu (advisor)
    Sakai Tadatsugu 1527-1596 - very good commander
    X-DO NOT USE -X Sakai Tadakiyo
    Inaba Masanori (advisor)
    Matsudaira Nobutsuna (advisor)
    Hoshina Masayuki (1611-1673) (son of Hidetada) (advisor)

    Itakura Shigenori (Ietsuna's uncle (whom he had deep regard for)) (advisor)
    Tsuchiya Kazunao (advisor)
    Kuze Hiroyuki (advisor)
    Ii Naomasa 1561-1602 (son of naochika - imagawa retainer) (advisor)
    Sakikabara Yasumasa 1548-1606 (son of Nagamasa) skilled both in war and administration

    Torii Tadayoshi Died 1571. - good soldier
    Uemura Masakatsu 1535-1592 - very loyal
    Hiraide Chikayoshi (retainer of Ieyasu)
    Uemura Iemasa 1541-1577 - a man of ability // several of name (1589-1650) //
    Yuki Hideyasu 1574-1607 (2nd son of Tokugawa Ieyasu - adopted by Yuki Harumoto) - natural leader

    Watanabe Moritsuna 1542-1620 - known for skill with spear + loyal
    Nakayama Nobuyoshi (1576-1642) - wise man
    Okudaira Tadaaki 1583-1644 ((builder))
    Okudaira Sadamasa 1555-1615 - resolute (son of sadayoshi)
    Oga Yasahiro - finaicial advisor - traitor

    Amano Saburobei 1537-1637 - brave warrior
    Matsudaira Tadaaki 1583-1644 (son of Okudaira Nobumasa) - notable commander
    Matsudaira Tadayasu 1580-1608 - leads from the front
    Nagasaka Nobumasa d.1572 GREAT warrior - 90 enemy slain
    Chiyari Kuro (ALT - use?)


    Tokugawa Masayuki
    Tokugawa Mitsusada
    Tokugawa Mitsutomo
    Tokugawa Motonobu
    Tokugawa Motoyasu (several of name)

    Tokugawa Shigeyoshi
    Tokugawa Shiro
    Tokugawa Tadahiro
    Tokugawa Tsunaeda (1600's)
    Tokugawa Tsunayoshi

    Tokugawa Yoshinobu
    Tokugawa Yoshisue
    Matsudaira Chikafusa (1400's)
    Matsudaira Chikamasa (1400's)
    Matsudaira Chikamitsu (1400's)

    Matsudaira Chikatada 1431 1501
    Matsudaira Chikauji 1407
    Matsudaira Chikanaga (1400's)
    Matsudaira Hideyasu 1574-1607 - natural leader
    // Matsudaira Hideyasu 1559-1579 (son of Tokugawa Ieyasu, adopted by yuki harumoto) //several of name//
    Matsudaira Hirotada (1526-1549) (son of kiyoyasu)
    // (Known in his childhood as Senshoumaru, Senchiyo, and Jirouzaburou)

    Matsudaira Ietada 1547-1600
    Matsudaira Iemitsu (1604-1651) (son of Hidetada)
    Matsudaira Iemoto (son of hirotada)
    Matsudaira Ienobu (1569-1638) (son of ietada)
    Matsudaira Jirosaburo (1526-1549)

    Matsudaira Kiyoyasu 1511 1536 (son of nobutada)
    Matsudaira Masayuki (1611-1673) (son of Hidetada)
    Matsudaira Mitsukuni (1628-1670) (son of Yorifusa)
    Matsudaira Mitsusada (1626-1705) (son of Yorinobu)
    Matsudaira Mitsushige (1400's)

    Matsudaira Mitsutomo (son of Yoshinao)
    Matsudaira Motonobu (1500's)
    Matsudaira Nagaie (1400's)
    Matsudaira Nagachika 1473 1544
    Matsudaira Nagatada (1400's)

    Matsudaira Naomasa (son of Yuki Hideyasu)
    Matsudaira Naomoto (son of hideyasu)
    Matsudaira Nobumitsu 1404 1488
    Matsudaira Nobushige
    Matsudaira Nobutada 1489 1531 (son of nagachika)

    Matsudaira Nobutaka d.1548 (son of nobutada)
    Matsudaira Nobuyasu 1559 1579
    Matsudaira Norimoto (1400's)
    Matsudaira Sadanao (late 1600's)

    Matsudaira Tadanao (1595-1650) (son of hideyasu)
    Matsudaira Tadamasa (1597-1645) (son of hideyasu)
    Matsudaira Tadamoto d.1547
    Matsudaira Tadanaga (1606-1634) (son of Hidetada)
    Matsudaira Tadateru 1593 to 1683.

    Matsudaira Takechiyo (1500's)
    Matsudaira Tarozaemon
    Matsudaira Yasuchika (ca.1390)
    Matsudaira Yasutaka (son of nobutada)

    Matsudaira Yorinori (son of Yoritaka)
    Matsudaira Yorishige (1622-1695) (son of Yorifusa)
    Matsudaira Yoriyasu (son of yoritaka)

    Ii Naotsugu (son of naomasa)
    Ii Naokatsu

    Ii Naotaka (1590-1659) (son of naomasa)
    Ii Hyobu
    Ii Manchiyo
    Ii Toramatsu
    Ii Akaoni

    Sakakibara Nagamasa
    Sakikabara Heishichi
    Sakikabara Koheida
    Sakikabara Daijuji
    Sakikabara Yasukatsu (son of yasumasa)

    Sakikabara Tadamasa (son of yasumasa)
    Torii Mototada d.1600 (son of Torii Tadayoshi)
    Torii Tadamasa Lived 1567 to 1628 (son of Torii Mototada)
    Yuki Hideyasu 1559-1579
    Yuki Masatomo (1477-1545) (adoptive father of Harumoto)

    Yuki Harumoto (1533-1614) (son of takamoto) (adoptive father of Hideyasu)
    Yuki Nakatsukasa (1533-1614)
    Yuki Masakatsu 1503-1559 (son of Yuki Masatomo) - natural leader
    Yuki Harumoto 1533-1614 (son of Oyama Takatomo - adopted by Yuki Masakatsu)
    Yuki Naomoto (son of Yuki Hideyasu)

    Yuki Tadanao (1595-1650)
    Yuki Tadamasa (1597-1645)
    Yuki Naomasa
    Yuki Naomoto

    Katahara Ietada 1547-1600
    Katahara Ienobu (1569-1638) (son of ietada)

    Okudaira Nobumasa 1583-1644
    Okudaira Nobumasa
    Okudaira Sadayoshi
    Okudaira Nobumasa

    Sakai Hirochika 1392
    Matsudaira Tadahiro
    Sakai Tadahiro

    Sakai Ietsugu 1564-1619 (son of Sakai Tadatsugu)
    Sakai Iyetsugu (alt?)
    Sakai Masachika (1521-1576)
    Sakai Shigetada 1549-1615 (son of Masachika)
    Sakai Tadayo (son of Shigetada)

    Oga Yashiro
    Amano Yasukage Lived 1537 to 1637
    Amano Takashige Lived 1503 to 1584
    Nagasaka Hikogoro
    Torii Sune'emon

    Oyama Harumoto (1533-1614)
    Oyama Nakatsukasa (1533-1614)
    Oyama Takatomo 1508?-1574 (son of Yuki Masatomo)(natural father of Harumoto)
    Oyama Hidetsuna (son of takamoto)

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    Default Re: leaders/heirs/heroes/generals


    this was a difficult one,
    i used all Toyotomi relations AS Toyotmi

    i also declined to use alt names Except Toyotomi alt's

    i have included TWO lists of retainers,
    the first list is from documents and books on hand,

    the second list is from a couple of battle maps i have for Osaka summer and winter campaigns,
    those are not exhaustive, leaders of units in the citadel are not named
    Some of those names will not be familiar,
    they made their grand entrance on the Sengoku Era stage at Osaka,
    and exited, stage right, dead.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    ///////FAMOUS KINGS//////

    Toyotomi Hideyoshi Lived 1537 to 1598
    - excellent general - ill health - womaniser - good seige
    Toyotomi Hiyoshimaru (alt-1 Toyotomi Hideyoshi)
    Toyotomi Tokichiro (alt 6 Toyotomi Hideyoshi)
    Toyotomi Tokachiro (alt 7 Toyotomi Hideyoshi)
    Toyotomi Hidesaru (alt-8 nickname of Toyotomi Hideyoshi)

    Toyotomi Hidenaga 1540 - 1591 (half brother of Hideyoshi) solid dependable general - cautious

    Toyotomi Hidetsuga 1568-1595 - not good general - delight for killing

    ////// SENGOKU ERA //////

    Toyotomi Chikuami(alt of Hashiba Chikuami)

    Toyotomi Hideie (son of hideyoshi)
    Toyotomi Hidetsugi (alt2 of Toyotomi Hidetsuga)

    Toyotomi Hidekane (son of hideyoshi)
    //Toyotomi Hidekane (alt-3 of Mori Hidekane)(2 of name)
    Toyotomi Hidekatsu (alt-1 of Hashiba Hidekatsu )
    Toyotomi Hidetsugu (son of hideyoshi)
    Toyotomi Hidetsutsu (alt-7 of Mori Hidekane)
    Toyotomi Hideyasu (son of hidenaga)
    Toyotomi Hideyori Born 1593 (son of hideyoshi)
    Toyotomi Horoi (alt of Toyotomi Hideyori)

    Toyotomi Motonobu (alt-3 of Kobayakawa Motonobu)

    Toyotomi Nobukatsu (son of hideyoshi)

    Toyotomi Tsurumatsu (1589-1592) (son of hideyoshi)

    Toyotomi Yaemon (peasant soldier/farmer - father of Hideyoshi)

    //// hashiba, kinoshita and some kuroda ARE Toyotmoi relative's, ////
    // can be renamed as Toyotomi

    // AM using Toyotomi variants
    // NOT using their original names

    // x- Kinoshita Iesada (1543-1603)
    // x- Kinoshita Katsutoshi 1569-1649 (son of iesada) (nephew of Toyotomi Hideyoshi)
    // x- Hashiba Katsutoshi (alt-1 of Kinoshita Katsutoshi)
    // x- Kinoshita Choshoshi (alt-2 of Kinoshita Katsutoshi)
    // x- Hashiba Choshoshi (alt-3 of Kinoshita Katsutoshi)

    // x- Kinoshita Toshifusa 1573-1637 (son of iesada)
    // x- Kinioshita Toshimasa (son of toshifusa)

    // x- Kinoshita Nobutoshi (1577-1642) (son of iesada)

    // x- Kinoshita Hideaki 1577-1602 (son of iesada)(adopted out to Mori as kobayakawa/hashiba)
    // x- Kinoshita Hidetoshi (alt-1 of Kinoshita Hideaki)
    // x- Kuroda Hideaki (alt-2 of Kinoshita Hideaki)
    // x- Kuroda Hidetoshi (alt-3 of Kinoshita Hideaki) - cruel

    // x- Hashiba Chikuami (father of Hidenaga)

    Toyotomi Iesada (1543-1603)
    Toyotomi Katsutoshi 1569-1649
    Toyotomi Choshoshi
    Toyotomi Toshifusa 1573-1637
    Toyotomi Toshimasa
    Toyotomi Nobutoshi (1577-1642)
    Toyotomi Hideaki 1577-1602
    Toyotomi Hidetoshi

    // AVOID USING IF POSSIBLE - use Toytomi variants instead //
    x - Hashiba Hidetsugu (alt1 of Toyotomi Hidetsuga)
    x - Hashiba Hideyoshi (alt-2 Toyotomi Hideyoshi)
    x - Kinoshita Hideyoshi (alt-3 Toyotomi Hideyoshi)
    x - Kinoshita Tokichiro (alt 4 Toyotomi Hideyoshi)
    x - Kinoshita Tokachiro (alt 5 Toyotomi Hideyoshi)
    x - Hashiba Hidenaga (alt of Toyotomi Hidenaga)
    x - DO NOT USE - Miyoshi Yorifusa
    x - DO NOT USE - Miyoshi Yoshifusa (alt)
    x - Hashiba Hidekatsu 1569-1592 (son miyoshi yorifusa - adopted by Hideyoshi)
    x - DO NOT USE - Miyoshi Hidekatsu (alt-2 of Hashiba Hidekatsu )

    ////// OTHER LEADERS //////


    Asano Nagaakira Lived 1586 to 1632 - excellent h2h

    Kato Kiyomasa 1562 - 1611 - a fierce warrior and general, often harsh
    Kimura Hidetoshi mid 1500's - poor admin
    Kimura Shigemasa son of hidetoshi - poor admin
    Kimura Shigenari 1594-1615 (son of Shigekore) - very handsome, very brave
    Kuroda Yoshitaka 1546-1604 - trusted friend Hideyoshi- loyaly

    Natsuka Masaie d.1600 (Masaie was known for his skill as a quartermaster)
    Susukida Kanesuke d.1615 - A rather colorful character

    Terazawa Hirotaka 1563-1633 (son of Hiromasa)- administrator - fair general
    Terazawa Katataka 1609-1647 (son of Hirotaka) - cruel-bad govenor
    Toda Takatora - bloodthirsty - bad
    Wakizaka Yasuharu 1554-1626 - one of the seven spears
    Watarase Shigeaki d.1595 - loyal + honourable


    // NOT using (alt) name variants

    Akaza Naoyasu Died 1606
    X - DO NOT USE -X Akaza Kyubei (alt1 of Akaza Naoyasu)
    X - DO NOT USE -X Akaza Yoshiie (alt2 of Akaza Naoyasu)

    Akizuki Tanenaga

    Aoki Kazunori d.1600

    Asano Mitsuakira
    Asano Nagaharu
    Asano Nagamasa Lived 1546 to 1610
    Asano Naganao
    Asano Naganori Lived 1667 to 1701

    Asano Nagashige
    Asano Nagatsugu
    Asano Nagatsune Died 1719
    Asano Shoichiro
    // x- Asano Yoshinaga (alt of Asano Yukinaga)
    Asano Yukinaga 1576-1613

    X - DO NOT USE -X Goto Matabei
    X - DO NOT USE -X Goto Motokuni
    X - DO NOT USE -X Goto Mototsugu (1573 - 1615)
    X - DO NOT USE -X Goto Ujifusa Lived 1570 to 1615

    Ijichi Bundayu

    Kato Akinari (son of Yoshiaki)
    Kato Hibari
    Kato Kazue
    // x- Kato Kishokan (alt-2 nickname of Kato Kiyomasa - devil general)
    Kato Komei

    // x- Kato Samanosuke (alt of Kato Yoshiaki )
    Kato Tadahiro (1597-1653) son of Kiyomasa
    Kato Takaaki(younger brother of Yoshiaki)
    Kato Tomosaburo
    // x- Kato Toranosuke (alt-1 of Kato Kiyomasa )
    Kato Yoshiaki 1563-1631

    Kimura Shigekore d.1595
    Kimura Yoshikiyo (mid 1500's)

    X - DO NOT USE -X Kobayakawa Hideaki 1577 - 1602

    Koide Hideharu 1539 - 1604
    // x- Koide Masaharu (alt-1 of Koide Hideharu)
    // x- Koide Uenosuke (alt-2 of Koide Hideharu)
    // x- Kode Hideharu (alt-3 of Koide Hideharu)
    // x- Kode Masaharu (alt-4 of Koide Hideharu)
    // x- Kode Uenosuke (alt-5 of Koide Hideharu)

    Koide Yoshimasa 1565 - 1613 (son of hideharu)
    // x- Kode Yoshimasa (alt of Koide Yoshimasa)
    Koide Hideie (son of hideharu)
    Kode Hideie

    Koide Yoshihide (1586-1668) (son of yoshimasa)
    // x- Kode Yoshihide (alt of Koide Yoshihide)
    Koide Yoshichika (son of yoshimasa)
    // x- Kode Yoshichika (alt of Koide Yoshihide)

    // x- Konoe Harutsugu (alt-1 of Konoe Sakihisa)
    Konoe Nobusuke 1565-1614 (son of sakihisa)
    // x- Konoe Ryuzan (alt-3 of Konoe Sakihisa)
    // x- Konoe Sakitsugu (alt-2 of Konoe Sakihisa)
    X - DO NOT USE - Konoe Nobutada (alt)
    X - DO NOT USE - Konoe Sakihisa 1536-1612 (adopted Hideyoshi when Hideyoshi regent)
    X - DO NOT USE - Konoe Nobuhiro 1593-1643 (son of Nobusuke)

    Kuroda Kanbei
    Kuroda Mototaka
    Kuroda Nagamasa 1568 to 1623

    Kuwayama Shigeharu

    Kyogoku Takamoto

    Mashita NagaMori
    Mikoda Masaharu
    Misora Hibari

    // x- Nazuka Masaie (alt of Natsuka Masaie )

    Ogawa Suketada

    Ono Harunaga d.1615

    Ota Kazuyoshi d.1617 (son of Munekiyo)
    Ota Munekiyo
    // x- Ota Masanobu (alt-1 of Ota Munekiyo)
    // x- Ota Munetaka (alt-2 of Ota Munekiyo)
    // x- Ota Sozen (alt-3 of Ota Munekiyo)

    Otani Yoshitsugu 1559-1600

    // x- Shima Katsutake (alt2 of Shima Tomoyuki)
    // x- Shima Sakon (alt1 of Shima Tomoyuki)
    Shima Tomoyuki d.1600

    Sugihara Ietsugu
    Sugihara Nagafusa 1574-1629 (son of Ietsugu)
    Sugihara Sadatoshi (early 1500's)

    Tachibaba Muneshige (mid to late 1500's)

    Terazawa Hiromasa (1525-1596)
    // x- Terazawa Masanari (alt-1 of Terazawa Hirotaka )
    // x- Terazawa Masatada (alt-2 of Terazawa Hirotaka )

    Toki Mitsunobu (ca.1150).

    Totomi Hidetsugu (mid 1500's)

    Yamaji Masakuni

    // x- Wakisaka Yasumoto (alt of Wakizaka Yasumoto)

    // x- Wakizaka Jinnai (alt-1 of Wakizaka Yasuharu)
    // x- Wakizaka Nakatsukasa (alt-2 of Wakizaka Yasuharu)
    //Wakisaka Yasuharu (alt-3 of Wakizaka Yasuharu)(2 of name)
    Wakizaka Yasumoto (son of yasuharu)

    //////////////// OSAKA UNIT COMMANDERS ///////////////

    Akaza Naonori
    Akamatsu Takumi
    Aoki Nobushige
    Ebara Takatsugu
    Fuse Denyemori

    Fuse Denzaemon
    Hanawa Naoyuki
    Hononura Yoshiyasu
    Hayami Morihisa
    Ito Nagatsugu

    Inouye Yoritsugu
    Ishikawa Sadanori
    Inagi Norikazu
    Ikoma Masazumi
    Inoue Tokitoshi

    Kawasaki Idzumi
    Kitagawa Nobukatsu
    Kitagawa Norikatsu
    Kimura Muneaki
    Kori Yoshitsura

    Kurakawa Sadatane
    Mori Katusnaga
    Mishuku Masatomo
    Najima Tadamune
    Naito Tadatoyo

    Nambu Nobutsuro
    Nakajima Ujitane
    Ninomiya Naganori
    Onjuku Masatomo
    Ono Harufusa

    Okabe Noritsune
    Okabe Noritsuna
    Oda Nagayori
    Sengoku Muneyori
    Shingu Yukitomo

    Takeda Yeio
    Toda Tameshige
    Yamakawa Katanobu
    Yehara Takatsugu
    Yoshida Yoshikore

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    Default Re: leaders/heirs/heroes/generals


    an unusual clan, many family names for retainers are not found anywhere else,
    (makes me wonder if these are minor clans trying to ride Ukita's star...)

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    ///////FAMOUS KINGS//////

    Ukita Muramune (?-1524) (son of Munesuke) - good general

    Ukita Yoshiie d.1534 (son of hisaie) - very good leader

    Ukita Okiie d.1536 (son of yoshiie) - not highly competent

    Ukita Naoie 1530-1582 (son of Okiie) - very good general

    Ukita Tadaie (?-1609) (son of Okiie) - good soldier

    Ukita Hideie 1572-1655 (son of Naoie) - good field commander

    ////// SENGOKU ERA //////

    Ukita Shiro (?-1523) (son of yoshiie)
    Ukita Munekage (son of Muramune)
    Ukita Masamune (?-1564) (son of Muramune)
    Ukita Norimune d. 1502
    Ukita Naomori (????-1616)

    Ukita Narimasa (?-1616) (son of Tadaie)
    Ukita Hachirou
    Ukita Sakazaki
    Ukita Dewa
    Ukita Izumi

    Ukita Kawachi
    Ukita Bizen

    ////// OTHER LEADERS //////

    Ukita Yoshie (alt d.1534.)
    Ukita Okiyie (alt d.1536)
    Ukita Naoyie (alt d.1582)
    Ukita Kojima
    Ukita Takanori

    Ukita Muneie
    Ukita Munie (alt)
    Ukita Hisaie (son of Muneie)
    Ukita Haruie (son of Okiie)
    Ukita Hauie (alt)

    Ukita Hidiie (alt d.1655)
    Ukita Hidetaka (son of Hideie)
    Ukita Munesuke


    Ukita Motoie (artist) (G-grandson of Toshiie)

    Sakazaki Naomori (????-1616) - an elite officer
    Togawa Hideyasu 1538-1597? - good soldier
    Miyamoto Munisai - good sword
    Miyamoto Musashi 1584? - 1645 - excelled H2H - highest possible stat
    Miyamoto Ben No Suke - excellent h2h

    Miyamoto Kinsei - excellent h2h
    Miyamoto Niten - excellent h2h
    Shinmen Musashi - excellent h2h
    Shinmen Takezo 1584? - 1645 - excelled H2H
    Arima Kigei - skilled warrior

    Arima Toyouji 1570-1642 (son#2 Noriyori) - exceptional warrior
    Yoshikawa Eiji - educated
    Tsukahara Bokuden - good H2H
    Kanematsu Masayoshi 1542-1627 (son of kiyohide) - very brave and determined
    Yamaouchi Kazutoyo 1546-1605 (son of Moritoyo) - good unit leader

    Kuki Ryushin - (extra hitpoints)
    Kojima Takatoku - (extra hitpoints)
    Ooe Gyoubu - (extra hitpoints)
    Ooe Daiyu - (extra hitpoints)
    Ooe Kageshige - (extra hitpoints)


    Sakazaki Tadaie (alt d.1609)

    Hachirou Hideie (alt d.1655)
    Hachirou Naoie (alt d.1582)

    Hanabusa Masayuki 1524-1605
    Hanabusa Masanari
    Hanabusa Masamori

    Hanasuba Sukebei

    Osafune Sadachika d. 1588 (Osafuna alt)
    Osafune Tomonari (swordsmith bizen 1300's)
    Osafune Yoshifusa (swordsmith bizen 1300's)
    Osafune Mitsutada (swordsmith bizen 1300's)
    Osafune Nagamitsu (swordsmith bizen 1300's)
    Osafune Naotsuna (swordsmith bizen 1300's)

    Saburo Kunimune (bizen 1300's)
    Hatakeda Moriiye (bizen 1300's)

    Togawa Satoyasu (son of hideyasu)
    Togawa Michiyasu

    Oka Toshikatsu

    Akashi Kagechika
    Akashi Morishige d.1618 (son)
    Akashi Teruzumi (alt-1)

    Hirada Shokan
    Hirada Musashi - excellent h2h
    Hirada Munisai

    Miyake Takanori
    Miyake Masasada (b. circa 1550)
    Miyake Yasusada (son of masada)

    Miyamoto Muni - father of musashi
    Miyamoto Sudeshige
    Miyamoto Iori

    Terao Nobuyuki - pupil of musashi

    Shinmen Sudeshige

    Tadashima Akiyama

    Arima Kihei (possible alt)
    Arima Yoshisuke (14th century)
    Arima Noriyori
    Arima Noriuji (son#1 Noriyori)
    Arima Tadayori (son of Toyouji)

    Akamatsu Suketaka
    Akamatsu Norihide
    Akamatsu Machihide

    Konishi Ryosuke - wealthy merchant
    Konishi Yukinaga 1560?-1600 (son of Ryosuke)
    Konishi Yoshitomo 1568-1615 (son of yukinaga)
    So Yoshitomo (alt)

    So Yoshishige 1532-1588

    Naitou Joan (retainer of Konishi) - diplomat

    Oka Toshikatsu d.1592

    Kojima Takanori

    Bessyo Saburou
    Bessyo Takanori
    Bingo Saburo
    Bessyo Takatoku
    Kojima Saburou

    Betsuyo Saburo
    Hiyoshi Nyudou
    Kissuin Soushin
    Kissuin Hougen

    Shirouhougan Douyu
    Shirouhougan Yakushimaru
    Shirouhougan Ryushin
    Shirouhougan Doujitsu

    Kuki Tadahira
    Kuki Sadataka
    Kuki Yoshitaka 1542-1600 (son of sadataka)
    Kuki Takayoshi (possibly son of yoshitaka or ancestor)
    Kuki Moritaka (d. after 1616) (son of yoshitaka)

    Kanematsu Kiyohide
    Kanematsu Matashiro
    Kanematsu Ashinaka (sandals)

    Yamaouchi Moritoyo
    Yamaouchi Yasutoyo (son of Moritoyo)
    Yamaouchi Tadayoshi 1592-1664 (son of Yasutoyo)

    Fujiwara Fusasaki
    Ikoma Fusasaki

    Ikoma Yoshifusa (804-872)

    Ikoma Ienaga d.1607

    Ikoma Chikashige
    Ikoma Chikamasa d.1598 (son of Chikashige)

    Ikoma Kazumasa d.1610 (son of chikamasa)

    Ikoma Masatoshi (son of kazumasa)
    Ikoma Masanobu (son of kazumasa)
    Ikoma Masafusa (son of kazumasa)

    Ikoma Takatoshi (1611-1659)
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